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The return

Chapter 15

Harry was chuckling at his friend who was laying in his bed spluttering and trying hard to stop the small waterfall that was dropping onto his head. "POTTER, I'm gonna bloody kill you," Ron spluttered as the waterfall followed him out of his bed.

"Come on Ron, your baby alarm has been going off for the past ten minutes, or maybe you really want to face Luna when you arrive home after the birth of your first son is over," Harry said as he threw the strap of his back pack over his shoulder. "Grab on tight," he told Ron as he pushed an old bicycle tyre into the still sleepy Ron's chest.

Ron grabbed the tyre more out of reflex action than with deliberate thought, two seconds later the two best friends vanished from the small hut they had been staying in. Their work with Neville could not have ended with better timing; the damage to the environment that was being caused by some old witch doctor who had gone crazy was all corrected. The old man was being treated in the local village for the affects of drinking a tainted potion, and the two friends after spending four days in the sweltering damp heat of the rain forest were ready to go home.

Harry landed on his feet in the New York hall of keys, portkey area, helping Ron off the floor Harry dragged his still sleepy friend over to the desk where the American customs wizard stood watching them. "Hi, Portkey for Potter? we're headed for London," Harry said as he held out his hand to shake the officers hand.

Just five minutes later Harry and Ron left New York in a swirl of discomfort as they took an international portkey to the portkey office of the ministry of magic in London. After wasting some time making an unnecessary trip to St Mingo's the wizarding hospital, Harry and Ron appeared in the front garden of Harry's house. Both of them rushed into the house, Ron was fervently hoping Luna had not yet given birth to their son, he knew if she had he would be in real trouble, he was still in trouble with Hermione for persuading Harry to take the trip to help out Neville.

As they rushed up the stairs Ron stuck his thumb up and jerked it toward the ceiling "Somebody up their must like me," he said to Harry as they heard Luna's voice yelling "If that bloody Weasley doesn't get here right now, I rip his bloody thing off."

Harry chuckled as he heard Molly speak "There now Luna, don't go getting upset dear, it'll all be over soon I can see Horatio's head."

"You best get a move on," Harry said as he pushed Ron up the stairs while following behind him. "I'll have all this to go through soon mate, and I'm telling you now, I don't care if the queen herself asks, I am not letting Hermione out of my sight until I think it safe."

Hermione answered Ron's knock on the bedroom door, as she ushered him in she suddenly grabbed her stomach and doubled over. Harry was at her side in an instant "What is it love?" he asked panicked by how Hermione was clutching her stomach.

"H, Harry love, get me into our bedroom, I need to get my clothes off, when I'm in bed come and fetch Poppy. You're about to be a dad." Hermione said as she eased her self into an upright position.

"No love you're not due yet?" Harry said sounding terrified of what was happening.

"POTTER! move it now, these two don't seem to bloody care about when they should arrive, they're coming now," Hermione hissed at him, her face contorted in pain.

Harry did as his wife told him, he helped her to their bedroom and helped her to get into her nightdress, he then left the room to fetch Poppy while Hermione was sitting in the bed puffing away as if she were going mad. "Bloody stupid muggle idea," she hissed as yet another contraction came over her, what the heck use is it puffin like a loony, all that does is make me bloody dizzy," she said looking down and talking to her stomach, "Chose a good day to come visit, you two, you know very well I have a lot to do today."

"Hermione love, who are you talking too?" Harry asked as he led Poppy into the room.

"I happen to be talking to your children Harry Potter, that's who," Hermione said as she tried to smile at him.

Poppy had just reached the bed when Hermione had another contraction, "Poppy that's the third contraction in the past few minutes, is every thing ok do you think?" Hermione asked as soon as she could get her breath.

"Well when did they start?" Poppy asked smiling at the young woman.

"On the first contraction…" Hermione stopped speaking as yet another pain filled contraction arrived.

"Blimey Hermione you are a quick worker, lets take a look at what's going on shall we?" Poppy said as she prepared to examine her patient.

"Whoa, the little buggers nearly here already," Poppy said a few seconds later as she cared for Hermione.

"How long ago did you say your contractions started?" she asked a panting Hermione between her screams about what she was going to do to Harry if he so much as entered their bedroom ever again.

"Just after you arrived, first one was when Ron knocked," Hermione finally managed to say during a short lull in the pain she was feeling.

"This has to be the fasted birth I ever attended," Poppy said as she stood up and handed a small wrapped bundle to Harry. "Make some use of your self and very carefully give your little girl a little bit of a clean."

Harry's eye's were wide as he looked down at the tiny little girl he was holding, moments later with teary eyes he was trying to do all he had been taught by Poppy without making any mistakes. Hermione had insisted he take lessons as she intended to have her babies at home and she wanted him prepared in case some thing happened and he had to deliver them. All his weeks of training with Poppy were paying off as he put his eldest child into Hermione's waiting arms, while Poppy was taking care of their son.

"Hermione love, she's a girl," Harry said in awe as he kissed Hermione on the forehead. Hermione looked up at him and smiled before she rolled her eyes at him, then looking down at her daughter "Your daddy is a silly one, isn't he?"

Poppy had just placed Hermione's son in her other arm when Ron knocked on the door and then walked in to the room, "Harry I have a son, can you believe it, a son me," he then turned to Hermione. "I have a son Herm… er, Hermione wha… oh bloody hell," he said before he fainted.

Harry pulled his wand and after kissing Hermione gently on her forehead once more he levitated his best mate into the room where Luna sat up in the bed nursing her son for the first time. "Where would you like this one Luna love?" Harry asked chuckling at his best mate fainting.

"Oh drop him on a chair Harry, come meet Horatio Julian Weasley, my son," Luna said with pride shining in her face.

Harry took a quick look at the little strawberry blonde head that appeared to be firmly fixed to Luna's breast, "Like his dad then, sorry can't wait till he's ready to say hello but I have two little ones next door Hermione might need some help with while she feeds them their first meal."

"Harry are you serious, has Hermione…" Luna asked before he cut her off.

"Yes, and it only took about ten minutes from start to finish," he said the smile on his face threatening to rip his face in two.

Molly looked at Harry as she chuckled "Stop playing around Harry, now's not the time, Luna is feeling a little tired." She then spun her head around to look out of the open door way where the sound of a baby crying rather loudly was coming from, Harry was gone before Molly could say another word.

"Seems he wasn't joking mum," Luna said quietly as she gently moved her baby to a more comfortable position. "Trust Hermione, she's always been good at everything," she said as she kissed her son on his head.

Molly was still shaking her head in disbelief as she pulled out her wand and pointed it at Ron to revive him. As soon as Ron was able to sit up properly again Molly left the room to take a look at the two little ones that would be her surrogate grandchildren.

Hermione introduced Kathleen Elizabeth, and Richard Edward, to their Granny Weasley, then after a quick chat to the Weasley matriarch Hermione had Harry place his children in their waiting cribs, and then fell into a sleep where she had some amazingly happy dreams about her children.

While Hermione and his children slept Harry had quite a busy day, the guests that had been arriving for the anniversary party were all told of the days happenings and told that there would be a celebration later in the month before being sent on their way. Quite a few of the guests were given a quick glimpse of the three babies that slept on totally unaware of the disruption they had caused to their parents plans.

Harry sat on the bed with Hermione latter that evening and they spoke of their day, it was going to be a day to remember, it was their wedding anniversary, their children's birthday and the day that Merlin made his big return. He had been elected as head of the Wizengamot, every member of the Wizengamot had voted for and welcomed Merlin and after their speeches were made, Merlin made his own speech, telling them he would be making quite a few changes to the laws now that he was back. He was determined to make magical Britain a better place and people up and down the land were welcoming his return.