It was raining but not anymore.

It was cold but not anymore.

It was alive but not anymore.

They began around a year ago.

The nightmares.

You want to know what are in them?

Many things.

What things?

Terrible things.

Things that make me remember.

Things that make me dread.

'Dread what' did you say?

Dread being left alone.

Dread the fate of our kind.

You ask what I mean by 'our kind' well the answer's in front of you.

'Our kind' are the kind that are the true monsters.

'Our kind' are the kind that know they are doing something wrong but won't do anything about it.

'Our kind' are the kind that are fated to hell from the moment of our birth.

Yes, I did say they make me remember.

What things?

Oh, lots of things.

Smiles, jokes.

So-called-wife-to-be's, friendships.

Clashes, realizations.

Betrayal, mistrust.

Races, corpses.

Death, blood.

Lots of blood.

'What happens in the nightmares' you say?

I already told you.

Many things.

Yes, there is something.

It is always there.

Always at the centre.

An angel.

A beautiful angel with black wings like the nights sky.

The angel is dead.

It's wings are matted.

It's chest is open and turning the sea rose.

It just lies there.

Looking up at the sky.

It's eyes open.

It's mouth wide.

It wings are clipped and it's eyes gouged out.

It's tough ripped out and it's vocal cords snapped via a cavern in it's neck where the spin should have been.

What is around the angel?

My friends.

My enemies.

My acquaintances.

Faceless people I have never met.

All in the same condition as the angel.

No family.

I have no family.

The weather is always the same.






What was the weather like before I got there?

It was raining but not anymore.

It was cold but not anymore.

He was alive but not anymore.

Authors Notes:- Ok well I decided to put the authors notes down the bottom in a hope that there will be a little more … I dunno … atmosphere? … in the actual story. Anyways I am currently suffering from really bad insomnia. As a result I wrote this. Enjoy my 1-in-the-morning-given-up-on-sleep one-shot! This is a fan fic believe it or not. This is actually Cissnei's thoughts voiced after Zack's death. The idea behind this is that she has gone into depression because it was her chopper that flue over the moment that Zack got shot. She blames herself so has nightmares. This is her either talking to a physiatrist or Tseng. I'm in favour of Tseng but you can chose.

Anyways this is just 'cause I was bored and I wanted to try out a different style of writing so please tell me what you think. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the story.

Disclaimer:- Don't own anything. Wish I did but I don't.

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