The sun rose on the peaceful town of Townsville as its bright rays woke the citizens to a new and exciting day. All but one was happy to see that the sun had greeted them in the morning. This was none other then one of the Powerpuff's own, Buttercup Utonium.

The raven hair lime green eye girl placed the pillows over her eyes to block out the sun's intense rays.

Buttercup was hearing her sisters: Bubbles humming to herself and Blossom taking an early morning shower.

She groans from having to wake up five days out of the week just to attend some institution that really did not teach people anything but to protect themselves whenever fighting breaks out.

Buttercup verbally curses her super hearing because she could even hear the neighbors' dogs bark.

'One day...I will shut that dog up!' She swears a silent oath to herself before she hears knocks against her door. She then glanced over to her bedroom door.

"Wake up Buttercup or we're going to miss the bus!" was the sound of Blossom's barking after the knocking cease.

"Alright, I'm up," Buttercup lies as she falls back on her bed. Thank god that the Professor knew it was time that they deserved their own rooms since they were old enough.

"You know I know you aren't up so hurry it up!" Blossom makes a point as Buttercup tosses her legs over the bed and did her early morning stretches. She was listening to Blossom's retreating steps from the door while thinking to herself. 'She can be a pain in the ass.'

The dark hair girl dresses in a loose v-neck short sleeve lime green football tee with black along the upper chest area. She sticks her legs inside a pair of black distressed jeans that hugged her waistline and fastened a silver chain from one side of her belt loop to another. She slides her feet in a pair of lime green Converses and places onyx Buddha beads on her right wrist. She simply brushes her hair in to her signature bob style.

The aroma of a cooked breakfast hit her nose before she greeted her family with a drowsy "Good morning". Buttercup instantly notices that the Professor was not reading his daily morning paper while Blossom occupies a seat next to Bubbles.

"Buttercup," the Professor calls out once he spots her. She held in a groan because she knew he had already found out. "Vandalism?!"

"I was just trying to clean up the nasty lies that they wrote about Blossom." Buttercup lied with a straight face as the other two continued to eat as if it was nothing for her to lie to their dad.

"Blossom…""Oh is that the bus that just pulled up? Bye Professor," Buttercup uses the bus as a scapegoat.

The others grab their bags and rushes out of the door before he could say anything else to either one of them.

"Whew...that was too close for comfort," Buttercup comments before the yellow school bus drives up to the side of their home's driveway, stops and opens its doors.

"What's cracking Buttercup?" The bus driver greets her as Blossom and Bubbles boards the bus.

"Nothing much, so what's the latest?" Buttercup poses to the male bus driver.

Even though he was a bus driver, he always was afloat on the current information that went on at Pokey Oaks High.

"Well...there are some rumors that there will be three new additions at Pokey Oaks High today. They're from some high school in Citiesville. Some say that they plan on taking over Pokey Oaks High." He discloses to her once he closes the door and pulls away from the girls' house.

"Transfers. They will learn where their places are today." Buttercup declared before the loud roar of a motorcycle's engine was heard. It easily blew pass Maurice and his driving Miss Daisy bus.

Buttercup catches a brief glimpse of the rider but it was not a very clear image though.

'Oh well.' She thinks as she strolls to the back of the bus while it was in motion.

Maurice eventually drops the kids off in the front of at a four floored building that was built of grey building materials that seem to be decayed, weathered, and eroded.

Numerous graffiti marks grace one side of the building as if it was deem a blank canvas for artists to display their masterpieces for everyone to see. There was clear glass windows that could open outward so that breezes can enter inside of the classroom but some were broken and shattered. The roof top area was entirely gated in order to prevent students from pushing other students off of the building or jumping off on their own free will to commit suicide.

Buttercup could not help but to behold the Pokey Oaks High School sign. Surprisingly, it was the only thing that had not been destroyed let only touched by the student body.

'Guess that name means more than meets the eye.' Buttercup inwardly noted when suddenly a familiar noise was heard along with honks from their horn as they nearly ran the girls over.

"You jackass! You could have killed us!" Buttercup angrily shouts and shakes her fist at the driver.

The rider simply turns the key in order to cease the roaring of the ignition and reaches up to remove their helmet.

Buttercup critically watches as the rider lifts the helmet from their head, which frees his short spiky jet black hair to shake along with it. He places the helmet in between the handle bars and the gas tank as he casts his sights in the direction of who was screaming at him.

He spotted a rather cute girl with short raven black hair and lime green eyes as her facial features contorted with a to kill expression. He silently surveys her from head to toe and examines what she was currently wearing.

'She's definitely not the girly girl type.' He judged after he reviewed her choice in clothes.

Buttercup glared at the boy with short spiky jet black hair with forest green eyes that held danger and mischievousness. He wore all black and looked damn good in it too but she was still pissed that he nearly made her and her sisters' road kill to truly appericate how cute he was.

"You, the bastard that drives the motorcycle!" She shouts at him with the angry expression on her face.

"Watch where the hell you are going! You nearly made me and my sisters' road kill!"

The boy's response came as he simply ignores her and pivots his head in the direction of the pick up and drop off for school buses. He eyes one particular yellow school bus that rolls up to the school's parking lot and two more boys emerge from the bus first.

"About time you two showed up!" He shouts as Buttercup and her sisters whirl their heads to the parking lot and quietly inspects the two boys.

One had medium length jagged red hair that was covered with a red cap that was turnt backward with dark red eyes that resemble fire. The other one had short blonde hair parted down the middle with cobalt blue eyes that was similar to the hue of the deep part of the ocean.

The two boys was strolling pass her not even noticing that she was standing there. They chat with the boy on the bike, "Took you two long enough."

"You know it's not fair that you get the bike bro! When we're stuck on that poor excuse for a moving block of yellow cheese on four wheels." Buttercup overhears some of their conversation thanks to her superior hearing.

"Who's the girls?" The boy with blonde hair questions while he jabs his thumb in Buttercup and her sisters direction to the boy who nearly ran them over.

"It seems as if this school has a warm welcoming committee." He jokes with a devilish smirk present on his face. The other two apparently found humor in his lame comment and burst out in laughter.

"I guess you already made a friend then." The orange hair one claims while his brother unseats himself from the bike.

" about we go see what this school is about?" The blonde speaks up as they head inside of the school building.

"Hey! You owe us an apology!" Buttercup demands to the trio but they were well out of earshot and proceeds to enter inside of the entrance of the school.

"It's alright Buttercup. We're fine. No harm no foul, see." Blossom remarks as she simply brushes the dust off of her dark blue denim skirt and longsleeve pink t-shirt.

"It was just a scratch," Bubbles jokes as she mimcs Blossom's actions and dusts her baby blue dress with her hands and fixes her pigtails.

The sound of the warning bell rung, which signaled that they should head inside unless they wanted to suffer through the vice-principal long winded discipline lecture on being late for school and class.

The traveling trio were arriving at their respective homeroom before their homeroom teacher did. They observe people shooting craps in the back of the room, people playing cards, and some were off in their own world while other people were passing their time with writing all over school property.

"So the troublesome Buttercup actually shows up to class on time! It's definitely the end of the world!" Buttercup heard a feminine voice announced, which was followed by a high shrill laughter. Her mind immediately registered who it was.

"I see you're still laughing like the jackass that you are, Princess," Buttercup calmly counters as the sound of laughter emits from their classmates' mouths.

"Anyway, there's a rumor that you and Mitch were caught in the bathroom together." Princess emphasized together before "oohs" were heard from their nosy classmates.

"I know...I could have swore that it was you and Mitch. Right Mitch?" Buttercup poses to the boy himself, who response was a flash of two thumbs up and a wide grin on his face. The class start to laugh at Princess.

Their hysteria silenced Princess for the time being when Buttercup noticed her sisters had already taken their respective seats.

"Alright everyone calm down," Their homeroom teacher shouts upon his entrancd in the classroom.

"Good morning, Mr. Matura," The class simultaneously and unethusiastically greet their teacher before he instructs them to take their seats.

"Since it is homeroom, I have to make a couple of announcements to you ingrates! We have our annual Sports Festival coming up. I received a personal letter from Ms. Omiya and her class on how they are going to annihilate our class in the events. Plus, you need to bring in your money for your school trip happening in three more weeks." He reads from the yellow sheet of paper in front of his face.

"Also, it seems as if we have three new transfer students in class 3-C. You can come on in!" He directs his order toward the door as everyone's eyes, except Buttercup who stares out of the broken window she sits by, peers at the door.

Blossom and Bubbles immediately recognize the ones who were in the school's parking lot right before the one, that was driving like a devil on wheels that nearly killed them, strides in their homeroom.

Buttercup suddenly feels something shifts her desk forward, which causes her to glance upward and gawks at that bastard from earlier in the parking lot.

All three of them stood in front of their class with either a confident, cocky or amuse expression on their faces..

"Hello there," He says to her after he recognizes the shock that was evident all over the girl's face once he detects her presence in the room.

"You're the jackass that nearly ran me and my sisters over this morning with your stupid ass bike!" She abruptly exclaims while she pointes at him with her index finger.

Everyone in Mr. Matura's class room, including Mr. Matura himself, was glancing back and forth at the new kid and Buttercup whenever they would speak.

"First off my name isn't jackass, it's Butch and besides that's not a's a motorcycle." He corrects her with his eyes close and a wag of his index finger.

Butch opens his eyes and spots something head in his direction. He shifts his neck to avoid being hit by whatever it was that she tosses at him.

"Ms. Utonium," Mr. Matura addresses Buttercup by her last name, "...we can't afford anymore damage done to school property." He calmly scolds her as he pushes his reading glasses back on to the bridge of his nose.

'She's a feisty!' Butch noted after he stared at the wooden desk she had thrown.

He was returning his gaze back on the raven hair girl and detecting that she was missing a desk in front of her. It took a couple of minutes for Butch to identitfy the desk as hers, which she easily catapulted at him.

"Can you three just introduce yourself to the class?" Mr. Matura requests to the three boys.

He had already developed suspicous thought about the boy, name Butch, since there was something about him that exuded dangerous criminal. Plus, the simple fact that he was already on Buttercup's bad side adds on to his reasons.

"Brick," the boy with orange hair points to himself.

"Boomer," The boy with blonde hair just crosses his arms.

"Butch," The boy with short black spiky hair jams his hands in his black pants.

"Find any open seat." Mr. Matura instructs them before he issues them the traditional Pokey Oaks High welcoming, "Oh...and welcome to Pokey Oaks High, you three."

Buttercup was fuming at the thought of having that jackass in her class when remembering that she has to retrieve her desk from the opposite side of the room underneath the chalk board.

"Mr. Matura, can I retrieve my desk?" She inquires before she views 'Butch' dislodge her desk from the wall with one hand and makes his way over to where she was sitting at.

"I think this belongs to you," He uttered as he returned it back to its origional position, which was on top of her legs.

She wore a disgusted expression on her face by his aloofness at her dangerous actions.

"Say thank you," Blossom whispers along with kick to her desk again as warning for her to control her short and explosive temper.

"Thank you," She mumbles underneath her breath. The ends of his lips tug upright in to a small smirk as he heads to the back of the classroom.

The school bell rings signaling to the students that it was time for their next hour class.

'At least I can get something done in PE.' Buttercup thinks as she briefly part ways with her sisters.


Author's Note:

07.15.16 Major editing revision