The Valkyrie

By Belletiger Bt


It was very cold; the child couldn't understand why the weather was so cold. Summer was supposed to be hot and not cold. The child was alone, cold, hungry and very scared. She was looking for her mother. The last thing she remembered was she was rushing towards the river and then everything was blank.

"Momma…..papa…." the girl whispered. Then she gasped in surprise when she saw an older man riding a huge and majestic black horse with… 8 legs?

The man on the horse looked like he was around 50 years old, with silver hair and ember eyes, and he was wearing very odd black armor. The man got off the horse and he kneeled in the front of the child.

"What's a lil' girl like yourself doin' in the Asgard kingdom?"

"I dunno where I am, sir." the little girl said, honestly. "Can you help me to find my way home? I want my momma." She sniffed.

The older man looked at the child with curious eyes. He was clueless how a child like the one that was standing in the front of him could reach the realm of gods by herself. It was impossible for a mere mortal to do this, unless a valkyrie could bring the souls of the bravest humans that fell in battles to Valhalla, which wasn't the case of this little girl. The elder man noticed that the child had a high level of spirit energy; twice the energy of any of his valkyries in their younger days.

"What's your name, my child?" the man asked as his hand reached out, settling gently on girl's hair.

"It's Ichigo, sir." The child named Ichigo answered the elder man. She could feel that his hand was warm.

"Ichigo, hun? That's a beautiful name for a girl like you." The man smiled as Ichigo blushed a little. "My name is Odin. Would you like to be a valkyrie, Ichigo?"

To be continued.

Well, here is my new female Ichigo story. This story will be based a little bit on Norse mythology. In a way, valkyries are like shinigami in the Bleach universe, so I decided to make this female Ichigo a valkyrie. As for the official couple, I still don't who Ichigo will be paired with this time. He'll be paired with either Grimmjow, Byakuya or Renji.

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