A/N: Hallo there, my beloved fans, I am sorry for not being a real chapter, but I kinda bring some good and bad news.

The bad news is that I am having trouble to continue this story based on the arrancar arc, so I will delete this story. The good news I am already working on a new version of The Valkyrie fanfiction. It will takes an alternative time line where Ichigo dies after the battle agaist Aizen, but reborn as a valkyrie in Valhalla. Don't worry, Fenrir and Loki will show up in this fic. Meanwhile this, I wanna do a little poll before deleting this version of the story. Who should Valkyrie F! Ichigo be paired with?


Kumamura ( why not? Even beasts need love)




I will update the next chapter as soon as possible. See ya in the next chapter.