Summary: Edward is just the nerd who knows nothing about living life, and it seems impossible that he and Bella Swan, the popular and beautiful head-cheerleader, could ever be. But all that changes when he utters 5 small words, "I Love you, Bella Swan".

Chapter 1- Boys


"This will be your last chance you know." Jasper, Emmett, and I were all sitting in the library like always.

Emmett was my twin brother and Jasper was my best friend.

"I don't think it would be a good idea to tell everyone that-"

"Dude, chicks dig that kind of crap."

"And what do you know about girls Jasper?"

"I, I, I don't know, but come on. Graduation is tomorrow and after that you will never have your chance to talk to Bella ever again."

"Jasper, have you even talked to Alice?" Emmett smirked.

"Uhh. No but-"


"Look. Alice would never go for a guy like me."

"Yeah, and Rose would never even talk to me."

"Bella is dating that vile Jacob Black anyways, so…"

"So? We are men dude. We have to fight for what is ours."

"But that's the point, they don't belong to us."

"Yeah you have a point."


"Ok the only way we can get them is by sticking to the plan."

"Why do I have to tell everyone though?"

"Because you are the valedictorian."


"Exactly. Then we just invite them to our little gathering."

"I doubt they'll say yes."

Jasper elbowed him.

"Shut up, we need to be confident for this to work."

"Like that will help." I mumbled.

In my heart I knew that this would most likely never work.



I hate that stupid Jacob Black!

He is so UGH.

I hate it when boys try to control every aspect of your life!

Like they care.

Alice and Rose were sitting on my bed watching me pace around the room screaming about Jacob.


"Sweetie, you need to calm down. If you cry again, I am not helping you with your make-up, again." Alice sat there filing her nails.

Rose chuckled while painting her toenails red.

"Rose how about Royce? Don't you just want to rip his head off for cheating on you?!"

She glared.

"I don't, I want to torture him with a very very slow death."

"See that's the reason why I don't date! I am waiting for my true love…" Alice's eyes sparkled.

"Ha-ha, that doesn't exist. All boys care about is sex! It's like they think with their dicks!"

"Not all boys…"

"Yes all boys, except the weird nerdy ones."

"Of course. Eew."

"They will pay when they see us tomorrow."

And with that I made a plan that would kill.