Chapter 8- Feelings


Edward and I watched the sun shed it's orange glow onto the wild waves of the ocean.

I looked at him.

"You should call your mom."

"Why?" He asked me. "This has been so fun. I see what I've been missing out on."

"Do you want her to call the FBI?"

"She probably has already."

"At least you have parents who care."

"It kind of sucks."

"No, I'd give anything to have parents like yours. It would have been nice to be told what not to do. So I could have gotten better grades, and didn't lose my virginity so quick. I would have turned into a better person. Like you." I looked at him.

"You are the best person I know."

"Nah…I'm nothing."

"Why would I love you then?"

"Because you're stupid."

"I'm with you on that."

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" I asked him curiously.


"Well…want to change that?"

"Of course…but I don't know how."

"I have a feeling you are gonna be really good." I looked at his lips. Damn…

"Well…want to find out?"

"Yes." I whispered.

We leaned in.

Our lips right about to touch…


We jumped.

"What?!" Edward yelled at Emmett.

"We're going to Vegas."

I smiled.

"Later." I whispered walking past him.

He sucked in his breath.

"Boys…" I muttered shaking my head.



We were going to a few hotels here.

Caesar's Palace, Venetian,Bellagio…

Yeah…VERY expensive.

But guess what?

Our parent's were friends with all the owners, and we could get in free.

So first we would go to Caesar's Palace.

When we arrived Alice waved at me from her bright yellow Porsche.

"They are still sleeping."

"Jasper wake up!"

Jasper jumped up.

"What? We're here already?"

"Yeah." She said walked over to him to kiss him.

I was happy for my friend.

Rose walked over to us.

"Shit..this place is nice." Jasper said.

"I know. Our suite will be two stories you know."

"What the fuck? Wait…presidential?"


"I'm gonna go wake the other two." I said quietly.

But they were already awake.

"We gonna check in?" Emmett asked.

"Nope. Let's go straight to our suite. Oh and don't get the stuff."

"Don't ask any questions." Rose said.


I gave 50 bucks to the bell hop who took our stuff up to our private suite.

His eyes widened.

"Thanks." I said dazzling him a little.

I closed the door and went to the balcony.

Edward was there.

I sat next to him.

"So…now what?"

"Why don't we start off where we left off."

I grabbed his face into my hands, caressing it.

He was so beautiful.

And I couldn't believe I never noticed it before.

We moved in closer and he wrapped his arms around my back pulling me closer.

I brushed my lips against his.

"Bella…" He whispered.

His lips found mine and we kissed.

My tongue danced across his lower lip and his lips parted.

I felt his hands move down onto my hips.

Our tongues danced together.

And I suddenly wanted more.

I felt something I never felt before.

What was this feeling?