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Edward Cullen

June 19, 2009

I dropped my bags and sniffed the air. It smelled like gasoline, BOSS#6, and simply put…California. It was so good to be back home. I opened my eyes and was immediately pushed forward by my manager, James.

"Edward, keep it moving please. We're about to get swarmed," he warned.

I gave him a small smile, picked up my bags, and continued walking towards the car that was waiting for us. I heard the photogs calling out my name and the sound of a thousand shutters opening and closing. It was sort of absurd how normal that sound was to me. I'd been hearing it since I could remember. It was so…second nature.

James opened the door to the Lincoln Towncar he'd called for us. I slid in with him, while the driver placed my bags in the trunk. The driver slammed the door shut and slipped in.

"So, how was the flight?" James asked as he scrolled through his email on his Crackberry.

"Fine. Most people we're too exhausted to realize I was even on the plane. I ran into Garrett in the terminal. He's supposed to be coming to the party tomorrow. He thought I was already back in L.A."

"Yeah, his manager called me to R.S.V.P. Your mother says the guest list is around 275 so far for tomorrow night."

"Jesus," I muttered under my breath.

James caught my disdain and laughed.

"Think about it this way: it's a great way to start off your return to the states. Everyone knows you've been working on the next album and this is the best way to start-off your reintroduction. The record label called by the way. They want to debut a song from the album at the party if it's okay."

I rolled my eyes.


"No? No, it's not okay?" he wondered.

"I don't want to do it at the party. That's so pretentious and self-involved. I fucking debut my new song at my birthday party?"

James shrugged.

"I'll call and let them know," he replied simply.

Traffic was horrendous and it was only 10 A.M. This was something I hadn't missed while I was away. I didn't drive or go out much during my self-imposed sabbatical. When the driver finally pulled up to my house, I got out with a smile. James tipped him while I grabbed my bags and headed up the walkway. I noticed Seth's BMW in his driveway and made a note to stop by and say hi later.

I hadn't spoken to him much over the last four months, aside from sporadic texts. I'd actually missed him. He was one of the funniest and most chill people I knew in L.A. And he was just badass for being the youngest and highest-paid screenwriter I knew on a personal level (it didn't hurt his cool factor that he was writing porn).

I walked into my kitchen and noticed a letter on the island. My mother's handwriting was unmistakable. I smiled instinctively and opened the envelope.

Dear Edward,

I've missed you tons!! Your father and I have a benefit to attend this evening, but we'll see you tomorrow night at the party. If you need anything, be sure to call the house. I'm sure Renata will be more than willing to help you out. I left some food in the fridge. We're having a chat about some of the things I found in there by the way. Love you sweetie!



I was sure she had found the totally unhealthy and non-trainer approved food I had left in my Sub-Zero before my trip. Not to mention the obscene amounts of alcohol that had been leftover from my going-away party. That was going to be a funny conversation to have tomorrow night. James strolled into the kitchen and seemed to be talking to the venue-owner.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. My mouth dropped. I had about twenty large crates full of mail. I walked over to one crate and looked at the address.


"Oh. I was going to tell you about that. I was thinking of the right way exactly. You got a shitload of mail after you left and then it stayed pretty steady after the initial influx. I purposely didn't make any plans for you tonight," he smirked and planted himself on my loveseat.

I glared at him.

Eight hours later, I was sifting through the last few letters. My head was hurting and my fingers were sufficiently marred by paper cuts. After the first three, we just decided that I would use the letter opener. I made him read them to me while I opened envelopes. I finished with the final letter and fell onto my carpet dramatically.

James rolled his eyes and passed me a beer. The doorbell rang and I pointed for him to get it. On his way to the door I heard him mutter something about "spoiled bitch."

"James! Hey! I noticed all the lights were on. Is Edward back? I heard a rumor that he was spotted in LAX," I heard Seth's voice from the foyer. I lifted my head and waved a weak hand.

"Edward, bro, what's with you? Did you catch the swine flu while you were gone or something?" he laughed uneasily.

I figured that he actually believed that. I chuckled, sat up, and gave him a fist pound.

"I wasn't in Mexico you douche. I was in Argentina."

"True story?"

I nodded and he grinned widely.

"I hear Argentinean girls are fine as hell. Did you get your ding dong played with while you were away?" he smirked and planted himself on the couch.

I gave him a look.

"No. I was in a self-imposed seclusion. No sex. No drinking. No technology, really. Just music."

Seth looked at me in horror.

"You haven't gotten laid in four months?!"

I heard James snicker from behind me. I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly.

"Um, well, actually it's been a while—even before I left," I mumbled.

Seth started howling as soon as I stopped speaking. I heard James laughing behind me. I blindly threw a punch to the area behind me and was rewarded when I caught him in the crotch. He folded over and groaned.

"Fuck you two. Tomorrow I'm getting laid. There are going to be at least 275 people at my party tomorrow night. Knowing Esme, at least 60% of those people are women. If that doesn't get me anywhere, I'll just bang your sister, Seth," the laughter immediately cut off, "She's still hurting over Sam, right?" I laughed.

I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a plate of the Mr. Chow's Esme had left for me. Seth and James came into the kitchen. Their faces were screaming 'we carry a white flag.' I pushed a plate towards Seth and he shook his head.

"I already ate, but thanks."

James face-palmed himself and looked at me with wide eyes. He must have remembered something.

"Edward, I forgot to tell you. Your brother called and said he can't make it to the party tomorrow. He's got a promotional thing this weekend with the Seahawks."

I frowned. I was hoping to see my big little brother. We hadn't spoken as much as I did with Carlisle or Esme during my trip. My mom mentioned he was dating some girl but I didn't even know if that was still going on. Emmett wasn't a womanizer but he didn't stay tied down for long either.

"Is Jasper coming at least?" I asked with a mouth full of rice.

James nodded.

"You're supposed to be in the studio for the majority of this next month. The studio is on us for another track. They're happy with what you've submitted so far but they definitely want you fine-tuning things with Jasper next week."

I nodded. It was to be expected. Honestly, I needed to hook up with Jasper anyway. The music I had composed in Argentina was great in acoustic form, but I knew it could be mind-blowing if I got into the recording booth. I discovered a new love for Spanish guitar.

"So what's up with you," I nodded at Seth, "Are you coming tomorrow? Bringing a date?"

Seth nodded.

"I met this chick at Les Deux. She's kind of an airhead but she's a good lay," he shrugged.

I rolled my eyes.

"Don't judge me. You're ready to screw my sister just to get some action," Seth countered.

James looked at me apologetically.

"Sorry to say it, Edward, but he's got a point."

I sighed. Leah was fucking gorgeous, but it was true. It was kind of pathetic to hook up with her.

"I'm going to sound like a total bitch right now," I warned, "but sue me. I'm a little old for the one-night stand, 'I'm a total player,' gig. I'm turning 27 in less than four hours."

Seth scoffed.

"You have every right to have guilt-free, no-strings-attached, sex until you decide not to."

I waved him off and pushed the plate away from my body.

"Whatever. I'm exhausted. I'll see you guys tomorrow," I muttered on my way out of the kitchen and upstairs to my bed.

The following morning, I was shocked from my sleep by the sounds of Led Zepplin screeching out of my iHome. I fell out of my bed and landed onto the floor with a thump. James walked in, with a business-like expression, and opened the blinds on my windows. He lowered the music and shook his head at the sight of me, in my boxer briefs, on the floor.

"That was Carlisle's idea. Your mother wants you awake at a decent hour."

I looked at the clock. It was past 11:30 in the morning. I nodded and stood up. I walked across the bedroom and into my bathroom. The shower started promptly and I stripped. It felt nice to take a real shower. The water was always too cold or harsh in Argentina. I leisurely washed my face and body while reveling in the feeling of hot water. A knock on my bathroom door startled me. I hit my head on the faucet and shouted a loud "FUCK."

"Edward Anthony," Esme scolded, "clean up that mouth and get out of the shower already."

I rolled my eyes and turned the faucet off. I toweled off, got dressed, and whipped the door open. She was sitting in the chaise next to the windows.

"Edward," she sighed and walked over to me, "Happy Birthday."

Esme hugged me tightly and I hugged her back just as warmly. Color me a mama's boy.

"Thank you," I replied.

She pulled back and stretched my arms out, trying to get a good look at me. I knew the only difference was that I was tanner but leave it to her to believe otherwise. Four months of her favorite son—yes, it was quite known that she favored me over Emmett (he was the only one who didn't think so)—being away was like eternity to her.

"I think you grew, Edward," Esme looked at me curiously, "You certainly got quite the tan as well. It suits you."

Esme cradled my face in her hands and reached up to place a kiss on my forehead.

"Your father is downstairs, having breakfast. I have to leave in a little bit. I want to make sure the decorating is going the way I want it."

I raised an eyebrow. My mother was a former model turned interior decorator. She knew the business well and the business knew her well. Anyone that worked with her knew she didn't screw around when it came to what she expected. I almost felt sorry for the employees that might endure her wrath. She could be as sweet as pie, but if you got on her bad side…Jesus.

"Where's the party at again?" I struggled to remember.


I nodded. Vanguard was a cool place. I'd seen some good artists there. I walked downstairs with my mother to find my father sitting in the living room with James. He stood up and grinned at me.

"Edward! Happy Birthday, son! We've missed you!"

He gave me a manly hug and patted my back. I sat down with him and James while my mother handed me a glass of orange juice.

"So how was your trip? Tell us about it."

I started to tell them about the people I stayed with. I explained how difficult it was at first to communicate. I had studied Spanish, French, and Italian in school but nothing I learned could have prepared me for Argentina. As fluent as I was, I still felt self-conscious pronouncing certain words or doing different accents.

Carlisle was glad to hear how much progress I'd made in my music and was interested in hearing some of the music I'd come up with during my time away. He listened with complete focus as I continued my monologue. Esme politely bowed out with James following her, arranging schedules.

"I'm so proud of you, Edward. I knew this trip would be good for you. Your sound is one-in-a-million and you're just improving yourself by doing everything in your power to better it."

Carlisle was extremely supportive of my music career. It wasn't surprising if you looked at the obvious, but it still meant a lot to me. He was so passionate about music and he was so talented himself. It was nice to have someone so skilled and wise have such faith in my abilities. Later that afternoon, I went into my in-home studio with Carlisle and played some of the songs I'd written.

He was completely awed and impressed. The advice was solid as well. Aside from Jasper, there was no one I trusted more with my music than my father. James popped in around 5:30 to suggest I eat before I started getting ready. The party started around 9:30 but I was definitely going to do some pregame. Seth had already called me and told me he'd be over with a few of our favorite friends—Jack, José, and the Captain. Carlisle rolled his eyes.

"I'll take that as my cue to leave. I'm sure your mother will want me home anyway to start getting ready. Just because you get to show up fashionably late doesn't we get to. I'm sure she's got Heidi primping her up already," he sighed heavily and shook his head.

My dad was a saint. Esme, like most women, was the epitome of all things feminine. It always took her hours to get ready. We all agreed she didn't really need any of the make-up or hair products, but we didn't tell her that.

If we did it would result with a Jimmy Choo, being expertly thrown, to the head of the person who was ballsy enough to say it out loud. Carlisle could attest to this numerous times over. I walked him out to his Grandpa-ish Mercedes and waved him off.

As I walked back into the house, my landline went off. I grabbed the receiver and answered it curiously. I didn't really get too many calls on this number. There was the occasional prank call or fangirl of course and I was a little leery. I didn't quite recognize the number but it seemed foreign.

"Hello?" I answered.


My intuition piqued. I knew this voice.


It was sort of weird to refer to my father by his first name considering it was my own. We didn't speak often. I'd obviously spent time with him on separate occasions but in total it was probably less than 20 times. He always called on my birthday and on holidays but otherwise we didn't communicate often. I should have expected it to be him.

"You sound more mature than the last time we spoke," he chuckled.

I smiled.

My biological father wasn't a bad guy. We just never had a relationship. It was as simple as that. My mother had married him on a drunken whim and they divorced soon after realizing they just didn't work together. It helped him out…he was gay. During a final fling between my parents after their divorce was complete, I had been conceived.

Edward Masen hadn't taken the news poorly but with his newfound sexuality he wasn't too sure if playing house with my mother was really what he wanted. Esme was unbothered by his position. She was already hot and heavy with Carlisle and he was quickly climbing the ladder of success.

My mother was already convinced they were soul mates. They agreed that it was best for me to be raised as Carlisle's son so long as my mother didn't completely cut my biological father out of the picture. She was fine with the terms. She never had anything against Edward. The fact I was named after him was proof of that truth.

"Thanks. I think?" I laughed awkwardly.

"Your mother was polite enough to email me and inform me that you were away for quite some time. How was your trip?"

I sat down in the living room and waved James off when he came up to me with a folder. I mouthed 'Edward' and he nodded in understanding.

"It was great. Thanks for asking. I spent four months in Argentina, studying music, and honing my craft. I learned a lot. It was really eye-opening. In a personal sense too."

"That's fantastic, Edward. I'm so proud to hear you take your music so seriously and that you're passionate about it. I know we don't speak often but I hope you really know how proud I am of you. You're a wonderful son to your mother and to your father."

I kind of blushed. It was girly and completely pointless considering he was all the way in Italy but still. No matter what he had been 50% of why I was living today and it meant something to me that he was proud of who I was. I admired him as much as I could for not knowing him as well as I would have liked.

His opinion was valuable to me, especially since he seemed to be damn good at what he did as well. He was a designer of specialty shoes, like Manolo or something, in Italy.

"Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"I know you're probably busy with the party your mother mentioned. I'll let you go. Have a wonderful birthday and take care. Giancarlo sends his love for you as well."

"Thank you. Send my thanks and regards to Giancarlo."

"Okay, Edward. Ciao."


I hung up the phone and went upstairs. James instructed that there were a couple of outfits that were stylist-approved in my closet towards the back. He needed to head over to his apartment and get ready. I opened up my closet door and scoffed when I saw the dress shirts and expensive jeans.

Fuck that shit.

I grabbed an old gray tee, a button-down to wear over it for propriety's sake, and some jeans that I knew were comfortable. I slipped on my Vans and watched TV until Seth came over. I purposely avoided shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. I'd been closed off from the celebrity world for four months. I was hoping to drag it out as much as possible, because I knew for a fact it would end tonight.

"Happy Birthday!" I heard Seth boom, followed by the voices of several different people.

Seth handed me a bottle of Jack, while Leah, Paul, Peter, Charlotte, and some random chick followed in. I hugged Leah first and sent a wink to Seth. She was looking especially hot tonight. Charlotte came over to kiss my cheek and wish me a happy birthday. Paul and Peter each gave me a pat on the back and a welcome back. I noticed the random girl scoot over next to Seth so I made it a point to introduce myself.

"Hey. I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Seth's friend. Thanks for coming," I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I'd almost slipped and called her "Seth's new girl," but I wasn't sure if they were officially dating and I didn't want to make it seem like he was talking her up to me. The blonde smiled at me and blushed a little. She was easy on the eyes but definitely not my type. I wasn't into blondes. Besides she had a fake bake and too much make-up on.

"Hi. I'm Lauren," she mumbled.

I nodded while Leah slipped an arm around my waist and leaned into me.

"Edward, you're not a youngin' anymore," Leah laughed, "Twenty-seven."

She shook her head dramatically and clucked her tongue in fake disappointment. Leah was younger than me, but I had an inside knowledge that she liked older men. She grabbed a piece of my t-shirt and looked at me.

"Your mother won't be happy about this," she giggled.

"Yeah. Not to mention James will probably have an aneurysm," Paul added.

I shrugged.

"I don't really care. C'mon. Let's drink this stuff already," I led everyone into the kitchen.

I was toasted to and roasted while we took our shots. Lauren seemed a little out-of-place but Seth did his best to include her without trying to be too much of a good date. I rolled my eyes at him. He was still so young and naïve. Every relationship move was strategized. Don't spend too much time doing this. Try not to say this too often.

It was all a strategy to keep her interested while still leaving himself readily available for the next set of legs. The doorbell rang and Paul jogged over to get it. I heard some far off voices until they got closer.

"Happy Birthday bitch," I heard Jasper snicker.

I turned around and grinned. I'd missed my best-fucking-hippie-of-a-best-friend. I mean seriously he was wearing cut off cargo pants, a paisley shirt, and mandals. Whatever. I loved that man. I could admit it. I gave him a hug and handed him a shot. He downed it quickly and reached into his pocket for what I was sure was a joint. I pointed to the patio and he glared at me before walking outside.

Esme knew Jasper was a total burnout, and she didn't mind it, but she hated the smell. She'd skin me alive if she smelled marijuana in the house. It was ridiculously oxymoronic but I didn't argue with her. I guess she'd paid her dues with Carlisle and his former rock star days. James came over a few minutes after Jasper went outside and groaned when he saw what I was wearing.

"You're trying to dig me an early grave, Cullen. Your mother is going to be unhappy."

I rolled my eyes.

"James, you're my manager. Not my—," I stopped short when I noticed an unfamiliar redhead walk in.

James looked behind him and smiled.

"Sorry. This is my friend, Victoria. Victoria, this is Edward."

I shook her hand and she smiled at me ruefully. She was pretty cute. Totally not what I'd see James going after but who knows? I'd been gone for four months. I sort of liked her already. She wasn't anything like the trash he'd dated during college. No matter what crap I gave him nowadays, James was the best friend I'd had at UCLA. I wanted him to be happy.

"So you're the one who's constantly giving him hell," she smirked.

I snorted.

"I told James that our friendship wouldn't make any difference if he became my manager. I'm just trying to be fair and give him the full experience. I mean how cheated would he be if he got a nice, cooperative client?"

I put on my best smile and she shook her head.

"You really are all you're cracked up to be, aren't you?"

"Only after four shots of Cuervo," I chuckled.

Jasper walked back in with a lazy grin on his face. He glanced at his Swatch watch. I chuckled under my breath. Fucking Jasper. He'd probably had that watch since the 3rd grade.

"It's like 10:30. Shouldn't we be leaving? Is the limo here yet?"

Leave it to the total pothead to be the only one with a concept of time. James snapped out of his Victoria-induced haze and started rushing everyone out of the house. The limo ride was fun. Leah was being especially touchy feely with Paul, her go-to date for this evening. Paul had always been a member of our little group since I'd started hanging out with Seth.

It was hysterical to see his face while Leah tried to stick her tongue down his throat and give him a hand job. I strolled out of the limo after everyone had stumbled out and was met with the blinding light of tons of cameras. I heard a few fans screaming for autographs but I sort of tuned them out and walked into Vanguard.

I was sort of like Michael Phelps before a big swim meet. I had music in my head and nothing else when I found myself swarmed by fans and photographers. It was the only way to cope.

I didn't have a grand entrance or anything like that. In fact, it wasn't until I'd been in the club for at least seven minutes that the DJ finally announced my arrival. There were loud cheers but I just shook them off as I continued to schmooze with all my guests. There were a ton of girls I didn't recognize and I figured Esme had done some of that on purpose.

I was a little disappointed to run into some journalists but for the most part people were respectful of the fact I was here for my birthday party. I was talking to a writer from Entertainment Weekly when I noticed Jasper walking towards me. He leaned forward to speak in my ear over the music.

"Your mother wants you to come out front for a minute before they cut the cake. It's getting close to twelve so we've gotta do this shit soon."

I nodded and he disappeared back into the pulsing throng of people packed into Vanguard. I politely finished the interview with the guy from Entertainment Weekly and bowed out. When I got out front, the crowd from earlier had dissipated a bit. There were still some photographers but for the most part it had died down to a level that could only be considered normal in L.A.

I walked forward and my mom was standing by the curb on her iPhone. I rolled my eyes at her. She was pushing 46 and she was on a damn iPhone.

"Oh! Edward, there you are. Your brother is on the phone. He wants to say Happy Birthday really quick," she smiled as she handed the phone over.

I grabbed it from her but not without asking if that was why she had called me outside. Esme huffed and gave me a sharp "no."


"Edward! Happy Birthday little big brother!" Emmett laughed.

I rolled my eyes. He loved calling me little big brother. When we were younger it would piss me off. I had truly hated the fact he was in sixth grade and was gaining on me even during my growth spurt. I would cry to my mom about it and beg her to make him stop growing.

"Thanks man! I'm pretty pissed at you though. How could you miss my birthday?!" I whined superficially.

Emmett sighed.

"I'm sorry. I just promised the team I'd do this promotion for them months ago. I wasn't thinking. My agent had told me this during the play-offs and I sort up signed up for it without really checking out all the facts. I wouldn't have signed up if I knew the dates fell during your birthday."

I started laughing.

"Emmett, I'm just yanking your chain. I don't really care. I mean I do. But I'm not all sour and pissy that you missed my birthday. You've been there for every other one."

"I know but I haven't seen you in months, bro. I just feel bad, ya know? I promise as soon as this shit is over I'm coming back to L.A. We can hang out everyday like a bunch of girly bitches if you want," he chuckled.

"Sounds like a plan," I smiled.

The smile was quickly washed off my face when a fucking McLaren pulled up to the curb. My jaw was literally touching the floor at this point. Carlisle climbed out of the silver Goddess with a grin.

"Edward? You there?"

I couldn't make words come out of my mouth. My father walked up to me and placed the keys in my hand.

"Happy Birthday, son."

I looked over at my mother who was beaming at the complete look of shock on my face.

"Edward!" Emmett shouted.

My mother grabbed the phone from me and started explaining to Emmett about the McLaren. I knew there were probably photographers going nuts with their cameras but I was in shock. I was still trying to make sure that Carlisle handing me the keys really meant this was mine. I owned a McLaren. I finally composed myself and blinked a few times.

"This…this is mine?" I croaked.

Carlisle nodded and I started laughing.

"Holy shit!"

I climbed over to the driver's side and hopped in. Christ, I was made for this car. I fit perfectly. I caressed the leather and stroked the knobs and buttons on the dashboard in awe. After about 10 minutes of making mental love to my new car, I was forced out by Esme telling me I needed to get back inside to cut my cake. I almost ignored her but I was too happy to let her ruin it by getting pissy about a cake.

I climbed onto the stage and was embarrassed thoroughly when roughly 300 people sang a drunken version of "Happy Birthday" to me. I chuckled and ran a hand over my face to remind myself that yes I was truly standing here. Esme and the event planner helped me cut into the awesomely constructed guitar-shaped cake I'd gotten for my birthday. It was a replica of my own guitar.

I looked out into the crowd and scanned the faces curiously. My eyes stopped on a pair of dark ones that seemed both mysterious and mischievous. I focused in on the rest of the girl. She was a pretty little thing. She had this dark wavy hair that was long and seemed thick. Her face was paler than I was used to. The trend in L.A. seemed to be "tan from a can."

I glanced downward and was pleased to see that the rest of this beauty's body matched up with the rest of her. She was wearing what seemed to be a simple black dress but on her it was anything but simple. I felt someone tug my arm and I whipped my head to find Seth ready to pummel me with cake. I pushed him off and successfully washed his hair in brown and silver frosting.

When I wiped off, I exited the stage and decided to pursue this mystery girl. I looked around carefully, not letting my eyes miss a section of the club. I even noticed Jasper making out with a tiny girl in the V.I.P. area. She was kneeling on his lap and practically mauling him. The way his hands were gripping her suggested he was totally into it.

I went to the bar and grabbed a beer while temporarily giving up my search for the mystery girl. I felt a clap on my back and I turned around. Garrett was smiling. His girlfriend/baby-momma Kate was standing next to him with a smile as well.

"Hey guys! Thanks for coming!"

I gave Garrett a manly hug and kissed Kate's cheek.

"You're lookin' hot Edward. All that Argentinean sun did the body good," Kate joked.

Garrett rolled his eyes and turned himself to ignore Kate.

"I was thinking about playing a small gig here later this month. You should come out. Your birthday bash was the perfect excuse to check out the venue," Garrett laughed, "My manager is around here somewhere. She seems to like it. I'll set her up with James."

I shook my head.

"Don't even bother. Just tell her to speak to my mother. If she knows she's your manager, Esme won't need to hear anymore. Apparently, you remind her of Carlisle back in the 80s," I grimaced.

Kate laughed loudly and the bartender placed another drink next to my elbow. I ordered a drink for Garrett and Kate and they grinned broadly. Kate was a total lush. She was a lovable drunk though—totally random, hilarious, and entertaining.

"How is the old Alchemy & Ale frontman doing?" Garrett smirked.

God. That was something that no matter how old I got I'd never get comfortable with. Carlisle had been a part of one of the most famous Hair-Band's in the 80s. Alchemy & Ale sold exactly 70 million copies worldwide. Carlisle had been the lead singer and at the time my mother had been his #1 groupie.


She had the big curly hair and everything. And Carlisle? Well, let's just say he wasn't uncomfortable with tight snakeskin pants and long blonde hair back in the day.

"He's alright. We spent the afternoon together jamming and talking about some stuff," I shrugged.

Garrett shook his head and an expression I'd seen one too many times took over his face.

"Man, you are so lucky to have him as a dad. My dad sells fucking tires in Tulsa."

I laughed and Kate did too. She nodded her head in confirmation and shrugged.

"He has his own commercial though, Gare," Kate giggled, "You forgot to mention that!"

I smiled at her and shook my head.

"He's not Carl from Alchemy & Ale to me. He's just this boring dad that competes in Celebrity Golf Tournaments and reads medical journals for fun. I swear to God he missed his calling. He should have been a fucking brain surgeon or something."

"Nah," Garrett disagreed, "He's known as one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was definitely meant to be Carl from A&A."

Garrett's manager appeared and asked him if they were ready to leave. She gave me a polite "Happy Birthday" and thanks for the invitation. I nodded my head and they soon left after we shared our goodbyes. I took another sip of the beer I was still sipping. As I placed my glass on the wet bar I noticed a pair of sly eyes down at the other side of the bar.

I made my way towards her and planted myself on the seat next to her. She had this animal print purse sitting next to an Appletini.

"Edward Cullen," I placed my hand out, "I don't believe we've met. Are you a friend of Esme's?"

She shook my hand and damn it felt good. Mystery Brunette had soft hands.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Bella. I'm not a friend of your mother's. A friend of a friend, you could say."

Bella. I liked the way that sounded.

"Well, the pleasure is mine Bella. Thank you for coming."

She nodded and took a sip of the Appletini. Jesus, she had nice lips too. I couldn't find any physical flaws with this girl. It was starting to make me nervous. Surely there was something wrong.

"Do you make it a point to introduce yourself and thank all of your guests?" she asked with an eyebrow.

"Only the attractive ones," I winked.

Bella ducked her head a bit and my ego was yelling "Score!!"

Edward – 1. Bella – 0.

"I didn't realize you were quite so charming. I thought those rumors were untrue. It seems I'm wrong."

I shrugged.

"So tell me. Is this a custom?"

Bella gestured to my outfit and I glanced at my clothes. Earlier today I'd felt completely comfortable in my casual clothes. But now sitting in front of this girl, who was totting around a Chanel purse and rocking some serious jewelry, I felt slightly self-conscious.

"I was teasing," Bella explained with a smirk, "I like guys who have a personal style. It says a lot about your character that you're not wearing the latest trend. Most would agree it's an attractive quality."

Edward – 1. Bella – 1.

She had gotten me about the clothes.

"Do you think it's attractive?"

Bella ducked again and sort of blushed.

Edward – 2. Bella – 1.

"Should I?"

Edward – 2. Bella – 2.

"Well, considering the way I've made you blush and the numerous times you've ducked, I would imagine you would. However, I'm not one to be arrogant when approaching an intelligent and gorgeous woman like you. At 27-years-old I'd like to think I've learned better."

Edward – 3. Bella – 2.

"Touché, Edward."

"So, do you have anything planned tonight?"

"I'm not sure. I was planning on just browsing the scene at this birthday party you might have heard of. It's for a musician. He's returned from some self-imposed exile apparently. I was hoping I'd be lucky enough to meet him and see if he's really as good-looking and charming in person as they say, but if you've got a better offer I'm open. I mean who wants to spend the evening with a brooding musician anyway, right?"

I smirked.

"I'll tell you what. I know exactly who you're talking about and I'll be honest with you. The good-looks are a tool and the charm is a façade. He totally uses them to lure beautiful girls like yourself to his place so he can get to know them better. I've definitely got the better offer. If you come with me, we can play Scrabble and discuss globalization."

Bella giggled and then turned serious. She leaned forward and started unleashing the power of those smoldering eyes on me again.

"So are you telling me that if I leave with you, you might lure me to your place on the slight chance of getting lucky?"

Breathe, Edward.

"Yes," I responded breathlessly.

Our faces were inches apart as a result of our leaning into one another.

"I don't leave anything to chance," Bella purred.

Edward – 3. Bella – 500.

We were leaving, now.

I grabbed her hand and she snatched up her purse. I tried to be casual about walking out but it was hard. All I wanted to do was throw this sexy girl over my shoulder and book it. Thank God my car was right outside. The flashes went off again. Despite the fact it should have bothered me that I was getting my picture taken with a girl I barely knew I was too hard to care.

The McLaren was a birthday present/blessing in disguise. I made it home quicker than I could have in my mediocre Volvo. The second Bella and I made it through the door her lips were on mine. I tried switching lights on but for the most I failed miserably.

My arms were wound tight around Bella's slim waist while her hands tugged and ran through my hair. I moaned and walked us upstairs to my bedroom. I threw the door open and picked her up. She gasped in surprise and giggled. I placed her on the bed and wasted no time climbing on top of her. I kicked off my sneakers while my tongue got well-acquainted with Bella's.

She started pushing my button-down off my shoulders so I complied and threw it off quickly. The view I had from on top of her was incredible. She was sprawled out, her boobs were ready to come out of her dress, and her lips were all red and swollen. I needed to have this girl look like this more often. I ran my hands down the sides of her satin dress and she shivered.

When I reached the hem of the dress, I pushed it up slightly revealing more of this girl's amazing legs. She seemed to be all legs, which was odd considering she was pretty tiny. I looked up from her legs and saw her biting on her swollen lower lip. It was so sexy.

I had to go back in for some more of those lips. I clumsily took Bella's heels off. I sort of rubbed her feet for a second. I couldn't imagine those shoes were by any means comfortable. Her left foot jerked for a second and I pulled away from her lips.

"I'm a little ticklish," she giggled.

It was then that it hit me that she was probably pretty tips. I mean I kew I was but I was rather sure I had a better grip on reality at the current second than she did. I considered stopping but then she reached behind herself and I heard the distinct sound of her zipper being pulled down. Bella grabbed the straps at her sides and pulled them down to reveal a satin black bra too.

I thought her boobs looked good inside the dress. I decided to pull a "Take-Back" and change my mind. They looked so much better when they weren't inside her dress. All thoughts of stopping were officially annihilated. I planted my lips on her neck and started groping her hardcore. It was like my hands couldn't get enough of this girl's soft skin.

I'd never been with a girl that was this soft. Bella moaned when I pulled the cup of her strapless bra down and touched her skin-to-skin.

"You're wearing too many clothes," she said breathlessly.

I ignored her for a bit and continued my assault on her chest. Finally, when she couldn't stand it any longer, she shoved her hands up my t-shirt and started to lift it up. I pulled away as much as I could manage without becoming totally inconsolable from being away from this girl's magnificent chest. I couldn't hide the smirk when she gasped at my bare chest. It was probably the one area of my body I was most proud of.

Everything else hadn't been toned from hard work. I had been lucky enough to be blessed with good genes and a love for soccer. Bella rolled her eyes at my smirk and grabbed the back of my neck to press her lips to mine. I took the time to pull her bra and dress off leaving her in her undies, a smile, and some serious jewelry. I mean seriously this girl had to be rocking at least $15,000 just counting the huge gold and diamond bracelet on her wrist.

"Edward, get the hell out of those clothes," she groaned.

I undid my jeans, boxer briefs, and socks for the girl. Actually, that's a lie. I was sporting the most intense erection ever. Getting the hell out of my clothes and one step closer to Bella's…well you get the idea. It was for me.

I climbed back on top of Bella and she shocked the hell out of me by rolling us over and situating herself on my lap. She winked at me before positioning herself to take me in her mouth. Bella lowered her mouth until I completely encased in this girl's warm, hot, and Christttttt

She deep-throated me and I grabbed the closest thing next to me to keep my self-control. It turned out it was a gift and I'd actually torn through the wrapping paper. Bella laughed a little and the vibrations did nothing for my self-control. I looked away from her, unable to stay focused with the sight of her working me up and down.

I half-considered asking her to stop because I wasn't sure if I could take it much longer but my balls apparently had different ideas and I came. When she swallowed, it was like God had answered a prayer. I hadn't warned her and yet she licked me clean and resurfaced with a smile. Seriously, I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out with his Punk'd crew. Punk'd: Birthday Edition.

Damnit. Do they even air that show anymore? Why the hell am I thinking about this now?! This girl just gave me the best blow-job in L.A.

Either way it didn't matter because now Bella was panty-less which meant my better half, my cock, was now getting some love. I grinned at her and she ran a hand down my chest. I trembled. This girl made me tremble.

"Do you have a condom?" she purred as she continued running her hands down my chest.

I leaned over into my night table. I was unashamed. I was 27 and a former Boy Scout.

Bella arched an eyebrow at me and casually ran her hand up my dick. I clenched my teeth and politely pushed her hand away. I rolled the rubber on and gestured for her to come closer. Bella straddled my lap once again and before I could say "Happy Fucking Birthday to Me," I was inside her. She felt good. She was all kinds of wet which meant tonight was going to be a good night.

I ran a hand down her side and situated my left hand on her hip as she slid up and came back down on me. I was content to simply sit back and let her work me but I couldn't stand to not hold some part of her. It was either her hips, or her hands, or her chest, or her thighs (where I sat completely fascinated by watching my cock appear and disappear in side of her), or her face when I leaned up to kiss her.

Bella seemed to be closer to achieving her orgasm so I offered to take lead. I was sad to see the bouncing of her perfect tits gone but I had far too much pride to deny her an orgasm for my own benefit. As I said, I was slightly tips but I was still aware of the possibility that this would be a one-night thing. Bella, whatever-her-last-name-was, was going to have a night to remember with Edward Cullen.

I rolled us over and hovered over her toned body. I kept my tempo steady but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dancing along the borderline of a good fucking and going completely animalistic. I simply couldn't help it. The noises that were coming out of that tiny little perfect were beyond description. I could hear her pants and whimpers increase in frequency and pitch.

"Ungh…please come," I begged.

Bella whimpered and wrapped her legs around my waist, drawing me in deeper. I kept thrusting, ready to explode, and needing this girl to fucking come already.

"Shit! I…" she screamed without thinking.

Two more thrusts and she was crying out and saying my name almost in thanks. I came after her and collapsed sort of next to her. My legs were still mostly covering hers. I looked at her from my place on the bed and she was running a hand through her sweat-dampened hair. Bella leaned over and kissed me and then grabbed the bed sheet to cover herself up. I shifted so I was underneath the sheet as well.

I was starting to realize it was actually pretty cool in the house. The central air must be on, I thought. I grabbed my phone and sent a quick text to James, telling him to send everyone away and go home. I would call him tomorrow after Bella left. For now, I didn't want to be bothered. I just wanted to share my bed and a memorable birthday with this mysterious brunette.

All I knew was that her name was Bella and that she was probably loaded. For the time being, it was all that mattered. I'd figure everything out tomorrow.

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