Announcement to readers of Indecent Proposal, True Lies, Jerkiness, Complicity, Incubus and Reencounter:

On March 30th my dear friend, writing comrade and an amazing human being, my ANDIE (Andressa Matos) passed away from a heart attack. She was buried on March 31st at Jardim Metropolitano in Fortaleza, Brasil.

Your spirit will always live with me, baby. Through our long conversations and the stories we wrote together and all those sleepless nights plotting how to change the world. I can't believe I am saying goodbye to you, Andie but I guess it's not a goodbye, cuz I will see you on the other side. I am sure we'll meet again. This world will never be the same without you.

So, I am not gonna say goodbye but so long princesa, I hope you've found peace where ever you are. I will always love you my dear friend!

Please remember her in your prayers, remember her stories and how much she loved [H]ouse and Hugh Laurie. She spent the night before she passed away watching House.

Andie, you were truly one of a kind and you will always live with me.