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Anchors & Oceans

Chapter One: Summer Days

Something was trying to enter the Digital World and it wouldn't be long before it turned the Digital World upside down and inside out. Darkness couldn't be held off for long, even by the beautiful Digital World which was now restored and peaceful. Digimon roamed happily, providing themselves with food, shelter and friends. It had been almost a year since the last sliver of trouble in the Digital World. An attempt for darkness to prevail was long overdue and for taking too long, the darkness would make up for it in unimaginable ways.

Hikari "Kari" Yagami took a sip of her lemon flavored ice tea and sighed happily as the warm summer breeze blew through her hair. She smiled across the table at her best friend. Takeru "T.K" Takaishi grinned back and stirred his lemonade with his straw. The two of them had decided to enjoy the first beautiful day of summer at an outdoor café right in Odaiba. School had just been let out. The two had just finished up their freshman year and were looking forward to not being at the bottom of the school's hierarchy next year. Although their first year of high school hadn't been terrible. Kari found that she was able to keep her grades up easier without having to worry about trouble turning up in the Digital World all the time. She was able to concentrate more on her studies and spending time with her friends. Time that didn't involve fighting off evil forces. She was grateful for it. She'd even managed to make the honor roll.

The waiter came and each of them ordered their food, thanking the waiter before he left. "I love summer." Kari breathed, taking in the fresh air. "It's my favorite season to photograph." She grinned, remembering the professional camera her brother Taichi "Tai" Yagami had bought her for her fifteenth birthday. She couldn't wait to use it to get great shots of the beach and sunset. She was planning on taking a photography class next year.

T.K smiled at Kari. His cell phone rang and he dug it out of his pocket, recognizing his brother's voice immediately. The custom ring tone was a song by his band, The Teenage Wolves. He picked it up. "Any luck yet?" He asked his brother.

Yamato "Matt" Ishida sighed through the phone. "Is that any way to greet your brother?" He chuckled. "But yes, mom has agreed to let you miss out on basketball camp this year. I think I convinced her."

"Yes!" T.K cheered. "You have no idea how glad I am about that. I mean, basketball's a great hobby, but everyone at camp takes it so seriously. I got hit in the nose with the ball at least six times last summer. I've never had so many bloody noses in my life."

"Yeah, that was one of the stories I told to mom. Although I may have exaggerated it a little. Told her the guys picked on you because you were skinny and defenseless and they threatened to beat you up, but hey, you're out of it! I'm pretty sure I'm the greatest brother in the world."

T.K shook his head. "Oh, stop your boasting, but thanks." He was overjoyed to not be going to camp. Last summer that was all he had done for those precious months where he didn't have school. He was worked hard. He was always either running laps, doing drills, or scrimmaging other players. It was basketball all the time. He barely got a chance to call Kari. He wanted to spend as much of the summer with her as possible.

"No problem, but aren't you out on a date with Kari? I better let you go. It's rude to keep a girl waiting. Believe me, I know." T.K agreed. Ever since Matt and Sora had broken up due to Matt's hectic schedule and the fact that they didn't seem to have the same feelings anymore, Matt had been dating girl after girl and had trouble balancing his band and his relationships. After a while he decided it was best to stay single. At least for a while.

"No, we just decided to get a bite to eat." T.K corrected him.

"If that's what you want to call it." Matt joked. He laughed a bit more. "I got band practice soon anyway. I'll talk to you later." The brothers exchanged goodbyes and hung up. T.K shoved the phone back into the pocket of his shorts and turned to Kari, who had been waiting patiently. Her iced tea was half way gone now.

"Well, good news. No basketball camp for me. You've got me to yourself for the entire summer." He told her, not being able to hold back his grin.

"Great!" Kari exclaimed. She giggled at his comment. "I don't like sharing you with those basketball players. They got way too much of you last summer. This is my revenge."

T.K always felt at ease with Kari. Her smile could brighten his day. She was always so cheerful, beaming with light. She could put the sun to shame in seconds. T.K was sure of it. He fumbled with the box in his pocket. The box that held everything he'd ever wanted to tell her inside. Confined in the tiny black box was a dazzling silver anchor necklace. Engraved on the anchor in fine black lettering was a tiny message. It read, 'Hikari, I'll always be your anchor. Love, Takeru.' When he had seen it in Odaiba's jewelry store, he knew it was perfect for her. The anchor represented the relationship they had. T.K could recall all the times she'd struggled just over a little year and a half ago with the Dark Ocean trying to reel her in to it's icy depths and how he had always been there, determined to keep her ashore. In a sense, he was her anchor. He would never let her be pulled out to sea. He loved her and this was how he planned to show her. He'd saved up for it all school year, earning money any way he could. He just needed the perfect time to give it to her, although for some reason this moment didn't seem right. He'd hold onto it for a little while longer.

The two friends ate their lunch, discussing summer plans and those of their siblings. Everything seemed so simple and serene. It was comforting, but all good things must come to an end, right?

Tai was sprawled on the couch in the living room of his apartment, his eyes glued to the television screen. His favorite soccer team was playing and he couldn't miss a single second of it. He was arguing with the sports announcers about a penalty when his phone rang. He picked it up blindly, not checking who it was and mumbled a greeting.

"Did I interrupt something?" A feminine voice asked. A voice Tai was surprised to hear. It belonged to Mimi Tachikawa. It had been over six months since he last heard from her, or maybe he had received emails and just hadn't replied. Sometimes Mimi was hard to talk to. She'd send him page long emails and Tai could only muster a few words in response. "Because that's not exactly the greeting I was hoping for."

Another voice spoke before Tai even got the chance to open his mouth to reply. "He's watching soccer. The big game's on today. His brain turns to mush when he watches it." The girl had a somewhat lower voice than Mimi, but still feminine. Tai could practically hear her smiling through the phone. Sora Takenouchi.

Tai still kept his eyes on the television as Mimi spoke again, quickly after Sora had finished. "Soccer, right." She giggled. "Well, I'm at the Odaiba Airport and Sora's the only one who knew I was coming. She's going to come pick me up, but she says she has trouble finding the airport. We called you to ask if you'd go with her."

Tai nodded, half listening. Then he realized that they couldn't see him. "Wait, what?!" He exclaimed. "I can't leave in the middle of this game! It's crucial that I watch it!"

Sora sighed. "Tai, you know the way to the airport better than I do. Please?"

Normally, Tai would do anything for Sora, but this was soccer she was telling him to give up. "Sora," He whined. "I can't. I need to watch this. Can't you call Matt or somebody else?"

"Matt's at band practice." Sora replied. "And besides, you're my best friend, you're supposed to do stuff like this for me."

"When is he not at band practice?" Tai scowled as his favorite team got penalized again. He fought the urge to curse at the television. "Call Izzy or Joe. I'm busy!"

"Busy watching soccer? Tai, Izzy's probably engaged in creating new technology and Joe's probably writing an essay. I think it's safe to say that you are way more available than either of them."

"Why would Joe write an essay in the summer?" I questioned. "And are you trying to imply that watching soccer is a waste of time? Would you rather me create a software that will make Bill Gates cry or write some stupid essay on the history of Band-aids? Come on, Sora. You love soccer just as much as I do." He realized that he had turned away from the television for a second and heard cheers erupting. Figures when he turned away, someone would score. He sat up and the remote fell to the ground, turning off the television. He began shouting various profanities as he picked up the remote and turned back on the television. Now it was on a commercial. Great. "Sora, you just made me miss a goal!" But then he realized that there was no longer anybody on the phone. They had hung up with him. He sighed and concentrated on the game once more.

Sora arrived minutes later, walking right into his apartment as if she lived there. She kicked off her shoes politely and walked into the living room where her bushy haired friend was lounged on the couch, his eyes not once leaving the large rectangle that was the television screen. He was so indulged in the game that he hadn't even noticed her walk in. She walked in front of the television, blocking his view and then turned it off. "I'm your intervention." She smirked, crossing her arms. "We're going to the airport." She tossed him her keys. "And you're driving."

He glared at her. "I somehow knew when you hung up on me, you hadn't given up." He groaned as Sora pulled him up off of the couch. "Fine, I'll go. Just let go of my arm. Your nails are digging into my skin." He pulled himself free and went to collect his shoes from the entryway. Sora followed and slipped her feet into her sandals.

Tai couldn't help but notice how nice Sora looked, although it was obvious that she didn't try too hard. She wore the faintest hint of make-up, a pair of cut off jean shorts with holes in the knees, and a red tank top. Her ginger hair had been grown out so it almost touched her shoulders, but not quite and a tiny hair clip finished off her appearance. The tiny hairclip that Tai had given her for her birthday that she had at first hated because she thought he was insulting her when he only meant well. She had grown to love it and wore it as often as she could. He felt a tiny smile tugging at his lips as Sora put her hand on the doorknob to leave. "What?" She asked, feeling his eyes on her.

"Nothing." Tai replied innocently. He followed her out the door. "You just look nice, that's all." He added as they made their way to her car. A small blush crept onto her cheeks and Tai linked arms with her. "May I escort you to your car, miss?" Tai was in a pretty good mood considering he was missing his precious soccer game, but maybe it was because Sora just put him in that kind of a mood. They shared a laugh and Tai opened the passenger side door for her. She climbed inside.

"Why thank you," She joked as Tai shut the door and walked around the car to get into the driver's seat, while Sora fumbled with the radio tuner. When he got in and started the car, he found that Sora had selected the station in which was playing his soccer game. He beamed at her and put the car in drive.

"It's the least I could do," She said with a shrug as they pulled away from the apartment building to go to the airport. That was why Sora was his best friend.

Tai and Sora had found Mimi almost immediately upon arriving at the airport. She was unmistakable with her pink hair and bright clothes. Today Mimi happened to be sporting a pink strapless mini dress and a pair of black heels. Her hair was in a ponytail, loose strands of pink hair framing her blemish free face. She wore mascara and eye shadow. They rejoiced with hugs and questions of what each other had been up to. Then they had gotten Mimi's abundant amount of luggage and headed back to the car. Mimi sat in the back, while Tai and Sora resumed their positions. "So, Mimi." Tai said as he drove. "Where are you staying?"

"With Sora. It's all been arranged." Mimi replied, happily. She yawned. She was glad to be off of that plane. It'd been a long flight.

"Yeah," Sora agreed. "Mimi suggested that we get all of the digidestined together tomorrow and spend a day at the beach. Doesn't that sound fun?" The soccer game had ended while they had been in the airport and it irked Tai a little that he didn't know the final score.

"Sounds great," Tai said, putting on his blinker. "We all need a day to just hang out, don't we? Something that doesn't involve us battling evil Digimon. Not that that's happened in a while. It's been almost a year, but I'm definitely up for it. We'll round up everyone, even Matt. He can miss one band practice."

Tai concentrated on driving the rest of the way home, listening to Mimi and Sora chatter about their lives. Tai was pleased to hear his name come up several times as Sora spoke.

He drove himself home and then Sora took the wheel after thanking him once more for tagging along even if it had been against his own free will. He walked in the apartment and kicked off his shoes. Kari and T.K were sitting on the living room floor playing a riveting game of Monopoly. "Hey," Kari said, looking up from the game board at her brother. "Where have you been? I thought you'd be watching the game."

"I was," Tai said, emphasizing that it had been past tense. "Sora kidnapped me to go pick up Mimi from the airport. She's staying here for the summer."

"I didn't know she was coming for a visit." T.K said, moving his pawn around the board.

"Me neither." Tai told him. "I guess Sora was the only one who knew. Mimi and Sora have plans to gather up everyone and go to the beach for the day tomorrow. Are you guys in?"

"Definitely!" Kari said. "I just bought a new bikini."

"I'm in." T.K smiled. "Sounds like a fun way to kick off the summer."

Tai nodded, turning on the television to check for the score of the soccer game. His team had lost five to four. He groaned and shut it off, retreating to his room. But Tai's favorite soccer team losing was nothing compared to what would be happening soon. The Digi-Destined's relaxing and enjoyable summer wasn't going to last long.

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