Sailor Moon: Rise of the Dark Ranger

By Dragonfang33

Synapses: The fall of Queen Beryl was suppose to usher in a time of peace and prosperity for the universe, but the Sailor Scouts find themselves facing off against a new enemy when a rouge Power Ranger unleashes his armies against the Earth.


Dark Ranger

Location: D-Point, North Pole, Earth a few hours after the battle between Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl used what little strength she had left, to pull herself clear of the chard remains that had once been her point of entry into the world. Once again victory had been snatched from her grasp, this time by a cry baby masquerading a Moon Princess. Then again her defeat at the hands of teenagers was nothing new, Rita, Zedd, Devatox, all had had their chances to achieve their master's dream of bringing this accursed planet into the Empire's fold, and like them she had failed, allowing her ego and dreams of power to dictate her decisions and underestimate the power of her enemy.

As Beryl clawed her way through the snow, cursing her foe under her breath, a figure began to emerge from the wind driven snow storm.

It was human in shape, clad from head to toe in bright green and white armor, with white gloves and boots adorning it's hands and feet. Around it's chest it wore a shield of solid gold, with matching arm bands around it's upper arms. A white belt, adorned with a golden buckle, inside of which was a gold coin, embroidered with the image of a Dragon's foot, adorned his mid section, at his side was a black dagger, sharp enough to cut through most any material. The green helmet that concealed the figure's true identity, was also carved in the shape of a dragon, with the only source of humanity being the silver lip-shaped mouth piece and pitch black visor.

Beryl froze in her tracks, recognizing who the figure was, the infamous Green Ranger, the personal guard to the Emperor himself. For a long time, she had thought the Green Ranger's power coin lost after it had vanished during a battle in Angel Grove.

"Figures the Emperor would send you to rescue me," Beryl snarled, under her breath. The Green Ranger remained silent, as he extended his right hand, a cloud of green energy swirled around for a few moments, before forming into a black curved sword.

"You have failed the Emperor for the last time Beryl," The Green Ranger replied, in a cool, calm voice. Before Beryl had a chance to reply she felt the Green Ranger's sword plunge into her back. The last thing Beryl saw, before she died, was the Green Ranger cutting her heart from her chest.

Location: Throne Room, The Imperial Palace, The Dark World

The room was dead silent, the massive demonic statue that filled the area above the throne cast a haunting gaze over the room, a small amount of blood seeped down the stairs. All of the figures, in the room, though were fixated on the black clad figure who paced in front of the throne. At one time he had been the leader of the First Power Ranger Team, the First Red Ranger, who challenged the might of Ragnarok, before he betrayed his team mates to Ragnarok's forces in this very room. At once he had been the First Green Ranger, before the fall of his master and his ascendance to the throne. Now he had a new identity, the Dark Ranger, a new power coin, the Death Coin, and clentched tightly in his fist was the symbol of his power, a black Scythe, the very same scythe Ragnarok had used to strike down Zordon so long ago, imprisoning his soul in a time warp. Though he was the Emperor, many had longed to take the throne for themselves, and all had failed, and the price for their failures was evident in the small drops of blood that fell from the scythe's blade.

"And so begins the dawn of a new era," the Dark Ranger said, turning toward the crowd, "Cutting the hearts of the traitors Queen Beryl, Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd, in half in front of you all should serve as a reminder of the fate that awaits those who dare to renounce their allegiance to me."

"It served me once to hide behind others, to appear weak and cowardly to your masters. Because it motivated your masters TO THINK, and yet what has been the result? One by one our conquests are stripped from us on every front. Our greatest enemy is not Zordon's Power Rangers or Queen Serenty's Sailor Scouts, but a lack of unity among our Empire, brought about by those who sought the throne for themselves. Well this shall no longer be of any concern. There will be no moves to take over my throne. There will be NO mistakes on the part of my generals, there WILL BE NONE OF YOUR CRAP, NONE OF IT!!!!" The Dark Ranger slowly made his way toward his throne.

"Serve me faithfully and with out condition," the Dark Ranger continued, "and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Fail me or defy me, and I will GUT you like a trout with my own hands. Now prepare the fleet for departure, Destination: the Planet Earth."

Stay Tuned for Chapter I: Wrath of the Green Ranger