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One: Beginning of the End

Nate Rivers stared up into the kind, wrinkled face of Quillish Wammy with large, grey eyes. He sat silently on the bed of his new room, the place he would call home from now on.

"Near," Quillish addressed him. "That will be your new name while here in the orphanage. Is that alright?" The old man smiled comfortingly, but Nate knew better that all that was being done was sugar-coating his situation.

"Quillish, you do not need to feel pressured to make me feel better. I'm very aware of my situation," he stated blankly. Quillish stared at the young boy with concern; had he really already gotten over it?

"You may call me Watari, Near. If you need anything, Wammy's will provide it to you. Here, you and many other children will be groomed to one day succeed L, one of the greatest detectives. All I ask of you now is to use your alias and never reveal your true name."

Near brought his knee up to his chest; it had always been a position he took to comfort himself. He reached up and twirled his white locks, fitting to his pale, dull skin. "I understand, Watari."

"Welcome to the Wammy's House, Near."


She stood with her fingers grasped firmly around the top of the metal gate behind her, leaning forward slightly. Below her, she could see the unforgiving water thrash harshly, waves hitting the bridge's bottom with loud slaps.

Glancing behind her, she looked painfully at the lifeless bodies of her parents smashed flat in the car, an overturned truck smothering them on top.

How convenient, she thought. I was the only one to make it out alive, with nothing but a few broken ribs and a concussion to show for it.

She blinked, her vision now blurring from her tears and effects from her injuries.

My parents are gone…I undeservingly make it with my life…but…A life without meaning is no life at all…

She leaned forward more, her small fingers slowly unwinding from their grip around the gate. She took in a deep breathe, the world around her suddenly going silent.

Damn it all…

"Young lady, may I ask what you exactly plan on accomplishing by releasing your grip?"

The voice seemed to have come from nowhere, asking such a bold question. Her head snapped in the direction of the voice, causing strands of her long, silver hair to smack in her face.

"What do you want?!"

She glared at a man well dressed in a suit, a kind expression on his old face, partially hidden by his top hat.

"I will say it again; what do you plan on accomplishing by releasing your grip?"

Tears stung her eyes. "I don't plan on anything! I-I don't want to live anymore!"

"You can't be any older than six," he said calmly. "You're quit mature for your age, however. You seem like a wise young woman with your whole life ahead of you. Why end it now?"

She paused, speechless. All logic was lost the moment she decided she wanted to claim her own life, and this man was causing her to loose the last of her composure.

"What's you're name, miss?"

"F-Farrah Maidens." Why are you answering him, idiot?!

"That's a beautiful name. Tell me, Miss Farrah Maidens, what can I do for you?"

She stayed silent, feeling her grip slowly tighten on the rail.

"C-Can you take me home?"

The man inched forward, careful not to startle the emotionally fragile girl. "I'm afraid I can't take you home, but I can take you somewhere better."

The man picked came up behind her from the other side of the railing. She allowed him to pick her up from her underarms, bringing her to safety away from the edge. He sighed with relief, holding the small child gently.

Farrah buried her face in his suit, staining the fabric with tears. "Will you take me somewhere better?"

"Yes, Miss Farrah. You don't need to worry yourself with anything."


Near sat quietly in the playroom, working on his favorite puzzle. He had been living at Wammy's for over two weeks now, and he had already shot to firs in the house. The older children were not happy, of course, to be beaten by a six year old, and as he expected, everyday bullying followed without missing a beat.

Near had always supposed what made them even angrier was the fact he was unfazed by his intellectual superiority. He was indifferent for the simple reason that he was disinterested. If anything, Wammy's proved to be only a small challenge, and most of the time, he found himself to be bored.

Near heard harsh banging on the door to the playroom. "Hey, Sheep!"

Ah, Mello…his angry presence is undeniable. "Yes, Mello?"

"Roger sent me to get you. New meat has arrived." Mello smirked fearsomely, snapping off a piece of his chocolate.

"You shouldn't address the newcomers as hunks of flesh. Where are they?"

Mello turned on his heels, waving his hand to brush off the question. "Find out for yourself. I'm no friggin' messenger boy."

Near sighed, getting up slowly and taking small footsteps in the direction of the foyer, where the discovery of the new arrival waited for him.


Near stood on his tiptoes, trying desperately to peek over the crowd. He eventually settled for crawling between the spaces of legs, pushing his way through the mass of children that surrounded the entrance. Now at the head of the group, he stood up to see Watari and a small figure hiding shyly behind him.

"Children, please, be calm. She's shy, and you're frightening her." The small figure behind him shifted, hiding herself more behind Watari.

"Now, now, come out and say hello."

With a gentle hand, Watari pressed onto the girl's back, pushing her forward into view. Her hands were balled into shaky fists as she looked at the ocean of stares on her.

"Her name will be Far. Please treat her nicely," Watari said quickly before he retreated back to the limo that had driven them there. The girl, Far, fell into a panic, screaming out and clutching his hand to prevent him from leaving.

"Please! Don't leave me!" she cried, holding his hand tighter. Watari, the man with seemingly endless patience, patted her head comfortingly.

"I'm sorry, but I must leave. I'll be back every once in a while to check up on everyone, so do not fret."

Far watched with deathly fear as Watari entered the limo and drove away, unsure if he would keep his promise. At the sign of Watari's absence, the children immediately flooded after her, gawking as though she were some strange exhibit on display.

Near observed quietly from the sidelines. She was about his age; frightened, fragile, and yet…she was beau- no, he wouldn't say that. She wasn't ugly, at least. Long, silver hair fell past her shoulders and onto her back, gracing what some would call sickly pale skin, but it was more like soft, rounded ivory.

Matt came up from behind the pale boy, using his elbow to jut him in the ribs. "Hey, new kid's like a female version of you!" he taunted. Matt, it seems being Mello's right hand man has formed a cruel humor on you. How sad.

Near turned his attention back to the girl. She was now pushing past the crowd, desperately trying to ignore the questions shot at her. Physical traits aside, what makes her special? She doesn't look so intelligent.

Turning slowly, Near made his way to Roger's office to do some investigating of his own.


Near knocked softly on Roger's door, entering. Roger's head looked up from many papers cluttered on his desk. "Ah, Near. How are you?"

"Who is she?" he asked flatly. He was in no mood to make small talk.

Roger ran his head over his balding head. "You must mean the young lady that recently arrived. She's Far, in case you missed her introduction."

"No, I mean who is she? What is her special talent?"

"She has none."

Near's mind came to a temporary halt, shocked by the information. "Then why is she here? If she has no gift, she won't survive here. She should leave."

Roger gave a disappointed look to the best student in the house. "Near, she was brought here personally by Watari; therefore, she is staying. I was expecting more from you, Near. Treat her kindly, for she is very mentally unstable, and she could possibly be suicidal if provoked. Her situation is…special. I'm sure she is more than capable of learning."

Near scoffed. Suicidal, mentally unstable, and with zero talent. This girl has no place here, but of course I never thought him to understand. She won't possibly survive the hell these people here will put you through.

"I feel my opinion should matter," Near protested, but Roger only shook his head. "Do you think your opinion would matter to the drunk driver that crushed her parents before her eyes? She did not choose to be orphaned, and she did not choose to come here."

Near was silenced, accepting Roger's authority. "Also, Near, you should get to accept this girl fairly quickly. Since there's a shortage of rooms, and the both of you are the same age, I would much rather pair you two up as dorm mates rather than put her with the older children."

"I'm sorry? You're paring us as roommates?" Roger, you fool. You expect me to care for this girl when I already have to fend for myself?

"Goodbye, Near."



Near turned the doorknob slowly, opening the door to just who he feared would be there. She sat hugging her knees in the middle of the floor, staring blankly at the wall.

"…Hello. I see you're my new roommate. Welcome."


Rude. "Well, have you any possessions to put away? I could help you get settled."

"….No. I have nothing."

Depressive. "…Alright." Not bothering to try any further, Near took a seat on his bed, pulling out his most treasured puzzle. She sat still on the floor, observing him at work. It made him uncomfortable, but there was no reasoning with this strange new girl.


For the next two weeks, Far followed Near around like a puppy, never being farther than a few feet from him. She clung by his side, and Near was suffocated by her presence. He tried everything to shake her off, but it only made her even more determined to remain by his side.

With an exasperated sigh, Near took a seat at the lunch table farthest in the back in the cafeteria. Far was close behind, nearly tripping over her own two feet in a desperate attempt to keep up with him. Clingy.

Silently, the two took a seat and began eating, listening to the constant buzz of the chattering orphans around them. Mello and Matt walked over casually, inviting themselves to sit at the table.

"So, Near, who's your new girlfriend?" Mello sneered, snapping off a piece of chocolate. Matt propped up his elbow on the table, sitting close to the girl. His eyes traced her features from her head to her toes.

"Hmm…not bad. What's your name again, Nearette?"

"Stop calling her a female version of me, Matthew," Near said while biting harshly into his food.

Matt smirked, toying with a strand of her long hair and wrapping it around his finger. "If you don't like it, go get a tan and buy some hair dye. Otherwise, you and Away here might be long lost siblings, for all we know."

"…My name is Far," she said quietly, pulling her hair from his grasp.

"Sure thing, Distant. Now, do you happen to like video games by any chance?" Matt inquired, once again toying with her long, silver locks. She scooted away from the persistent redhead and towards the blonde.

Mello gave his signature glare at the girl. "You're in my personal space. Didn't anyone ever teach you manners? I mean, how old are you?"

"…S-Six, just as old as you are. And if I'm unmannered, what does that make you?"

Mello scowled, standing up from the table abruptly. In a swift motion, he tipped her entire lunch tray on her lap, its contents staining her clothes.

"Careful with how much time you spend with Sheep. His high-and-mighty personality may just rub off on you."

With that, Mello stormed off, Matt following close behind. Far slowly lifted the lunch tray off her lap, picking off whatever solids were on her clothes. She breathed deeply, making a full effort to hold in the tears.

Useless. Near sighed, picking up a napkin from his own tray and reaching for her shirt. She jumped, startled by his notion.

"Don't get so scared. I'm only trying to help," he replied emotionlessly, wiping off the food.

Rude. Depressive. Clingy. Useless. Talent-less. Emotional. Defenseless. She is all these things, and to me, she is nothing but a nuisance.

If so…then why do I bother?