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Twenty: Road's End

Greetings: This is N.

Usually, for every tale, there is a moral. There should be something to be learned; a point made out of the time consuming task of creating a story to bore others with.

However, usually, people are also idiots, and tell a story simply to take up precious time; most likely, this is one of those stories.

Yes…people are idiots.

Throughout the entire span of my life, I've been surrounded by nothing but idiots. Idiots are the people who work for me; idiots are the people who raised me in Wammy's; idiots are the parents who never bothered to get to know me in the first place.

However, most of all, idiots are people who let themselves fall in love.


"Near!" Far called, sauntering into the room while her long, silver locks bounced in sync with each step she took. She grinned as she held up a file in her hands, flipping it open.

"There's a new case!" she said excitedly, handing him the file while she read over his shoulder. Near sighed, flipping it shut while rolling his eyes. "It's simple. Any average moron of a policeman could solve this if they used a few brain cells. Hand it over to the Japanese Task Force."

"Aww, Near. Ever since Kira was defeated, nothing keeps you interested anymore, huh?" she complained, tossing the file on a nearby table and plopping down dramatically on the floor.

Far's eyes wandered up to Near; shining orbs full of curiosity. "Near…Do you think Kira was the last good criminal? I mean, ever since he was defeated, no one could even compare, to the point you rarely take cases anymore."

"Far, I wouldn't really call him the last 'good criminal.' In fact, I disagree that calling Kira a 'criminal' is a fitting title; it's insulting."

"Are you saying that what Kira was doing, killing all those people, was okay?"

"On the contrary; I don't condemn what he did entirely and without question, but I also don't agree with it. It can't be denied that after Kira came into the picture, crime went down, and the world was 'safer'….but it was not any gentler. A world that lives in fear of death is a world that is cruel and unusual."

"So….you're indifferent?"

"It's all matter of what is considered 'good' and 'evil'; meaning, it's a matter of opinion."

Far opened her mouth to speak, but it was the voice of Raven that sounded in the room. "Well, in my opinion, Kira's nothing but a bigot who can burn in hell," she said, bitterness hinting in her tone. "However, we should probably go back to the fact that Near's one big, fat killjoy."

"I am not. Do not blame me; blame criminals for not being creative enough."

We'll do it all


On our own…

"It's been nine years since the crazy bastard kicked the bucket. Focus on the now, you numbskulls," Raven scoffed, playfully rustling Far's hair. "And right now, Near's taking the entertainment equivalent of all his toys plus a sex doll put in one for granted."

Far narrowed her eyes and scrunched up her nose, turning to look over her shoulder at Raven. "I certainly hope you're not referring to me, because if you were, I'd turn you into the equivalent of a pile of dust."

Raven bit her lip nervously, her eyes flickering to her left in desperation. "Um…of course not! I was obviously referring to….um….Gevanni!"

At the sound of his name being called, Gevanni perked his head up from amongst a pile of his things, confused and out-of-loop. Far and Raven burst into laughter, eyes brimming with tears as they gasped for breath.

We don't need


Or anyone…

As Raven clutched her side from laughter, she peeked down to see Far collapsed from her former sitting position, laying on the floor in a giggling fit. With mischief in mind, Raven lunged out and pulled Near by the collar of his shirt, making him gasp in surprise as he tumbled to the floor on top of Far.

Putting her hands on her hips in triumphantly, Raven sashayed out of the room, directing Gevanni and any remaining SPK members in the vicinity to do the same. Within minutes, Near and Far were alone, as close as they could possibly get in the literal sense.

Far's lips trembled, but pulled upwards into a smirk. "W-Well, hello there, stranger…"


If I lay here

If I just lay here

Would you lie with me,

And just forget the world?

Far gently pushed back on Near's shoulders, making him roll off her and onto the floor. She sighed, staring upward at the ceiling as she brushed her bangs out of her eyes.

"Raven's great, but she should know by now I don't need people helping me with things like this. I can handle myself," she murmured. Near lay on his back, also staring aimlessly up at the ceiling. He lolled his head to the side, staring at Far with half-lid eyes. He parted his lips, but couldn't find the voice to speak.

I don't quite know

How to say

How I feel…

Far jerked as she felt a tug, and peered next to her to see Near twirling a strand of her hair. Pale gray irises flickered to her face every now and then nervously as his hand moved from her hair to her face. He gently brushed against the skin of her cheek, lightly enough that it sent waves of electricity through her. Far's cheeks went from pink to bright red in a matter of seconds. She tentatively grasped his free hand in hers, the feeling of warmth contagious between them.

Those three words

Are said too much

They're not enough…

"F-Far……Farrah Maidens," Near whispered, his eyes fluttering closed as he leaned forward in the same trancelike state he'd become accustomed to. His lips pressed against hers shyly; earning a small squeak of surprise from Far. Taking this as an opportunity, Near deepened the kiss, leaving Far surprised but utterly satisfied with the change in bravery.

Near pulled back, his breathing shallow and quickened. "I….love you," he said quietly against her lips. Over time, he'd grown more used to saying this; a lesson Far had taught him that was etched into his heart. Far smiled, laughing to herself in bliss as her eyes remained closed.

"I love you, Nate River. Always have, always will, and I'm more than happy the feeling is mutual. Let's keep it that way…"

If I lay here

If I just lay here

Would you lie with me,

And just forget the world?



You fall into it as though it was a bottomless pit, and once in, you can't immediately get out. To the person you feel this for, your heart, soul, and most likely control over your free will is given. They can treasure it, or they can absolutely crush it into a million pieces, where it will not matter if you pick them up as you try to move on; the memory remains.

To fall in love is a journey in which most give up along the way. To make it to the end, you must endure pain, uncertainty, fear, lust; an entire arsenal of harmful emotions Love uses as weapons against the sensitive Heart. As human beings, we still endure this seemingly torturous journey; all of this for the silly thing called Love, which was only out to get us in the first place. Love is vicious, taking no mercy on its victims.

'Above all, idiots are the people who let themselves fall in love.'

………However, I cannot help but be intrigued….

What would that make me?

This is Near,

Signing off.