The Vampire Mermaids-Australia

Time frame: Set after season 2 finale for H2O. Season 3 won't happen in my story. Set after Eclipse for twilight: Bella's a vamp and married to Edward, but no Rennesme. She has the same powers and control as in Breaking Dawn. Jake imprinted on some girl, so him and Bella are cool now.


We were on an airplane, thousands of feet in the air, soaring towards our destination: Australia. The Cullens had needed a vacation for a while, but they decided to wait until I was a vampire to go with them because they're sweet like that. Rosalie and I were cool now that I was a vampire and I wasn't a threat to her family's existence anymore. The Volturi had visited a few weeks back, checking to make sure that I wasn't human. All had gone well, but their visit had brought unnecessary strain on my vampire family, yet another reason we were in need of a serious vacay.

We were all paired up with our mates, sitting in first class all by ourselves. Whether the Cullens got this with or without bribery, I don't want to know.

A few hours later the lady came over the intercom and announced that we would begin our landing in a few minutes. While the humans rebuckled their seatbelts and the rest of our family turned off their electronics, why that's necessary I don't know, I turned to Edward.

"Edward," I asked, "Why are we going to Australia?"

"We've been here before and Alice saw lots of cloudy days in the future so we can even go to the beach without sparkling like jewels."

"Kay, thanks." And I went back to my thoughts.

Hours later, once we had gotten our luggage from baggage claim and arrived at the hotel, Carlisle gave us our room assignments. We were each with our spouse all on one floor, and he had booked the rest of the floor's rooms as well so that we could be up at odd times and draw less suspicion.


BPOV 1 week and ½ later:

This was our last day here, because Carlisle had to go back to work soon and had to get back before then so he could recover from 'jetlag'. It had been a great trip. We got to go swimming at the beach everyday! It was fabulous, too much time with Alice, I never used words like that before. Darn pixie's rubbing off on me! So, anyway, the water was clear blue and perfect, altogether: gorgeous.

Me and the other girls had hunted last night in a nearby forest but the guys didn't feel like it at the time so they had to go hunting today. Esme decided to go to one of the museums here because we hadn't done anything but sun, sand, and surf our whole time here, so Alice and Rose dragged me shopping. Big fun! *note sarcasm*

After hours of grueling torture that they called shopping, we had to call it a night or the humans would get suspicious of our never-ending endurance. But the guys still weren't back yet and Esme phoned, saying that she found yet another exhibit that she really wanted to see. The lot of them wouldn't be back for a long time and the hotel was kind of boring to a vampire.

Rosalie looked as bored as a felt and when Alice returned from putting away our clothes at vampire speed, Rose asked her what we could do.

"We could go exploring!" was Alice's answer to our problem.

Well, it would be fun and it's better than shopping or sitting around here doing nothing, so I agreed. After Rose nodded her agreement we left and headed out.

We didn't want to be around a bunch of humans, so we ventured into less occupied areas. There wasn't anything exciting yet, but then Alice said that if we swam long enough we'd reach an exotic-looking island that wasn't inhabited. We didn't want our cells getting wet so I left my EnV3, Rose left her Blackberry, and Alice left her Voyager in a bush where Alice said that they wouldn't get stolen. Hopefully this isn't one of those times when she's wrong or someone makes a snap decision to visit and stumble across our phones.

We all promptly jumped in the water and swam at vampire speed (not needing to breathe comes in handy time-to-time) to the place where Alice said that the island was. When we got within a mile or two me and Rose stuck our heads above the water to get a good look at this place.

It looked exotic and interesting. I could sense a lot of marine life, namely sharks, swimming near the island. Maybe that's why the humans don't come here; they're scared of getting killed. There seemed to be a layer of mist or fog surrounding the island. After staring at it, I recognized from what Edward was telling me that he heard from people's thoughts. That was the elusive Mako Island.

"Guys, that's Mako Island, no one ever comes because of the Mako sharks. It's supposed to be very green and pretty." They nodded, saying that they heard me and we all went back under water.

We wanted to stop and play with some of the marine life but all of their instincts told them to fear us so they swam in the other direction. We were looking at coral reefs when Alice swam past an underwater cave opening and gestured for us to follow her inside. Rose and I followed obediently, curious about the cave. The entrance opened up into a small pool with surrounding rocks and dirt for you to sit on. It was a fairly small cave but had a surreal and tranquil beauty about it. One of the factors contributing to the surreal-ness of the place was that there wasn't a normal roof. The walls came together at the top and gave you a nice view of the sky. You could see the twinkling stars in the night sky, it was breathtaking.

"It's a full moon tonight you know." Rose pointed out.

"It is? Huh." I said.

We got out of the cave pool for a few hours and while our clothes dried we had a girl–talk session. It was fun we hadn't done that in a while since we normally had someone eavesdropping, be it intentional or not. We were talking about who was cuter: Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom, when Alice blanked out.

The guys will be getting home soon, they might be worried if we're not there and don't answer our cell phones. They'll jump to conclusions like we got kidnapped by the Volturi."

"Come on! We can stay a little longer! Who cares if they worry?" Rose whined/asked.

"Sure." Alice and I said at the same time.

The three of us burst out laughing. We didn't know it but somehow we had gotten closer and closer to the edge of the little pool. So when I took a step back, I went back first into the pool, dragging Rose and Alice along with me.

We were all tumbled into the pool, becoming soaking wet.

"Bel-la!" They both whined, though they couldn't hide the grins on their face.

"Oops?" It came out more as a question than a retort.

"Hey guys, the moon will pass over the volcano in a minute. It'll be a spectacular sight." We were smart enough not to bet against Alice so Rosalie and I joined her in glancing up at the sky through the cave's opening.

When the moon passed over the volcano-ish opening at the top of the cave, what happened was more than spectacular. It was magical. The moon seemed to entrance me so I felt more than saw the water bubbling in the pool. There were little water molecules suspended in mid air and the entire pool lit up like a lantern.

Once it passed, the spell it had cast broke apart and I regained conscious though. I shook my head to clear out the remnants of the enchantment from my brain, and by the looks of it, so were Ali and Rose.

"So…" Alice started, "That was… weird."

"Odd." I agreed.

"Out-of-this-world." Rose said.

"I haven't lived as long as you guys, but has that ever happened before?"

They shook their heads no. We collectively agreed to not mention this to the rest of the family; it was just some strange occurrence. It didn't mean anything. We dived back into the water to return back home. We got home quickly, using vamp speed and all, but that didn't stop the questions. As soon as we walked through the door to my room after gathering our cells, thank god no one stole them, we were bombarded with questions about our whereabouts and why our cells didn't work. Of course they all congregate now.

Esme looked like the concerned mother figure, Carlisle's arms twisted around her waist lovingly. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward's expressions were somewhere between caring and pissed. Maybe we should have left a note. Not our fault cell phones aren't waterproof.

We just said that we wanted to explore before leaving tomorrow and Carlisle and Esme accepted that. We all went off to our rooms, prepping for tomorrow's departure and enjoying the view one last night.

But, of course, things are never that easy for us three.