Vampire Mermaids – First Day


My first day of starting high school as a vampire. Except I was starting it along with my two sisters as the only vampire mermaids in existence.

We started our school year today, August 31 2009. This was the first time that they'd gone to school in Australia so we were going to have to learn years worth of Australian history in a week. At this moment I was so gracious as to have vampire memory capabilities or we would all be screwed.

Over the weekend, we had acquired the fish from the bottom of the ocean. Carlisle was a little against that idea because it might affect the natural ecosystem of the area but we managed to sway him. The fishies now swam around in our large fish tank that could easily be in an aquarium it was so huge. We had gotten coral and rocks from the surrounding areas so that they would feel more at home and less shell-shocked at being uprooted. We'd named each after our husbands – original, I know. Rosalie's was Emmalie, Alice's was Jasmine, and Elizabeth for mine (there isn't a cute girl version of Edward so I named it after his mom).

Alice's shrieking voice yanked me out of my thoughts as she demanded me to come to her room.

Me, Rose, and Ali were already dressed and had been since like 3:30 in the morning per Alice's request. Apparently she did this every time they started a new school. Joy. Thank God we didn't need to sleep or we'd be passed out by now. The guys didn't need to start getting dressed for school until 5 o'clock because there was no styling or primping involved.

It was now 6:15 and we were about ready to go after a final check-over by Alice. We had to get there a little early for registration and stuff since we were new. We'd determined that it took about 25 minutes to get there at a normal, human speed. However, we were obviously going to drive faster than that so it'd take a total of 15 minutes.

I wore a peach, no-sleeve shirt with brown wolves on the front with a white mini skirt and brown high-heeled boots. I wore peach lipstick and nail polish to accentuate the colors. For my bag, it was an oversized dark brown Gucci purse big enough to hold books and school papers. My jewelry was the golden charm bracelet Jacob had given me and diamond studs, real diamonds not that fake cupid-zirconium stuff all the girls at Forks High wore and tried to pass off as diamond.

Alice wore a fitted yellow t-shirt with two elephants and the words 'water= life=love' on the front with a light denim mini skirt and grey high-heeled boots. She wore a shade brighter peach lipstick and blue nail polish to accentuate the colors. For her bag, she had an oversized white Coach bag. Her jewelry consisted of 3 chunky heart bracelets in yellow, orange, and red along with the same diamonds studs that I wore.

Rosalie wore a black v-neck t-shirt with the words 'beautiful' 'attractive' 'pretty' and 'gorgeous' across the front with a dark denim, distressed mini skirt and black high-heeled boots. Her bold red lipstick and nail polish added color to the look. She held an oversized Jimmy Choo bag with designs all over it. Her jewelry was a silver chained bracelet with a chunky heart. She had on the same real diamond studs that Alice and I had.

All in all, we looked fabulous and our outfits probably cost more than most people's entire wardrobe. Our hair was down in its natural style; my mahogany locks were slightly wavy, Alice's pixie cut was spiked at the end and made her look like something out of a fairy-tale, and Rosalie's perfect waves cascaded down her back like a blond waterfall. We wore our signature sunglasses with our outfits, using them more as an accessory than functional eyewear. We planned on keeping our sunglasses on our heads all day like big headbands.

The guys' outfits complemented ours. Edward's Calvin Klein brown overshirt was scrunched up to the elbows and the buttons were undone, exposing the white tank top underneath. Jasper had on a blue ¾ length sleeve polo in the same color of the elephants on Alice's shirt. Emmett wore a tight red Ralph Lauren polo the same color as Rosalie's nail polish with the little Ralph Lauren symbol the same color as her shirt. They were all clad in dark denim jeans.

When Emmett saw my shirt he said, "Got wolves, Bella?"

"Just showin' my support for my furry friends," I answered with a grin.

Maybe I'll send a picture of my outfit to Jake on Facebook - gotta love modern conveniences. I was friends with the entire wolf pack, plus some of my high-school human friends on Facebook.

We'd decided earlier on the whole car situation. Since this area was wealthier than the Forks' population back home, we were allowed to use the fancy cars. Not the fancy, fancy cars, so Edward's Aston Martin Vanquish was left in the garage, but we also weren't stuck with the Volvo for the rest of the year.

The kids around here weren't half as wealthy as us, but then again I don't any human ever could be except for maybe an heir to a family fortune. We were expecting to see new cars from dealerships instead of familial hand-me-downs like in Forks. There'd probably be a lot of shiny Priuses and Malibus and Civics in the lot. Maybe even a Lexus if their parents could afford it.

That being stated, we hurried out to the garage after saying bye to Esme and Carlisle, bags slung over our shoulders. The staccato tapping of our heels on the hard concrete floor could be heard as we jumped into the cars. And I mean literally jumped like the Hollywood actors do in the movies where they don't even open the doors. Before we left, we fixed our radios to the local teen music station and Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" blasted out of the stereo systems. How fitting.

The garage doors opened up and we peeled out of the driveway. Edward and me in the Ferrari, Jasper and Alice in the Porsche, and Emmett and Rose in the BMW – girls driving of course.

We reached the school lot in under 15 minutes because we were driving fast even by vampire standards. I'm pretty sure the speedometer never dipped below 120. There was hardly anyone in the parking lot because it was so early. Plus, going by past experience, I bet most of the human population had been sleeping in all summer and weren't going to be happy with the 6 o'clock wake-up call.

The few people there did stare a little but all of them looked half-asleep and their brains probably couldn't process that well this early. We put the cars in park after parking in three adjacent spots at the back. It might be snobby, but we didn't want our cars to get scratched or dented by some careless human ramming into them.

We walked our way to the administration office of the school. This school was luckily all one building which would make evading water easier, but there was a small picnic area in the back near what I'd guess to be the Cafeteria. We passed the outdoor pool and tennis courts as we walked in.

As we opened the door to the administration office, all of its occupants moved their gazes to meet our faces and stared. And stared. And stared.

Emmett had to fake-drop his book bag in order to get their attention and even then the crash didn't completely revive them. They still looked at us like something divine.

"We're here to pickup our schedules," Alice chirped to the person at the front desk.

She stared now for a different reason. She was trying to figure out how a teenager could be this happy and perky at 6:30 in the morning.

It took us forever to go through the paperwork and we didn't finish until 7 am. By the time we got out, students had flocked the halls and were chattering with their friends. Most didn't notice us, too distracted to get a good look, but the ones that did took this opportunity to stare. Apparently this school was a lot like Forks in that all these kids had known each other since grade school. And we were fresh meat on display. Attractive fresh meat.

The day continued on in that fashion and we all got offered a lot of clubs and teams to join. We'd have to introduce ourselves in each class and everyone would analyze us, searching for flaws that didn't exist, trying to find one thing wrong about us.

Even though we were by definition 'perfect', they still managed to find something to spread rumors about. High schoolers will be high schoolers I guess.

Later on we drove home after having to walk past curious eyes to get to our cars. I was glad I couldn't blush or I'd be beating the tomato in the redness category right now. Luckily, we'd all started as Juniors this year so we had a lot of overlapping classes with each other. We each had at least one other Cullen in every class and two or more in most. All of us had the same lunch period and sat together as the popular clique glared at us for stealing their spotlight.

Once we got home, we relayed the day's events to Esme as if we were 5-year-olds after their first day of kindergarten. Then we told her the rumors and stories that had started circling, apparently this was commonplace for them at each new school.

"They think Emmett's on steroids; Jasper's faking being emo to get attention; the girls are all anorexic because they only drink water; and they're convinced that I'm gay because there's no way I'd turn them down otherwise. Oh, and to top it all off, they think Carlisle and you are undercover supermodels trying to be the next Bradgelina and you adopted us all for good press," Edward said.

"That's better than sometimes," Esme commented in response.

I was shocked at that comment. "What could be worse than that?"

"Well," Jasper chuckled, "There was that one time around 9-11 where they thought we were rogue Mossad assassins assigned to kill them all and massacre the town - No one came within a ten foot radius of us all year."

"Because you all look so much like undercover, Israeli spies," I said

"Yeah, I guess they watched a little too much NCIS for their own good," Alice added, laughing.

"But it did keep any guy from asking out Rosie – they were too afraid that she might murder them with a paper clip," Emmett said.