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A/N: It's an alternate-ending to the Supernaturalists. I do like the book's ending better though, although I wish that Ziplock would've lived through the whole thing. He was so cool.


Stefan Bashkir banged his head against the glass of the crystal vat that he had been cellophane-wrapped and stuffed in; he couldn't believe for the life of him that this had happened, Faustino turning on him and all. She used to be like a mother of his, especially when his mother had died. In a weird way, he would call her "mom number two." Of course, now things had changed, and it was as plain as day if you looked in Stefan's eyes that he now hated Faustino with all of his being. She had stabbed him in the back!

Ellen Faustino was standing right in front of him, in the living flesh when he began to think these thoughts. Her face that used to look beautiful and caring was now angered, ugly and full of betrayal.

"I do feel somewhat sorry for you, my young Bashkir. You've been such a good boy for Myishi. Still, every cloud has silver lining, and so I must be circumspect, you're of no use to me, or Myishi… anymore. I'm almost grateful that I have had the resources, and the mind to exterminate you… Especially right here at Myishi as well! How exciting! Don't tell me that you feel any differently, because I do not believe it to be possible! Finally you Supernaturalists will get what you deserve! Justice!"

Stefan had the sudden urge to start bawling, but he held back knowing full well that an emotional reaction was what Ellen Faustino wanted, needed, lived for. How had he ever trusted this woman? She had been setting him up for his entire life, ever since he was an infant. This was an outrage!

"You poor, poor thing" Faustino continued extravagantly, ignoring the fact that she had destroyed the bonds that she and her "almost son" shared. "I would watch you dissolve myself, for all the trouble that you have caused this company; but I have a thing called a conference to attend to, and so, I cannot add your demise to my schedule. I would like to be here the moment that you are about to flush their molecules, though."

This time she was talking to the vat man. "Send me a message via cell phone, and we can arrange for a pleasant meeting, and that raise in salary. "Thank you for your time, young Bashkir."

As Faustino turned to leave, Stefan allowed for himself to bash the glass with his knee, sending waves of pain up his right side.

Ellen Faustino, President of Myishi Corp. turned her attention to the Russian boy, just about to tell him not to bother, because the glass couldn't be broken by anything less than armor from a tank. Instead, it was his turn to speak.

Aside from the agony, the ex-police cadet looked pretty serious about what he was about to say. "I'll see you in hell" he muttered.

Faustino smiled, and turned around. Deep-down, she knew that the young Russian was going to keep his promise.