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The mafia boss Edward Cullen was giving thought to some serious business, after seeing his brother, Emmett and sister, Alice get married, he wanted the happiness they glowed when they were with their significant others. Is not that he wasn't happy, because he was all the companies he had created legally would help even if his illegal ones failed, his father had been a very powerful mafia boss and had decided to give him a third of his businesses, the other two thirds would of course be giving to his brother and sister, however both of them had decline since they wanted different professions than their father's. Carlisle Cullen was not an unemotional man and as long as his children were happy he didn't care what career goals they had, so Edward decided to stay with everything and expand until everything he had was legal. Of course he knew this might not be possible, it would take years to do and even after that there were some bad people out there who would still want a bit out of the Cullen fortune, no matter if he was retired or not.

He knew he wanted his children to have a safe future unlike him, which brought him back to the matter at hand. He saw how happy Emmett had been after having his son Matt with his wife Rosalie and it bothered him he didn't have that, but he pushed those jealous thoughts aside. But it all come crashing back when his sister Alice called him with the big news.

"Edward guess what?" She told him excitedly, he could almost see the smile on her face.

"What Ali? Is it important?" He answered her, he knew it wasn't anything bad, oh no she sounded to hyper to be anything sad, but he loved to tease her.

"Yes it's important, you jerk... ok so here it goes..... I'M PREGNANT!!!!!" She continued to babble on about how Jasper had fainted on the spot just like Emmett had done when he heard Rosalie was pregnant.

"You're pregnant? That's great Alice I'm really happy for you." He meant it, he would love having another niece or nephew to spoil.

"OK well I'll see you Saturday Edward, Got to wake up Jazz he really did faint, but he has a big grin on his face the fool, bye love you." She said hanging up the phone on her brother.

That was the moment the nagging feeling came back and wouldn't let him rest. He was twenty eight years old and the only thing he had to show for them was money, yeah it came in handy but he would like to share it with someone special. He had no girlfriend and he had never been seriously involve with someone, no he realize he didn't want a girlfriend or a wife for that matter, he wanted what both those people could provide; a child, someone who he could love unconditionally and without being guarded all the time, but a child wasn't something you found at a mall, but more than that he wanted the child to have a mother. So how was he supposed to to find a woman willing not only to give him a child but also to stay and love and nurtured said child, Edward knew his reasoning was faulty and wrong, so wrong, so tomorrow morning he would ask his siblings to help him come up with a solution to the problem and find a reasonable way to have a child, he just hope they didn't think he was crazy, because he was beginning to think he was.

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