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"Are you ready for this?"

Edward nodded his head at Bella's question as he started the car.

"Well it's not like I'm going to face death... right?" He asked her a little doubtful now.

Bella sighed before taking another saltine to her mouth. She was still mad that she started experiencing morning sickness.

"I don't know, you might have to hide around some bushes or something while I do the deed." She told him.

"Bella I'm not going to let you do this alone, we need to look like a united front." He gave her a tight smile as she took another sip of her ginger ale.

"'How is the morning sickness?" He asked tentatively, knowing it was a touchy subject with her.

"The same, you know I wish doctors would tell people that morning sickness is not just in the morning." He cringed at her tone, she sounded more than a little mad.

"Don't worry, it'll be gone soon." He tried to soothe her, too bad she wasn't taking it.

"No it's not going away, yesterday when I was looking at baby clothes, this lady came up to me and told me all about her pregnancy, turns out she had morning sickness the whole nine months she was pregnant." She finished her rant by taking another saltine in her mouth.

Edward sighed knowing there wasn't much he could say to make her feel better, it's not like he knew whether she would have morning sickness for the rest of her pregnancy although he did think it unlikely.

"Look the only thing I can tell you it's that Rosalie and my Mom never had their morning sickness last until the very end and look at Alice, she's done with it and she's already six months." He told her, trying to sooth her again.

"Everything will be fine, look maybe we shouldn't be doing this right now." He sincerely hope she shut him down because he just wanted to let everybody know of her pregnancy, including him.

"No, the sooner the better, the last thing I need is someone else telling him." She started to chew on another saltine before letting her head fall back of the car seat.

"Okay but you need to promise me that as soon as you feel bad so I can turn this car around."

She was about to answer when her cell phone beeped.

"Funny Emmett, that's funny." She said after reading her text message.

"What did my brother want?" He asked her irritation coloring his voice.

"He said that maybe we should go see a witch doctor to ensure I have a girl." She rolled her eyes before tossing the phone to the backseat of the car.

"He needs to stop that." He shook his head, remembering their last get together where his Mother proceeded to tell her children she expected a girl, he blamed Alice for that.

"We're having a boy!" Alice announced to the table with a big smile.

"That's great Alice." Her father was the first to congratulate her, before everybody else gave their own words.

"I'm so proud of you sweetie, another boy in the family." Esme told her as they all went back to eat.

Edward looked at Emmett, wondering what either of them had done. The sweet tone their Mother was using was reserve for them, especially to when she deliver her punishments. Emmett looked at him with the same question, both equally baffled by the tone.

"I just wished I could have a granddaughter." She said still in that sweet tone nobody else but him and Emmett used to know.

But it didn't take a rocket scientist to learn what Esme wanted and soon enough both Rosalie and Bella were looking at Esme with blanks looks on their faces.

Rosalie looked at Bella before she stood up.

"Well Esme you know the science of pregnancy don't you? I mean what the woman and the man give to the pregnancy." Rosalie told her as she looked pointedly at Bella hoping she would catch it, luckily for her, Bella was a quick study.

Edward almost dropped his fork when he realized what Rosalie was doing and choke on his own saliva when he noticed the look on Bella's face.

She was going to throw him to the wolves.

"Yes, the woman give an X chromosome and the man gives the missing missing one, so really when you think about it, so really if it's not a girl, you can blame your son or well both your sons, now if you excuse us Rose and I will bring out the dessert." Bella told Esme before she stood up without looking at Edward and left with Rosalie to the kitchen.

Edward gaped his mother, who was looking at him and Emmett like she might send them to their rooms for the night.

"I still can't believe you threw me to the wolves." He honestly didn't expect it from her.

"It was your butt or mine." She told him with a small smile on her lips.

"Yes, well karma." He told her pointing at her stomach.

She threw him a dirty look, but he failed to see it.

"Hey Edward? I've been meaning to ask you something, I hope it's okay." She continued when he nodded.

"Well when I first met Alice she said something but you stopped her, she said she wanted to talk to me during high school but you wouldn't let her and then you cut her off when when she was saying you realized something, what did you realize Edward?" She spoke hesitantly, hoping she wouldn't upset him.

"From all the things to ask, you have to go and ask that." He shook his head.

"I'm sorry, you don't have to answer." He shook his head again and took a breath before he started talking again.

"She was going to say I forbade her to talk to you after I realized that I liked you, she of course didn't realize that I liked you until she started talking about how nice you were and how she really hoped you two could be friends but at first I just ignore her, hoping she wouldn't do anything to befriend you but one day I saw her in the hallway waiting by your locker and I just... reacted." Edward didn't feel like continuing but he would if anything just because Bella asked him. "I dragged her to my car and told her , well more like yelled at her to leave you alone, then she ask me why with that knowing look on her face and I just... told her I liked you." And I reminded her our Dad was in the mafia, he added silently to himself.

"I still don't understand, why would have matter that Alice talked to me even though you liked me." She looked at the window, and he wanted to ask if she was torturing him on purpose.

"You obviously never had a crush on someone before." He let out a humorless laugh.

"Bella can you imagine what it like to have the girl you have a crush on be friends with your sister? You guys would probably talk about guys and have sleepovers and you would be right there, where I couldn't touch you, where I couldn't reach you, can you fathom how much that would hurt?" He wanted to make her understand that even though he didn't love her in high school, it didn't mean it wouldn't have hurt to be so near her and not be able to do anything.

She looked apologetic and he wanted to wipe the expression on her face away.

"I'm sorry." She apologize, for even though she didn't know, it didn't mean she wished it on him either.

"It's not your fault, it never was, can we stop talking about this now?" He let out a short breath when she nodded.

"What do you want to talk about?" Checking his navigation system, he noticed they still had a long way to go.

"I don't know." She kept looking at the window and he wondered if he had upset her in some way.

"Why don't you tell me about your Dad, tell me what my fate will be once I arrive in Forks." She laughed lightly and he knew she was okay.

"He's going to kill you." She stated in a nonchalant voice.

"Is he now?" He said in an amused voice.

"Yes, you impregnated his only daughter without marrying her first, he'll do a background check on you, just like he has done with every guy I been with, before he deems you unworthy of me and runs you off with his shot gun." She told him as if she was telling him the weather, Edward couldn't help but think he wasn't the first guy to be introduced to Charlie and he gripped the steering wheel tighter in jealousy.

"Don't be scared Edward, you'll be fine." She told him in a soothing tone confusing his actions with fear.

He shook his head and gave her a timid smiled before returning to the road.

They spend the next couple of hours in comfortable silence, each going through possible actions Charlie would take upon hearing the news.

"We're here." He announced shakily as they entered her street.

"You'll be fine." She told him with a little more persistence in her voice.

He nodded and got out of the car opening her door and helping her out of the car.

He noticed that the cruiser was missing which gave him hope of having a little more time to figure out what he was suppose to say.

Before he could ask if they were suppose to wait, Bella extracted a key from her pocket showing it almost triumphantly at him before walking to the porch.

Edward shook his head going to the back of his Volvo to extract their small bags.

"Are you sure he won't mind?" Edward asked carefully, he knew he would be in trouble with Charlie but he didn't want to make it worse.

"It's fine, I have a key don't I?" As if to prove her point Bella shoved the key into the keyhole and opened the door.

"You did tell him I was coming right?" He asked, a hint of nervousness on his voice, stepping in behind her.

"Yes Edward, I told him I was coming with a friend to tell him something important."

They walked to the living room where Edward dropped their bags.

"I never been here before." He mused before walking around the room.

"I would hope not." She sat down on the couch as another wave of nausea hit her.

"You should lie down." Edward told her sitting down besides her, he didn't want her to leave him on his own with Charlie but he didn't want to see her so sick either.

She shook her head and opened her mouth to answer him but she was interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

"Hey Bells, you here?" They heard Charlie called from the doorway.

Edward stood up as Charlie came in the room.

Edward didn't remember Charlie that much, they never crossed paths not even in the small town but suddenly Edward forgot how big the man was and he didn't miss the gun still hanging from his belt.

There was an awkward silence before Edward cleared his throat.

"Chief Swan, I'm Edward Cullen."

Recognition flashed on Charlie's face before he took the hand Edward offered him.

"Carlisle's boy." Edward nodded, almost letting out a sigh of relieve.

"Dad." Bella interrupted them, she stood up from the couch, opened her arms and let Charlie give her a hug. The hug was awkward to say the least but Bella was excited to see her Dad after almost a year apart.

"Bells, it's about time you came back for a visit."

"I know, I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner." She had tears in her eyes and Edward realize how uncomfortable Charlie seemed with them.

"Bella and I have something to tell you." Edward interrupted the moment hoping to put some ease back into Charlie.

"Dad, why don't you go change into something more comfortable and Edward and I will make something for lunch."

Charlie nodded and left the room, giving Edward a confused glance as he passed him.

"Doesn't say much, does he?" Edward asked once he heard the sound of a door closing.

"Not really, but he's probably coming up with theories as to why I brought you and to why I was crying, I don't usually cry when I'm with him."

Edward nodded in understanding before following her to what he assumed was the kitchen.

"To be truthful the hormones are killing me." She opened the fridge and notice it was almost empty.

Edward choke back a laugh, shaking his head at the woman before him. He was sure that if they could get through a pregnancy together, then surely they could make it through anything else.

"Maybe we could go to the lodge?" Edward had never stepped inside the little diner but he never had a reason too, back then his Mom always cooked him lunch.

Bella shook her head before taking out the ingredients for a simple sandwiches.

"No, I'm not telling Charlie the big news in the lodge where all the gossip starts." She started spreading the mayo on the slices of bread trying not to be sick by the smell of food.

"He's such as impatient as you, isn't he?" He questioned while putting slices of ham in the sandwiches.

"Yes, so I think it's better if we just tell him." Bella dumped the finishes sandwiches on a plate in the middle of the counter.

"Tell me what?" Charlie questioned from the entryway.

Bella gestured for him and Edward to sit down, the latter was trying not to shake in nervousness.

Edward never had to tell the Father of one of his girlfriends that he had knocked the girl up, much less the Father of someone who wasn't his actual girlfriend and although he was trying to change that detail, it still didn't help that said Father was a cop, who by instinct Edward was suppose the terrified of.

"So who is going to tell me what's going on?" Charlie said once they were all sitting down and ready to eat.

Seeing as Bella couldn't lie to safe her life, it had been decided between them to let Edward speak, however neither of them counted on him been so nervous.

"Bella and I dated a couple months ago." Edward stop to take a breath, noticing his voice sounded a little bit shaky.

Charlie motion him to go on.

"And we umm broke up and Bella came to me a month and so ago to tell me she was pregnant." Edward was shaking his legs so much at this point that he was afraid the counter would begin to shake right along with him.

Bella put a him on his knee to stop the shaking and he smiled gratefully at her, the mere fact she chose to touch him made him relax.

They both turn back to Charlie, who was looking at Bella with a curious look on his face.

After a few minutes of contemplation, Charlie nodded to himself, stood up and promptly walked out of the kitchen.

Edward and Bella turned to each other in confusion, before following Charlie to the living room.

Charlie was going through drawers, opening and closing in frustration before running upstairs.

"What's going on?" A bewildered Edward asked an equally baffled Bella.

"I don't know, I never seen him act like that before." Bella said with a small laugh, it was amusing to see her Dad running all over the place.

Charlie came back to the room with a large but thin book in his hands it looked old and worn out as if the years had been bad to it, he motion for Bella and Edward to sit down on the sofa before taking a sit himself on his favorite recliner.

"My Mother gave me this before she died, you obviously don't remember that." Indeed she didn't, Bella was barely a newborn when her grandmother died.

Charlie gave the book to Bella, who upon recognition felt the tears at the back of her eyes.

Edward looked confused before Bella passed him to book that wasn't a common book but a baby one.

"My Mother had a stroke the month Bella was born." Charlie began to explained to Edward, who was mesmerized by the baby picture of Bella. The book was old but beautiful and the empty pages were begging to be filled.

"The doctors told her she didn't have much time, she was good woman and she felt terrible that Bella wouldn't remember her, so she decided to make the baby book." Charlie looked a little choked up but he continued.

"The day before she died, she gave me it to me and told me to give it to Bella when she was having a child of her own and now you are." He gave her a large smile, his eyes were full of unshed tears.

Bella jumped him, hugging the life out of him.

Edward smiled at the pair, hoping the child, his child, Bella carried in her womb would love him such as powerfully as Bella seemed to love Charlie.

Deciding to give them some privacy, he stood up and left the room unnoticed, extracting his phone to call his own parents just to remind them how much he love them.

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