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Following a slew of suspicious deaths of patients and staff at a hospital, the BAU team was staked out at the Central Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota working non-stop in their bid to find the UnSub. Their killer had been dubbed 'Dr Death' by the media as the BAU entered their fifth day straight with no leads.

With everyone running on little sleep, bad caffeine and the nearest hotel being too far away for practicality, the team was catching snippets of sleep in the interns' crib when they could. Agent David Rossi was doing just that as he rolled into a bottom bunk, eyes shut and asleep before he even hit the pillow, intent on getting his energy levels up in the short time he had for his nap.

His brief sleep is interrupted when he feels someone drawing back the covers and sliding into the bed with him. Discovering that his nose is being irritated by hair, Rossi somehow finds the energy to reach his hand up and brush it out of the way. Blearily opening his eyes, he finds himself face to face with a nest of blonde tresses. Grunting in question, the only explanation that Agent Jennifer Jareau offers him is 'full'.

Too tired to care, Rossi just shifts himself, spooning against JJ's back and draping his arm over her stomach to enable more room for them on the narrow single bed as they both enter the land of slumber swiftly...

... for an hour at least. Then Agent Derek Morgan stumbles into the room and orders them out. He either didn't care or was so beyond tired that he didn't notice the fact that his two fellow agents were sharing a bed in front of him. As Rossi grunted and shook the reluctant JJ awake so that they could both get out of their close quarters, Morgan reported no changes in the case and rolled into the bed himself.

Steering the yawning JJ in the direction of the door, Rossi leads them to the nearest place to grab caffeine as both struggle to switch their minds back on. 'I swear, a person in a coma has more energy than I do at the moment,' moaned JJ, accepting the plastic cup of coffee Rossi poured for her.

'JJ...' said Rossi suddenly, his own coffee cup never reaching his mouth as his hand stopped in midair. 'You're a genius.'

'I already knew that,' yawned JJ as she pushed her hair back from her face. 'What did I do this time?'

'I know who did it...' said Rossi, slamming his coffee down on the table as he raced out of the room, heading for the conference room where the BAU had set up. Looking between her own barely touched cup and the swiftly departing agent JJ groaned, placing the cup on the table as she raced out the door too. There's plenty more good coffee in DC, she promises herself as she enters the meeting room where Rossi is now furiously burrowing through the files looking for one particular one.

'I've got it...' he declares.