Chapter 1

Sam ran down the sidewalk towards his next class, which he was late for. A couple of people said hi to him as he passed, but he was in too much of a rush to say anything to them. He finally reached the lecture hall, stopping outside to catch his breath. He opened and closed the door as quietly as possible, then surveyed the room for a seat.

This was one of Sam's larger classes, with 200 people in it. He spotted a seat in the middle of a center row. He would have to climb over a half dozen people to get to it. He moved down the stairs. Moving to another step, a large creak echoed through the room and all eyes turned towards him. Sam sighed. It amazed him that he could sneak around a forest while chasing a skin walker and not make a sound, but in a room full of students on a college campus, he always made enough noise to be noticed.

The professor, Dr. DeSando, peered at Sam over his bifocals. "Mr. Winchester, if you cannot be troubled to come to class on time, you might at least be considerate of your classmates and come in quietly."

Sam muttered, "Sorry, sir," and proceeded to climb over a bunch of people. He folded himself into the small seat, his knees jammed against the row in front of him.

DeSando continued with his lecture about the differences between plant cells and animal cells. Sam allowed himself a small smile as he remembered when he was in sixth grade; Dean had helped him build a model of an animal cell for a science fair. Sam had won first prize. To this day Sam had no idea where the money had come from to pay for the supplies. Sam shook all thought of Dean from his mind as class ended and people began to get up from their seats.

Sam stepped out into the aisle when he heard DeSando say, "Mr. Winchester, could I see you for a moment?"

Sam quickly walked down the stairs and stood in front of the professor. His next class was fortunately in the building right next door, so he had some time to spare. The professor took off his glasses and began cleaning them with a handkerchief. "Mr. Winchester," he began "are you aware that this is the fourth time you have been late for class this semester?"

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry sir," Sam said, looking at his shoes in a contrite position.

"I realize that this class is required, and as such many students feel they do not have to put forth the same amount of effort as they would for a class in their major. And while I do not take attendance, I expect some discipline to be shown." DeSando put his glasses back on his face. "If you do not start showing up on time, it will start being reflected in your grades."

"Please, sir, you don't understand…"

"Understand what? Sleeping in until two in the afternoon?"

Sam looked at the professor with the same innocent eyes that had gotten him out of trouble so many times in his life. "Sir, I'm late to this class occasionally because I work at the cafeteria from 10-2. I can usually leave early enough to get here, but the cafeteria is on the other side of campus…" Sam trailed off.

The professor's eyes softened. He regarded Sam in a slightly kinder way as he said, "Well, your work is exceptional and you are usually on time. Just try to be quieter when you come in."

Sam smiled and said, "Thank you, sir."

He ran up the stairs of the lecture hall and out into the hall. He quickly walked to his next class, American Cultures. He soon spotted his friend Zack and sat next to him. Zack looked at him as he sat down. "Hey, Sam, how's it going?"

"DeSando decided to humiliate me in front of the class again."

"Ah, forget DeSando. Blondie must have known you were going to be in a bad mood. I've been staring at her legs for the past five minutes."

Sam looked across the aisle to see a tall girl with long blonde hair. She was wearing a short skirt which showed what Sam thought were the most beautiful legs he had ever seen. Sam didn't know Blondie's real name. Zack and a couple of Sam's other friends had started calling her that. Sam had yet to talk to her, he hadn't even come close. No way he'd ever have enough nerve.

Sam's concentration was broken when he heard a girl a few rows behind him talking. "And they found another body last night." The girl popped her gum. "It was frozen, just like the other two. It's weird, you know? The police can't figure out how it happened."

Sam forced himself to stop listening. He had tried to make himself stop eavesdropping, but eighteen years of training was hard to ignore and as class started, Sam found himself mentally listing every creature that could freeze a person to death.