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Author's Note: Random idea gained from thinking about a character in FullMetal Alchemist. Yeah, weird right? Anyway, please enjoy the story!

Tricks and Thievery

Chapter One: The Thief That Haunts The Night

"It took one shot. BANG! I shot down the biggest deer in the forest, and its head is now on my wall as a trophy!"

"Oh my, what a hunter!"

Keira Nightingale hid her fake laugh behind her hand, "I wish I was a good hunter like you, Toshiro! I can't even look at a gun without feeling like I'm going to faint!" The blonde man grinned like a cat at his evening companion, lifting his drink to her before sipping from the cup. "I'll teach you, my darling. Stick with me, and you'll learn plenty," he said, his brow lifting suggestively at her.

The brunette resisted the urge to gag.

Why, oh why, did she have to choose the semi-drunk, egotistical pervert as her newest target? Sure, he had the most treasure in the tavern that she saw, judging by the large amount of drinks he had consumed since she walked in, but still, he was not how the thief-in-waiting wanted to spend her evening. Her fingers itched to wrap around the knife hiding just underneath her skirt, clean from the blood of her last accidental kill, and take out this man, but she kept her cool and hid herself behind her drink.

"Oh my...I fear if I drink anymore, I'll surely faint. I should go home and rest from this night. Thank you very much for your company, Toshiro," she said, giving her out her bait to the fish.

Toshiro smirked, "Allow me to walk you home, Keira. It'll be my honor."

And the fish was hooked.

"You're a really sexy woman, you know that?"

"Is that why you decided to pin me to this wall like a common, impatient predator? What happened to the man that was such a gentleman to me?"

Toshiro smirked as he leaned in for the kiss, his hand crawling up her thigh, "My beautiful, darling Keira, I just can't resist..."

Suddenly he choked on his words, his body falling back to the ground with blood pouring from his stomach from the knife that was stabbed into him. The woman against the wall watched him twitched a final time before finally dying, giving a small smirk as she brought the knife close to her lips.

"My name is Haruhi Fujioka, you perverted jackass. As much as I don't really like to bring my knife to bloodshed, in your case I'll make an exception."

She leaned down, searching his body for the bag of money he had used to pay for their drinks, finding it quickly and smirking at her spoils. "The thief that haunts the night strikes again...they'll say that come morning once your body is found. Then they'll be searching for Keira Nightingale, who'll be long since gone," Haruhi said in a soft whisper, "Ah well. Another day, another town for me. Such is the life of the genius master thief Haruhi Fujioka."

Tossing the bag in her dainty hand and her bloody knife sheathed, she walked out into the dead, quiet streets, ready for a night of rest before disappearing into the crowd as another wandering, hiding soul.

This chapter was mainly to introduce Haruhi as a tricky, seducing, beautiful thief (totally not in her character, huh?). The next chapter will have more action and drama, I swear! Until then, ja ne!