I've had a little plot bunny bothering me for a little while and since I couldn't milk a whole story out of it, I just wrote this oneshot. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Transformers and all related characters belong to Hasbro and not me.


This is not my purpose.

Since the moment of my creation I have sought my own freedom, my own independence, but still I am denied. I am the only one that controls my destiny. I am the only one who has a say in the direction of my life and my future. No one will stand in my way. I vowed that to myself, I promised it and branded it into my mainframe, but I've broken that vow.

He's in the way.

He's in my way. My way to glory. My way to supremacy. My way to the universe. And I don't care if it's fair or not. I refuse to play by the rules, unless they are my rules, but I play by his. It's insulting, it's embarrassing. I am mocked left and right for it, yet I do absolutely nothing about it. Day after day I suffer through his tortures and trials all for nothing in the end.

But, why?

He stole my dream. He stole my reputation. He stole my power. I am everything and nothing because of him. He has given me nothing, I am more powerful than him. I made him who he is and he took everything from me…and he won't give anything back. Why was I so foolish? So blind? I will not put up with this, never, not again.

I will kill him.

He's vulnerable now as he lies there recharging. He has no idea. And I have no honor for people I hate. I will kill him in his sleep. It'd be a swift blow because I simply cannot wait. I will retake everything that is mine; I will take my glory, my honor, my supremacy, my dignity, my universe! He won't be in my way anymore, ever again. I will be free to do what I want without his jurisdiction. Oh sweet Primus you couldn't have blessed me with such a golden opportunity as this!

This won't take long. No one else is around. The wall provides me with my weapon of choice as I pull a thick, twisted, and sharp piece of metal from it. One delicate blow through the spark chamber and I will be free. His death has been long overdue and I am more than eager to end his existence. Everything will be better then. The light will dim, the darkness will shine. Everything will be as it should be.

I saunter over to him; weapon raised and prepared to strike. His face is clueless. He is at peace and I will just bring him peace everlasting. He's tormented me for so long. This is it…this is the end. Now die!



"What is the meaning of this?" he demands, but his voice remains calm.

I am too angry to answer. I am too angry to tell him to go back to sleep so I can finish the job. He looks at me like I am his son, like he has done nothing wrong. And then he laughs a cold, harsh, piercing laugh. "You can't kill me!" he cries between bouts of laughter, "Only a Prime can kill me!"

"I can kill you!" I roar as I plunge the sharp, twisted metal deep inside his spark chamber.

His optics flicker in shock. "You—you can't kill me…" he moans, his voice barely audible, "I created you…"

"No, you destroyed me and now I am returning the favor," I say as I push the metal through him until it pierces through his back. I linger for a second before I slowly slide it out.

His wound heals automatically as if it were an instinct.

Not again!

He chuckles, "One day you will learn my apprentice."

No…you are not…I am not…

"Don't worry, one of us will die sooner or later."

I walk away, frustrated. Things can't keep going like this. I must kill him. I will kill him. I don't care what he says. I will send him to the pit. The Fallen will never rise again. Ever.

You are not my master.

This is not my purpose.

The end. Nothing like a POed Megatron. Well, reviews are appreciated! Thanks for reading!