"Definition for happiness: State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

~Wordwebnet Definition


So this is how it happened. That day that the Kazekage came in to talk to me, he told me what he and Sound leaders had been doing for the past two years. They noticed that a lot of their information about the Hyuga Clan had been missing and decided to investigate. When Sound had found out that Kumo had been having the same problems, they worked together to find out what was going on. So long story short, they worked together and informed me just in time to save the entire village to Konoha about the Raikage's pitiful scheme.

Anyway, all my students and their peers are pretty much settled. That must make me sound really old, but really, I'm not. It's only been seven years since that last incident. Hyuga Neji and Tenten got married first. I was more than surprised when they told me. They have two kids now, both girls.

Naruto and Hinata were second to get married. They have one boy. That little rascal is just like his father – pulling pranks and all.

Sasuke and Sakura. Oh they're a good one. They have two sons and a daughter. They were married two years ago, later than the rest. Sasuke is a changed man, and I'm very proud of him. Despite all his wrong doings, Sakura still loved him. And he loves her back. I guess that's all anyone could ask for.

Now I suppose everyone would have thought Shikamaru and Ino to be the inseparable pair right? It's quite the opposite. They've been on and off for more than eight years. He comes and talks to me now and then. Asuma kind of made me promise to take care of him. I remember him telling me something about Shikamaru and Temari having a thing. But that must've been a while back. His relationship status changes every time we meet up, so I don't even bother keeping track.

Today, I'm going to see everyone. They're all having a picnic by the bridge.

I got there last. But no one should be surprised right? Naruto and Sasuke are having a fight about whose kid could do what. Sakura and Tenten are giggling about Kami knows what about. And Hinata and Ino are trying to clean up the juice someone spilled over.

Shikamaru was just sitting by, talking to Neji.

"Oh Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura called, "You made it."

I smiled, "I always make it, just never on time."

Sasuke walked over and took a seat beside her, "Ha ha, we know that by now."

In a high pitched voice, Ino beckoned for the kids to come over. "Time to eat!" She passed around those hand sanitizer things. "Wash your hands before you touch the food. Kami knows where they've been."

The children did as she asked and all dug into the food. If you ask me now what we all talked about during that picnic, I wouldn't remember. But I can still see the happy smiles, and the serene atmosphere, and the blue sky somewhat covered with white clouds. I can hear them all laugh about some joke Naruto made. I can see Sasuke glare at him, but then turn around and give Sakura a peck on the lips.

Later during the day, Kiba and Choji came for a visit. They were coming back from a mission or something like that.

Everyone was happy and content. It took years for the kind of peace we had. They've all been through so much, it's hard to believe they can seem to forget the past.


After the Raikage had been caught, The Lightning Country appointed him a new successor. Kabuto had run away, still on the loose, but he was weak from battle wounds, people assume he died. Well, at least that's what the villagers of Konoha thought. Of course, shinobi were to expect the worst, that he might still be alive, just regaining his strength for one final blow at the Fire Country. But until that time came, everyone was safe.

When the night was over, they all slept in peace.

Tenten stood up and walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen. She got thirsty. Suddenly feeling his absence, Neji woke up. For a second he felt frantic. But then he pin pointed her chakra and relaxed. He followed her into the kitchen quietly, sneaking up from behind her. Feeling someone's presence behind her, Tenten turned around and Neji wrapped his arms around her, surprising her. She nearly screamed if not for him muffling her voice with a deep kiss.

Naruto had his arms wrapped around her waist and her head against his chest. Their rhythm of breathing was all that could be felt within the still room. But he was still awake looking at her beautiful face. "I love you." He whispered, knowing she could not hear him. But despite his thought, her lips curved into a smile.

Sakura had fallen asleep yet again on the front porch. She always told him she loved looking at the stars before going to sleep. But was it really necessary to watch still, flaming balls of fire billions of miles away even when it was cold outside? Well apparently.

He picked her up bridal style with her head against his chest. He leaned down to kiss her as gently as possible, making sure he wouldn't wake her up. Too late, her eyes opened lazily as she stared up at him. She smiled at him for a long second and then the readjusted herself so she could reach her arms around his neck. She pulled herself up and gave him a long and passionate kiss before pulling away, nestling herself back inside his chest, falling asleep again. "I love you." He said quietly, and she smiled.

Ino was still awake. Tomorrow, she thought to herself, tomorrow I'm going to get back together with Shikamaru. Well that also depended on whether or not he wanted to…but it was a definite on her part. She still squirmed, imagining the different ways he would reject her. But little did she know that when he fell asleep that night, that last thing he saw was her. He and Temari went out for a couple of months, but it wasn't like either of them thought it would be. And now he was confused, and the only person that could make him feel right again was Ino.


I would tell you it was happily ever after, but even I won't know how it ends until it does. But so far, so happy. And content. And all that gooey, lovey dovey stuff. Until there's a new conflict, the story ends here. Or the chapter. Or whatever that guy with the deep voice that narrates the openings, transitions, and endings of sappy romance movies says.

So they lived happily ever after. Until something bad happens. And then it's happy again. Hopefully.

Author's Notes: I know it's short, but writing a long epilogue sounds really unappealing right now.

Whew, that one's done! Um, I doubt there's going to be a sequel, I'm glad this story's shelved. I might be working on other writing projects, so yeah. Fan fiction is now fourth priority after Beyond the Lying Truths, summer reading, and blogging. Bye for not ever (: Thank you everyone for all the support you've given me. This was one of the first "major" writing things I've ever done. And reaching a hundred reviews was my goal, but you've made that more than possible. Thank you thank you thank you!

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