A/N: Another one of these 'Canada-Thinks-He's-Invisible-But-He's-Not' fics. A belated gift to dear Canada-kun.


July 1st. Canada's birthday, marking his split from England, following in America's footsteps… but they didn't have an all out war with each other… unless England ignoring him was considered a 'war.' Canada and the rest of the world's own personal Cold War. He had sent out invitations to this party, but they were either forgotten or the world just hated him. He thought France would have at least come… maybe Cuba. But they didn't come…

Hours passed. He looked down at his polar bear, Kumajirou, and sighed, "No one's coming to my party this year. They never come to my birthday…" he sighed. The bear looked up at him.

"No seriously… who are you?" it asked.

Canada let go of the bear and it slowly slunk off. Canada held his sides as if the bear was still there. He knew he existed. The other Nations obviously didn't. Maybe he should have stayed with England.

Screw the other Nations.

Canada let his tears fall. There was suddenly a light tap on Canada's door. He jumped and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. He stood slowly and opened the door.


Canada looked up into America's blue eyes. America smiled a goofy smile and hugged him, slipping a small package into his northern brother's hand as he did so.

"You… Big brother? You… You came… and you…" Canada was stammering.

"Sorry I'm late… I wanted to get you a gift. And I couldn't figure out what you might like."

"What… Why?" Canada asked.

"I'm your brother, Canada…" America replied, ruffling the younger Nation's hair.

"You hardly noticed me in World War II… you and the other countries never let me talk… you just… ignored me…"

America smiled, "Yeah, but I've gotten more politically aware since then. And don't say I didn't try to protect you from Russia in the Cold War…"

"But then you went back to ignoring me…" Canada replied softly.

America wrapped his arms around the younger Nation, "Open your gift…" he whispered into Canada's ear.

He let go of Canada and Canada looked down at the brown package. He slowly and neatly opened the package. It was maple candy. Canada began to cry, "A-America… I… Thank you!" He threw his arms around his older brother and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey, they'll go well with your cake… you did make a cake, didn't you?" America asked, a light blush on his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose.

Canada suddenly let go and looked at the floor, "Kumajirou and I ate the cake about an hour ago… I think we left one piece though… unless Kumajirou ate it…"

America smiled and put a hand on Canada's shoulder, "I'll bake another one… just for you and me."

Canada looked up and smiled, "Thanks, America…"

"Happy Birthday, Canada," America replied, kissing his little brother's forehead.