Well here it is my first story hope u like it I DO NOT own the Powerpuff Girls

chapter 1

Narrator:The city of Townsvile where we see that it is another normal bright day for our citizen of this fine city

Blossom: Buttercup will you hurry up we are going to be late for school again!!

Buttercup: I'm coming just hold your horses

[Buttercup said to her sister while she get the last of her things when Bubbles call up to her]

Bubbles: we have to to hurry Ms Keane said we are going to be getting some new students today [Bubbles said cheerfully]

Blossom: so come on [she said with anger]

Buttercup: alright I'm here lets go [she said coming down stairs]

[with that said the girl say good bye to the Professor and blast off to school in a flash]

Narrator:But on the other side of Townsvile unknown to the girls is another pair of sibling that are preparing for first day of school

"dude Wat taking you forever" said the one with long red hair spiked at the end "I'm coming I'm coming" said the one spiked up black hair "were going to be late" wined the one with blode hair spiked at the side "why are we even going to school" said the black haired one "because i said so" said the red haired one anger in his voice "now come on"

[with that the three boys took off to school not expecting the events that will unfold on this day to come]

Narrator: oh on this could be trouble for the girls [switch scenes to the girl]

girl one "so what do you think the new kids are like"

girl two "if its a girl i hope she fun if its a boy i hope hes cute"

boy one" i hope he can play kick ball"

Mitch: lets just hope he's not a wuss

[the Powerpuff Girls were just sitting back listeningto their class mates talk about the new kids how haven't come when they start to talk to each other about it]

Bubbles: wat do you think they'll be like[ask bubble sweetly]

Buttercup:I hope their strong and tough[boosted buttercup]

Blossom: I hope their smart and clever

Bubbles: I hope their sweet and like to color

Blossom:well I guess well have to wait and see

[as if on cu Ms Keane walked in with a big bright smile on her to tale her class the news]

Ms Keane: class we have three new students today please said hello too...

[as she open the door to the people outside everyone inside waited eager in there eye to see the new class mates buts when the door opened the girls were in shock]

chiff hanger well tell me what you think be nice it is my first story after all I'll try to make it longer next time

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