Author: I've gone over this and one of my other fics and decided to revise them. All three chapters that have been written in this fic have been revised.

William Tennant wept as he placed the headstone onto the captain's grave. He was alone now. Every other member of Serenity's crew was dead.

Will looked up at Serenity and he knew that he had to keep her flying. He owed her that much. But there was a problem. His father was the captain and was training him to replace him, but Will was only 21, too young to take on the role himself. He would need to find Serenity a new captain, or perhaps an old one.

Will looked down at the scrap of paper his father had given him. On it was written the name Zoe Washburne and the word Haven. It was the first step to finding Serenity a captain.


Simon Tam was getting used to his new life. He worked in a med clinic on a small moon in the outer rim. It didn't pay very well, but they didn't really need all that much. His wife ran a shop that sold engine parts to the various ships that passed through. She always made it a point to have extra catalyzers on hand. His sister worked as security for the local bank. They hired her after she disarmed a potential bank robber before he had even tried to draw his weapon.

Simon looked up at the sky as he made his way back from the clinic. He missed space. He missed the uncertainty, the adventure; he even missed the danger sometimes. He never said a thing, though.

But Kaylee noticed. Just as Simon had noticed her staring at the stars at night with tears in her eyes.

As he walked through his front door, his first thought was that they had been robbed. What little that was left was scattered all over the floor. Then he noticed River sitting on the couch next to three large suitcases. She looked up at him and smiled. "We're going home."


Shuttle 1 landed near a small settlement. Will doubted very much that he would find a decent mechanic in a place like this, but he didn't have any other choice. He walked to the shuttle door and opened it.

No sooner had the door opened than a girl who couldn't have been much older than eighteen stepped through it carrying a large suitcase marked River. Will was a little taken aback. Standing outside the shuttle was a young man who was dressed in expensive looking clothing; though it was tattered in a manner that most who wore such things would frown upon. To the man's left was a rather short woman wearing green coveralls with a large teddy bear on the left leg and a tear that looked suspiciously like a bullet hole. These two were also carrying suitcases identical to the one marked River.

Kaylee looked nervously at the man standing in the door way. He had short, brown hair and had dark eyes that seemed somewhat cold. He was wearing a brown, leather jacket and had a rifle on his back as well as a pistol at his side. "Sorry 'bout that," she said. "River's kinda excited. She says you can take us home."

Neither Simon nor Kaylee had understood what River meant when she said that. They were already home, or so they told themselves. Neither of them was really happy where they lived, but they were trying to make the best of it. The man looked at them for a couple seconds before saying, "Either of you know anything about ship mechanics?"

Kaylee perked up a bit. "I do. Why, you got ship trouble?"

"Not exactly. I'm looking to hire a mechanic."

Kaylee and Simon looked at each other. Both could see the excitement in the other's eyes. This was what River meant by going home. They were going back into space. They both boarded the shuttle.

As soon as the door shut, the shuttle lifted off. Will entered the cockpit to see River in the pilot seat. Will was a fair pilot, but he was no expert. Looks like I've found myself a pilot, too. River smiled and looked over at him. Will told her where to go and watched her fly. She was amazing. Her smile grew.

Before long, Serenity came into view. No matter how many times he saw her, she always took Will's breath away. The mechanic walked into the cockpit and gasped. Will looked over and saw that she was staring at Serenity, tears rolling down her face. "What is it, Kaylee?" asked the man, walking into the cockpit.

"It's her, Simon," replied Kaylee. "It's Serenity."

"I told you," River said, her smile wider than ever. "We're going home."