-Chapter 2-

WARNING: Lemony -giggle- :D!

There was a quiet click from the door as I let myself into the vast cell. Everything was dark—I had brought no torch with me this time—but my demon eyes had no trouble finding the silhouette sitting erect in one of the corners.

I smiled widely in anticipation.

As I approached the prisoner his head slowly shot up to look at me, giving me notice that he had been sleeping. I kneeled in front of him, between his legs, to hold his face in my hands, caressing.

"Dear Faustus, how are you today?" I said sweetly.

The doctor, god to my dreams, managed a weak smile, but said nothing. In time, I thought, I shall make that voice resonate in this pit hole.

I didn't bother to make any more conversation, since I knew it was useless; and instead gently kissed his forehead, then his eyelids, then his cheeks, then finally his lips. The kiss started out as an innocent touching of the lips that quickly turned to a passionate embrace. The actions were mostly on my part; I always tried to visit a few hours before he was taken out again for the torture, when I thought he would have the most energy, but he was in need of far more rest if he was to regain full strength and assist the game.

Of course I, Mephostophilis the Magnificent, could do anything, and knew Faustus would end up moving about to return my pleasures, soon enough.

I broke the kiss to stare at his flustered face; the charm was working.

"What do you want, my beloved?" I nibbled his ear. "What do you need?" I emphasized the last word with the sinking of my teeth into his flesh, drawing a deep moan from my lover—either from pain or from pleasure, it didn't matter; I was already feeling myself grow under my clothes.

As response, Faustus turned and tilted his head to give me more space. I complied. Running my tongue low throughout his neck, I sucked here and there, leaving tiny red marks that I delighted myself with, biting softly.

Faustus' moans became louder and his breath broke and shook in desperation. He tried lifting his arms—he wanted to take part of the sport—but his strength failed him, and he sobbed miserably.

"Take ease, my dear. You will learn the use of your limbs in due time." I quieted him.

Once he settled, I went on to the task of freeing that beautiful melody of a voice he had from his massacred throat. My mouth travelled farther down from the collarbone, where an enormous bruise was already forming. I could feel his body tremble as I played with his nipples; one with my mouth and one with my hand. But what brought me to a full erection was his reaction to my free hand harshly grabbing his growing member, cold fingers stroking roughly, when he finally managed to call to me.

"Mephisto!" he tried to yell, although it was a mere whisper coming from his lips.

Mephisto was the name he had given me; shorter than the original, easier for him to pronounce. But also, the word meant "malevolent" or "evil," which was probably the way he still saw at me, even after 20 years of my betrayal.

I let the pain that came with those thoughts slip past me; this occasion called for nothing but good memories.

I let my hands dance and play with him, in between his legs. His ragged panting sent jolts of pleasure through me, making me feel like I was doing a good job of pleasing him. There were times when he would hold still and then exhale, curving over my smaller figure, as if he had to remind himself how to breathe. I wasn't much better than him. I had the temptations of a devil; temptations that, if stronger than my will, would end up in Faustus' corpse turned to pieces, and his blood bathing the entire room. I had to stop myself a few times from biting too hard, but the struggle to keep control only made my desire stronger.

Feeling I was in the verge of exploding, I undressed and positioned myself. Faustus knew the routine, so without the need to ask him, he stretched his legs flat on the floor, to give me better access. I straddled him, one leg on each side of him, kissed him fervently one more time, and slowly lowered myself.

I wasn't prepared to take on his full length, but nor did I have the patience to attend my entrance; I needed him in me.

I gasped in pain once he was completely inside of me. He watched me with what could have been concern, as I stopped to get used to the burning sensation. Once the pain had passed, I began a steady pace, pushing him in and out, continuously. I stared as his face contorted in pleasure. His moans became screams of ecstasy, his breathing even more rapid than before; I wanted to join him, but I quieted and let his music dance around me.

I was so concentrated on listening to him that I failed to notice his arms raising, moving forward and throwing me onto the cold floor. Seconds later, Faustus was on top of me, impatience clear in is eyes. I began to wonder what had been the cause of his displeasure, when a new, harsher thrust sent my eyes rolling back and my back leave the solid rock beneath me.

This time I made no attempt to lock my screams away, as more thrusting followed the first one, becoming faster and rougher.

"Faus—AH!" I tried to stop him once I recognized the sent of blood in the air, only to be cut off by a wave of unimaginable pleasure shooting through my body. "More! Ri—THERE!" I implored him. Understanding what I meant, he shifted himself to touch that sensitive spot again, making me arch back in magical bliss.

My moans were louder than ever; I would be the laughing-stock of the court if they were to hear me in such a vulnerable way, dominated by a human. But my thoughts, by that time, where far away from the world, heaven, and hell, and unto a new universe where only my beloved and I existed along with the forbidden feelings we brought to one another.

As my lover's thrusting turned to beastly pounding, I realised we were both near orgasm. I could barely hold myself from releasing, but I refused to do so before him. With one last scream, Faustus climaxed. I felt his seed spill inside of me, filling me up completely, which became my trigger, and I, too, let myself fall to conclusion.

The philosopher dropped on top of me, seizing my body. Despite exhaustion, I knew I could have easily pushed the frail figure aside, but instead let him rest in place. His arms were shaking because of the effort he had exerted on them.

This had been the first time Faustus attended my call and took control of my pleading body; I didn't know how to feel about it.

His warm breath brushed against my neck, and I realised he was asleep. Slowly, taking his soft breathing as a lullaby, I let myself drift to the world of dreams, as well.

When I woke up I found myself back in my room, Lucifer lying naked beside me.

Cliff-hanger ending... cuz i love those XDD Did it really happen? Was Mephisto just dreaming? Was it all an illusion by Lucifer? On my part, I have no idea. One of the reazons I don't plan on continuing this is cuz I cant find the answer to those questions n_nU but anyone is free to do so for me :D --shot--

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