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Anyway, here's a teeny tiny thing to celebrate Momo! …and I had a horrible time typing this. Ryoma has decided to be a little ooc. He's just a bit to stubborn and would not allow himself to get in character. I've decided to just not care this time.

Also, every time I typed 'Happy', my fingers typed 'Harry'. So yeah. Harry Birthday, Momo.

/Author Fail.

Momoshiro Takeshi awoke the morning of July 23 as he would any day.

Followed his normal summer morning routine, and watched a little bit of television.

What wasn't normal about the day, was when he received a text message from a number that definitely didn't come from anyone in Japan, but it was definitely meant for him.

The text message instructed him to go to his favorite burger shop at 1p.m.

He was slightly confused, sure. But after a quick glance at his watch, 12:30 p.m., and then a glance at the television where a show he didn't care much for had just begun, he decided to go.


If there was anything in the world Momo was expecting to find at the burger shop, it definitely was not Echizen sitting in their normal spot, with two trays in front of him.

"E-Echizen? You're supposed to be in the states." He said as he sat down across from the younger boy.

The boy just tipped his hat a little to hide his expression.

"Your usual." Ryoma said, sliding a tray closer to Momo. "My treat."

"Your treat?" Momo asked. He wasn't going to lie, he was shocked.

Echizen smirked, and leaned across the table capturing the older boys lips with his.

"Mada mada dane, Momo-Senpai. Happy Birthday."