When I first entered the Varia, all I could see and hear were looks and whispers of disapproval.

. . .

I was just a replacement, I knew that better then any of these clowns here. It seemed that I would not be accepted right away, and honestly, it did bother me a bit. It was like being the new kid at school, only. . . There was no nice child here who would grab my arm and ask me to come sit with them at lunch. This wasn't a school. This was a part of the mafia, and in this kind of place. . . I could be dead by tomorrow.

After letting a few minutes tick by, I walked off, in search of the room I had been instructed to stay in during the night, only to be caught by a hand on my wrist. I looked up to the man, who's lips were puffed out slightly as he examined me, the hair he had on his head was oddly colored green and red if my eyes weren't mistaking me. Was he looking for the face of a trader? Did he think I wasn't trustworthy? I couldn't very well read his eyes because of his dark sunglasses.

"Oh my! He's the cutest thing I've seen in so long!" The man suddenly bellowed, throwing me completely off.

I couldn't respond, I honestly didn't know how. Luckily, I didn't have to, Squalo, the only person who's name I had gotten beside's the Boss', interupted.

"VOOOOOOOOI--! Lussuria you bastard, don't scare him. Xanxus will be pissed at ME." They were all idiots here.

As Lussuria whined, I scurried off unnoticed, making it safetly to my room-- Ha! Did you actually believe that? Of coarse I didn't make it to my room, not yet at least, why? I had no idea where it was, which was extremely smart on my part, not only that though, but when I tried to wander a voice piped up behind me, another new one.

"Ushishishi, trying to escape new peasant?" I didn't want to look, I just wanted to get the Hell out of here, my body turned on it's own accord though, and my teal eyes feel upon a man who had a tiara on his messy blond hair. What an odd hair style, and could he see through those thick bangs that covered his eyes? How curious. I wasn't going to stand here any longer though, that creepy guy, Lussuria, he was looking this way again. So, I did what any normal person would do in an unfavored situation . . . I ran.

From behind though, I could hear the blond man's voice again. "He's nothing like Mammon, just an uncute kohai." Then that awful laugh again, which I decided now I hated. The words though, they stung slightly. No, I wasn't that Acrobaleno baby, I was Fran, nothing more.

I kept thinking that to myself, running without looking where I was going, which was another smart move of mine. I smacked right into someone. How many members were there exactly? Looking up the first thing I saw was a scar lined face. Oh... Shit. Xanxus.

"Watch where you'r--" He looked down at me with harsh unforgiving eyes. Crap, how did I possibley screw up already? I had only been here for a couple of minutes and I already was in trouble? This place had to be my own personal hell! "You're . . . Fran? Our new . . ." He paused, looking at me his eyes still cold. "Get to your room, brat." He commanded before starting to head around me.

My room . . . ? "Ah! Wait, boss. Where--" How to ask, I really didn't feel like being an idiot today. "I never got directions on where my room was." I spoke strongly, yet respectful and quiet as well in a way.

"Hm . . . ?" He turned, but looked passed me, down the hall. "Yours should be next to Belphegor's. Keep heading straight, you'll come to a very . . . Hard to miss door. Your own room is to the left of it." He grumbled before walking away. I just stood there for a moment, blinking in confusion until I snapped out of my daze and fast-walked down the hall.

. . .

I had NEVER seen a door with dried blood on it except in horror movies. It stated clearly, 'Prince the Ripper.'How, weird. Then there was also a girlish golden painted card board crown nailed to the front. No other door had anything else like that on it, so I assumed this door was, Belphegor's. I didn't know for sure, but I had a hunch Belphegor was the one who called me a peasant . . . And uncute kohai.

Slowly I looked to the door left of the blood stained one, this was it. My room. I opened the door and stepped in, finding a simple bed, desk, dresser, closet, and bathroom. It was small, but comfortable. I could get used to living here, and being part of the Varia, hopefully. I'm not one to give in easily though, so my doubts were very low. This would be the first night though, so I would keep my guard up anyway.

Suddenly drowsy, I closed my door, and walked to the bed, plopping face down onto it. After such a weird day, it was nice to have such a comfortable bed to lay on. After a few moments of getting comfortable, I fell into the darkness of a dreamless sleep.

. . .

I awoke to a new, and unexpectedly loud day. And when I say loud, I mean unbearable noise. Crashing, yelling, laughing, I had no idea what to think of it as I sat straight up from my small bed. My green hair was all ruffled and bed-head like, but I didn't really pay any mind to that. My head spun slightly as I ran to the door. As part of the Varia, it was only natural for me to assume we were under attack or something, right?

As I stepped into the main room though, the chaos only consisted of Varia members, some familiar, and I think one or two new faces. Squalo was yelling, Xanxus was in a chair shaking his head, Belphegor was laughing from his princely pose on the couch, and Lussuria was squealing as Squalo started to throw a fit when Xanxus appeared to ignore his temper tantrum. This place was a complete zoo, it was amazing they could even be such a thing as rebellious mafia members, they all seemed like kids!

With the tension gone, I yawned quietly, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. It was amazing what such a little gesture could do. The room went utterly silent, and I quickly took my hands away from my eyes, realizing they were all staring at me, except Xanxus, who got up and left the room seemingly unnoticed for the time. My heart gave an awkward thud, why were they staring at me? Was yawning not something Varia members did? "Good morning." I spoke quietly with no emotion, though my discomfort was rising extremely.

Squalo was giving me an angered look, his lips graced with a disgusted frown. Belphegor was grinning ear to ear, the same way he was yesterday, I could tell by the way his head was turned he was looking at me through those thick bangs, the one with Lussuria yawned as well before getting up and leaving the heavy aired room with the squealing man waving at me as he followed. Now there were two just staring, and even with such a small amount my shoulders didn't relax again.

"Something wrong?" I asked, Squalo tsked bitterly, glaring at Belphegor before storming out of the room after Xanxus. A moment or two passed and more yelling rose up from the two's exited direction.

My attention remained on only Belphegor now, who tilted his head a bit. "Ushishishi, my my, you sure know how to clear a room. Sleep well, uncute kohai?" He asked in a mocking tone that I tried not to let get to me.

I nodded. "You're . . . Belphego--" I was stopped by a knife flying right past my head, cutting a few strands of my messy hair as it came by. I stood frozen, not even flinching as I heard it stick into the wall behind me. I wasn't one to show emotion, even when scared half to death. Stupid me getting caught odd-guard like that.

"You will call me, Prince . . . Hm, no. I don't think that fits right for what you are, so call me, Bel-sanpai, understood, peasant?" His grin never faltered, even when he stood up and walked over to me. It kind of reminded me of a clown, except this clown had the clear intent to kill.

I nodded once. "Of coarse, Bel-sanpai." I replied respectfully. It wasn't until his hands moved above my head that I noticed an odd shaped object in them, it was black, and obviously some type of hat since he placed it one my head. I moved my hand up to take it off out of reflex, only to be stopped by a knife slicing into my knuckles, I quickly dropped my freshly bloodied hand.

"Don't take it off, it helps you a bit since you lack the ability to be cute. Ushishishi," He laughed, turning away from me to head down the hall. "The prince will see you later, frog." He stated viciously, not turning to look at me again as he disappeared from sight.

. . .

It wasn't until I made it back to my room did I finally see what had been placed on my head. I walked into the small bathroom, and looked into the mirror having a minor heart attack. There was a frog head . . . On my own head. I quickly took it off, and threw it to the floor. I refused to wear such an idiotic thing. My cheeks burned, and even without looking in the mirror I knew I had somehow managed to blush with embarrassment. Being looked down upon like that was awful for some odd reason. I couldn't stand such humiliation from the people I'd most likely be spending the remainder of my life with.

I forced myself to stare back at the mirror, expecting to see my reflection it in, betraying the usual mask I had with red tinted flesh. I got nothing of the sort. A stranger stood staring back at me in the mirror, I stumbled back into the door from shock, the boy remained still though. His eyes were covered by a black hood, but even so I could feel a strong pair of eyes glaring through the cloth. Where the hood ended, upside down triangles lined his ghostly pale cheeks, purple hair was slightly showing from inside the hood, and his lips were pulled down into a frown. The rest of his body was covered in black cloth, maybe really deep indigo, but I wasn't very well paying attention to the colors.

All this had my breath caught in my throat, suffocating me. Suddenly, his lips moved, and a soft but strong voice filled my ears. "You can never be me." He stated. I blinked, squeezing my eyes shut tight, and opened them to see the boy was gone, and it was once again my pathetic form in the mirror, sweating, breathing heavily, leaning on the wall for support. It had to be just a trick of my mind, or maybe there happened to be another illusionist around here, but that couldn't have possibly been real.

Slowly, shakily, I moved to the small bath tub, and turned on the hot water. A bath would be the best thing right now, maybe it would clear my head. It was just an overwhelming first two days . . . That must have been the reason behind such weird illusions.

I could only hope that was the problem anyway . . .


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