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[ Fran ]

Dreams. I once heard that they were a passage to the subconscious we all have. The secret lust we don't even want our conscious selves to know about. The guilty pleasure. Nightmares too were the secret fear we dared not think about in wake. You can trick yourself in life, force yourself to choke back tears and call yourself strong. But your own nightmare, your own perfect torture can break down your hand made wall, cause you to jump from your bed in fright. Like a child. A weak innocent child.

I had both a strange nightmare and wonderful dream all rolled into one long night. It was my first day at the Varia again, only this time I was much younger, about the age when Mukuro had taken me in with his gang. With the apple on my head I looked about the strangely large and empty room. Nobody was there. I hurried down the hall, a million doors on both sides of me. It was now I noticed that I was barefoot, and I was wearing a white T-shirt and blue shorts. Though my body was very young, my mind knew that I was much older than my appearance. "Hey guys?" I called, looking into every door.

I found myself in front of Belphegor's room, his door towering over me, taunting my size. I reached for the door knob, but as I did it seemed to lift out of my reach. This frustrated the dream me, and tears came to my eyes. I didn't understand why I couldn't go in, why I couldn't reach. I slammed my small hands against the door feebly, seeing it push open slightly at the contact.

Black mist rolled out, sending shivers down my spine. "Bel-?" The door swung open, and an angry looking fake prince now took place of the door, leering over me like a giant.

"What do you want?" He demanded in a voice that sounded almost animal-like. I coward slightly, stuttering to respond.

"Everyone . . . They're gone . . ." I stated quietly.

A smile now rose on his lips. "Oh, they're in here with me, please come in." He moved to let me enter, and I let the darkness swallow me as I stepped forward. The door slammed behind me.

I was alone in the darkness.

I screamed, running to the door that was no longer there, cried hard, begging to be let out of the dark. It seemed like forever, but then warm arms embraced me, held me close. And I stopped crying, stopped screaming. The warmth of the other person comforted me, and I held tight back to the invisible person, afraid to let go and fall back into the black. "Shhh, it's okay now. I got you, Froggy." The voice was familiar, I recognized the cockiness in it, but the quiet velvety tone of it threw me off, so I had a hard time processing. Groggily, my eyes fluttered open a bit, seeing stripes against my eyes. Again, nothing was clear to me, and my eyes shut once more, to what I assumed to be a dream within a dream.

[ Belphegor ]

I found him! Thank God I had found him! Asleep, safe and asleep. I stepped toward him, my knees shaking with relief. I didn't understand the weakness I felt seeing him. I wasn't weak, but for some reason the sight of him made me. I blamed fatigue, refusing to fully admit it was just Fran that made me drop to my knees suddenly.

I crawled ( Thank God he was asleep or I'd have to kill him if he saw that. ) to him, my throat burning, tightening as I strained to hold back guilty tears. I just hovered over him, trying to get a hold of myself. Once his face was in my view, the sadness subsided to something of fear, his face was contorted, as if in pain. Tears fell down his cheeks, and he whimpered like a puppy. I knew it was my presence, I knew he could feel me. Even his dreams wouldn't forgive me for what I had done, I laid away from him, far enough where I couldn't reach him, but close enough to where I could still see his face. It seemed to soften a bit, but not much. I still hated the guilt I felt. Hated him for making me feel this guilt. I edged closer to him at that thought. It was partially his fault for being so weak, so small . . . So adorable. I banished that word from my thoughts, finding myself in arms reach of him now.

Suddenly he screamed.

Impulse wasn't a new thing for me, I reacted greatly on it at times. But this kind of impulse made me forget everything about myself ( Which was odd to me, 'cause my whole life revolved around myself. ) and grab Fran, pulling him close to me. I expected him to tense in my grasp, but instead he seemed to ease, his lips slightly trembling.

I felt a little smug as I held him close, "Shhh, it's okay now. I got you, Froggy." Relief once again flushed through my veins. Maybe he'd still be bitter when he woke, and maybe he would still want to leave, but this moment now told me even though I was a vile monster who destroyed him, ( Ouch. ) my arms had made him sleep peacefully again.

His light snoring became like a trance to me, and his beating heart mirrored mine in my chest, before I knew it I was sound asleep as well.

[ Fran ]

It had been one month since I entered the Varia. Three weeks ago Belphegor had raped me. Three weeks ago I had also tried to runaway.

Belphegor had found me though, I awoke in his arms after falling asleep in the woods. At first, I screamed upon seeing his face, but his expression had been guilty, apologetic almost.

I told him a never wanted to see him again, I didn't need to see his eyes to tell those words had hurt him. At that time, I felt accomplished, he should have hurt the way I had. What surprised me is that he didn't become violent, and he didn't even speak, he just nodded heavily and got up to leave.

I haven't seen Belphegor or the Varia since then. I've stayed with Mukuro for these past two weeks. Yesterday I had come to the conclusion, after being taught more about the power of illusions by Mukuro, that I was meant to be part of the Varia, and strangely I no longer hated Belphegor for what he did. So with that I sent Xanxus I letter reporting my return.

Now, today I stand just as I did a month ago, in front of the Varia, ready to make my mark. And this time nothing was going to get to me, my mind was surely the strongest it has been in my entire life. This time I was ready.

As expected my coming back made little effect. Only Lussuria gushed over my return. Squalo nodded, the others I didn't see. I was looking for a particular fake prince though, and once more I came across his decorated door, knocking on it. No reply.

I opened it and peeked inside to find him asleep in his bed. I walked to his bedside, staring at his peaceful expression as he slept. I didn't hate him anymore, I couldn't. He moved a bit in his sleep, mumbling something that made my heart jump.


I smirked, and straddled him, careful not to wake him up. It was my turn, my turn to show him I have changed too. But I wouldn't hurt him, oh no, he'd enjoy this greatly and that's what would be my punishment. Making him addicted to me, and my illusions. The greatest revenge. I lowered my face close to his, sliding myself gently against him, making him moan in his sleep. Being a member of the Varia would be entertaining from now on. I felt his excitement rise beneath me.

Oh, the things you could do to someone who is comatose.