Title: Control Issues
Author: Renai-chan
Disclaimer: Harry Potter does in no way belong to me nor do I claim in any way that it does. I am merely using the characters to fulfill my twisted imagination.
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: M
Pairings: RLxSB, HPxDM, etc. (Please don't make me write them all out =D)
Summary: A series surrounding the control issues (or lack thereof) of Harry, Draco, Sirius and Remus and the various pairings in between.
Authors' Notes: This started off as a one-shot but I could no longer hold in my desire to write a chaptered fic about this =D I've got so many ideas about what to do with the 'control' (or lack of) that this foursome has =) Anyway, the entirety of the fic will focus on the various pairings, threesomes and foursome among these four men =D



IN CONTROL - One has complete control over the situation

Chapter summary: Draco has control and manipulates the situation to suit his desires. HPDMSBRL.


When Moony was good, he was very, very good. But when he was bad, he was a big, bleeding tease.

And that drove Sirius bonkers to a point where he could get nothing past his lust-filled brain except the thoughts 'bedroom' and 'NOW!' with 'bedroom' being entirely non-specific.

Those thoughts in mind, after a grueling dinner of innuendos, footsies and seductive chewing, his lips wrestled with Remus's as they quickly and desperately stumbled to the room nearest the dining room, which just happened to be his mother's old parlor. With great difficulty, he managed to pry the door open and push his lover inside without pulling away or even gasping for breath. Remus was immediately slammed up against the nearest wall with his feet well off the ground and wrapped around Sirius's waist, while the dog animagus sought to rid him of his offending clothes.

In the back of his mind, the werewolf thought how strange but how wonderfully nice for a warm comfy bed to be sitting smack dab in the middle of the room. He also vaguely wondered why anyone had any use for a bed in a parlor.

A loud moan suddenly echoed around the room and the pair of men froze. Suddenly the bed made more sense; apparently another couple had the same idea as they did. When they dared to take a gander at the impassioned couple on the transfigured bed, though, their jaws dropped slack and so did Remus after Sirius promptly dropped him.

Even from his view on the floor and even through the dim lighting in the room, Remus could clearly make out a certain blond Adonis that had once graced Remus's DADA classroom back when he taught at Hogwarts. Beneath him, he could also discern the trademark mop of jet black hair that could only belong to one person.

With one hand, Draco had both of Harry's arms pinned above his head by his wrists while his other hand was wrapped around the Gryffindor's waist and was currently making its way between the globes of his arse. Not having realized that they had company, Harry moaned once more and arched up against Draco as the latter sucked at the base of his neck. This caused their exposed erections to grind against the other's, creating delicious friction that had Harry crying out:

"Fuck! God!!" The combination of words had Draco smirking and whispering:

"'Draco' would suffice." Harry crashed their lips together and wrapped both of his legs around Draco's waist, seeking more of that wonderful, wonderful friction. After a moment of indulging his lover, Draco pulled away completely, leaving only the skin of his hands pressing against Harry's wrists. The bespectacled boy whined petulantly, while Draco reached under the pillow for his wand. Two soft incantations were heard around the room and the result was a moan and another whine from Harry. Draco had transfigured his glasses into a blindfold while a small golden ring was wrapped around the base of his cock. "Keep these here or I will stop immediately" the Slytherin ordered, referring to Harry's hands.

"Dray... Please?" Harry murmured, lifting his hips slightly off the bed but obeying Draco's order nevertheless. Draco's eyes settled on the figures near the door before smirking and dropping to his knees. He pushed Harry's legs up against his chest before swiping his tongue against the rosette his fingers had been searching for not a moment earlier. Harry cried out delectably, urging Draco for more. The blonde granted the request by slipping his tongue through the ring while momentarily fondling the sacs just above him. Before Harry could complain, Draco withdrew his tongue and two fingers replaced its position. "Oh!" the brunet cried, arching into the small thrusts Draco performed. He responded enthusiastically, determined to drive the fingers in deeper.

"Tell me what you want, Harry" Draco whispered, his other hand brushing over the intensely sensitive head of his cock. When his fingers found and tapped the bundle of nerves that drove Harry practically insane, the boy all but screamed:

"Fuck me!!" Draco stole another glance at the petrified adults before tapping and tapping Harry's prostate over and over again. The brunet thrashed on the bed, desperately keeping his hands where Draco left them. "Fuck me! Draco... God...! Fuck me!" he begged again. Deciding to take pity on his lover, Draco positioned his legs on either side of Harry's hips before pressing the head of his cock against the Gryffindor's entrance. He paused for a moment, intent on driving Harry mad before he pushed himself all the way in.

This time, Harry did scream.

Sirius knew he was expressing a voyeuristic side he didn't know he even had. He knew it was wrong to watch his godson being thoroughly pounded by a Malfoy into the mattress. And, by God, did he know it was wrong to find the entire display incredibly fucking arousing, but Merlin's balls, he couldn't find it in his brain to tear his eyes away. Remus was undoubtedly experiencing the same problems.

"Draco, please?" Harry begged breathlessly. He felt close to coming. He wanted... no, needed to come. He cursed the ring his lover gave him with every expletive he knew in the English language before trying again. "Please!!" Draco ignored him and grasped the lithe waist painfully. He furiously pounded his way into the tight opening and, as he neared the edge, bit down on Harry's neck and muffled his scream. Harry wanted to rip his throat out. "DRACO!!" he yelled instead. He brought his hands down to shove Draco off and grasp at his cock, realizing that Draco wouldn't do it for him, but Draco was quicker. He slapped Harry's hands away and shifted their positions so that he was sitting up against the headboard and Harry was nestled in between his spread legs.

"What did I say?" the blond hissed. Harry gave a strangled cry and unconsciously spread his own legs, hoping to tempt his lover into finishing him off, but the Slytherin was too busy watching Harry's godfathers. They remained stock still, although both pairs of eyes met Draco's amused gaze. The silver eyes roamed appreciatively down Remus's bare chest and over Sirius's disheveled hair. "Tell me what you want, Harry" Draco repeated his earlier statement in a stage whisper, his eyes glued to Sirius's gray orbs.

"Suck me" Harry whimpered.

"Louder" Draco whispered, a smile stretching over his face, shifting his gaze to Remus.

"Suck me!" Harry repeated, spreading his legs more while his arms found their way behind his head and around Draco's neck. Both men found themselves hardening further at their godson stretched out before their eyes, pleading to be allowed release.

"It's not in my nature to deny my lover a request like that. Neither should it be in yours" the Slytherin smirked. Harry visibly stiffened.

"Whose there?" he asked, moving to shut his legs and pull off his blindfold, but Draco prevented both actions. Instead he nuzzled the sensitive spot at the nape of Harry's neck and stroked the arousal between his legs, causing Harry to melt into his embrace and moan softly. His senses were still being overloaded by Draco's denial of his release.

"Trust me" he murmured sweetly, "You'll love this." He pressed his lips against the shell of Harry's ear and whispered something neither Sirius nor Remus heard, and when Harry's cocked twitched slightly, they found themselves responding in the same way. But then Harry spoke, and they nearly came.

"Suck me, Remus..." he murmured in a heady whisper. Sirius's hand inadvertently went to his pant-confined cock and stroked it. Remus simply gazed at his godson, his jaw set firmly, willing himself not to cave to a desire that he knew was beyond wrong.

"That wouldn't get me to suck you off, love. What makes you think Remus would?" Draco was outright grinning now. "Beg." Harry whimpered again.

"Remus... please...?" he moaned, his voice lust-filled and needy. "Please! I-- I need it... Suck me, please? Remus...!" His voice, his words and his movements as he writhed on the bed destroyed every ounce of self-control and every semblance of thought Remus had and the former Hogwarts professor found himself crawling toward the bed. He licked his lips as his eyes roamed Harry's prone form before settling on the stiff red organ between his legs. Draco slipped away from behind Harry when the brunet gave a garbled cry as Remus took him wholly into his mouth. Harry's fingers immediately wound themselves into Remus's hair and he thrust his hips up into the wanton orifice.

Draco made his way to Sirius who either was ignoring him or did not notice him as he watched his own lover consuming his godson. The blond slipped behind the animagus and worked on removing his belt and undoing his fly. Sirius grabbed one pale hand and wrapped it around his hard cock while drawing Draco to stand in front of him.

"You are having far too much fun with this" he growled, to which Draco smirked again.

"I wouldn't doubt you're having just as much fun as I" he countered. Sirius snorted and pushed him down to his knees.

"Suck" he commanded and Draco eagerly complied. A pair of moans intermingled in the air as the werewolf and the former Death Eater worked flawlessly. Sirius grabbed a handful of Draco's hair and fucked the ever-smirking mouth while Remus sweetly pleasured the blindfolded boy on the bed. He slipped off the ring from around Harry's cock before resuming his mouth's previous position, sucking on the throbbing prick greedily. Harry cried out softly and arched his back up, feeling all the teasing and restraint from earlier piling. Remus pulled back momentarily before taking the younger man into his mouth completely one last time. Said boy screamed yet again and released salty fluid into Remus's mouth. By the door, they vaguely heard Draco humming around Sirius's cock as the ex-convict cried out and came as well.

Moments passed while Draco and Remus licked off the remnants of their partner's release. Then Draco stood up and walked back to Harry, pulling off his blindfold, while Remus picked up his discarded shirt and allowed Sirius to do the buttons up. Looks were passed in between them but none said a word.

Finally, Remus glanced at Sirius, licked his lips and hauled his lover out of the room by the front of his shirt.

Draco simply smirked.


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KEEPING CONTROL - One maintains the control he has

Chapter summary: Sirius and Remus and Draco and Harry try to maintain their control by returning to their normal lives after the event. SBxRL, HPxDM

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