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Abandoning Control - One knowingly discards control

Chapter Summary: Sirius and Remus let go of their inhibitions by executing their will on the younger men. HPxSB DMxRL


Only the soft sound of rustling paper permeated the stillness of the kitchen early the next morning as Remus and Sirius basked in each other's presence while sipping coffees and catching up on the latest news courtesy of the Daily Prophet. Occasionally, one would ask the other to pass the quidditch section or the headlines, but were otherwise silent. Not that comfort or what-have-you was an issue, Merlin, no. Only that they were so in tune with one another that, often, words were hardly necessary to convey what they were feeling.

So when Sirius started with "Rem, yesterday..." without even looking up from the section he was scanning, "yes, Sirius," was Remus's casual answer after he had taken a sip of coffee.

"And I..." Sirius trailed off.

"So did I," the werewolf replied. This time, the animagus looked up at his lover who, not too long after, met his gaze. A minute passed, after which Sirius cracked the smirk that often graced his lips and that Remus constantly wanted to wipe off with a kiss (or kisses, plural).

"They really did a number on us, didn't they?"

"So they did," Remus returned with his own matching patented Marauder smirk. Now if Sirius's smirk managed to work Remus up, Remus's smirk, in all it's rare glory, whipped Sirius into a right frenzy. Which was why the werewolf suddenly found himself with a lap-full of an enthusiastic brunet and at a loss for words (not entirely of his own choosing, but nonetheless a pleasantly welcome experience). He let out a heady moan as his lover stroked the insides of his mouth with his tongue, while rough hands tangled themselves in the tawny hair. When they parted, Sirius whispered with a naughtier version of his earlier smirk:

"Should we let them get away with besting us, Mssr. Moony?" The tone of his voice alone was enough to make Remus forget that he was well into his middle-ages and to encourage the young Marauder in him to resurface. He grabbed the back of his lover's head and pulled him back into another crushing kiss.

"Besting us? They haven't even seen what we can do."


In honor of their 300th monthly anniversary, Remus and Sirius had opted for a simple and quiet yet elegant dinner for just the four of them in the formal dining room of Grimmauld Place. The werewolf had slaved in the kitchen for hours, preferring to cook the muggle way to make everything just a smidgen more special (though admittedly, he did do the slightest of wand waving to salvage the over-done rack of lamb. But no one had to know, did they?) while Sirius had been busy setting up the dining room, which took him all of five minutes. The rest of his time was spent pestering Moony to 'please just use damn magic so we can do something more worthwhile' before he was finally kicked out of the kitchen and into the garden.

The younger men were nowhere to be seen, under the guise of 'looking for appropriate gifts.' The elder men took that to mean 'shagging in every room in the house before, at the eleventh hour, grabbing the least appropriate gift from the first shop they entered.' Nonetheless, when they finally handed it over, Remus and Sirius couldn't have cared less if it were a stuffed rat; they were just happy Harry and Draco were thoughtful enough to have gotten anything at all.

Harry played his part by helping bring out the food while Remus ambled down into the cellar to pick out an appropriate bottle of wine. Sirius turned to Draco and gestured toward the cellar.

"Maybe you should help him out down there. Merlin knows Moony is utterly clueless when it comes to pairing wines and selecting good ones," he smirked. Draco simply nodded. "Peasants," Sirius then jokingly added with a roll of his eyes. The Malfoy heir chuckled.

"Indeed," he replied looking pointedly at his own lover who returned the look with a glare. Draco gave Harry a kiss on the forehead, and headed the way Remus went. The kitchen was located through a small hallways and down some stairs. Surrounded by dark stone walls and ceilings, the kitchen was stripped down to its bare essentials and looked more like a dungeon than what it really was. But that's how all ancestral wizarding homes looked. None of the members of pureblood families had any use for a decorated kitchen as none of them did the cooking themselves. The kitchen was purely for the use of house elves.

He walked through an even smaller hallway and further down some steps to the cellar. This time, Draco was pretty sure the Blacks had used this as a dungeon. It was dark, dank and a little bit creepy. Water dripped from the ceiling, moss grew along the walls and roots of trees stuck out from the ceiling. Admittedly, though, it was rather clean. Draco presumed Kreacher took to cleaning the place whenever it needed it.

"Remus?" he called, walking toward one door in hopes that it was the wine cellar. All he found in that room was a broom cupboard, so he moved on to the next door, which was slightly bigger than the last. There he found what he was looking for. It was a pretty big room, lined from floor to ceiling with racks upon racks of vintage wines and other alcohols. But even with the few torches that littered the walls, it was rather hard to see, so he called out one more time, "Remus?" A pair of arms slithered from the shadows and wrapped themselves around Draco's midsection from behind, earning a startled yelp from the pureblood.

He turned to glare at Remus who gave a deep, amused chuckle. However, whatever words Draco was going to utter died on his lips when he turned to look into the amber eyes, darkened in lust. Remus started walking forward, causing Draco to walk backwards until he hit a rack of bottles. They tinkled merrily against each other as Remus devoured Draco's lips. The Slytherin could do no more than moan and wrap his arms around the werewolf's neck, holding on for dear life until Remus let him up.

"You've been a bad boy, Draco," Remus growled.

"Terrible," Draco sighed in return. Remus awarded him with a predatory grin.

"Go on..."

"Evil, conniving, sneaky, naughty..." the blond whispered. With each word, Remus kissed him. "I..."

"Yes?" Remus's eyes seemed to light up with glee. "You what?"

"I should be..." Draco paused, his attention diverted as Remus rocked his hips against his. Remus prompted him with a sharp grope and a hiss of 'say it.' "...punished." The word barely left his lips before Remus hauled him up and slammed him against the sturdier stone wall. Draco clung to the werewolf's neck, his long, slender legs wrapped around the slim waist, as Remus once again devoured his lips. He felt his shirt being pulled off, and he let out a whimper as Remus lightly bit at his neck while calloused fingers pinched his nipple.

Remus then pulled him off the wall and moved him onto the ground, muttering a simple cushioning spell. Draco barely had time to marvel the wandless magic as he found himself being stripped. His legs where shoved up against his chest, exposing his rear to the delighted werewolf who ran his fingers over the puckered hole. A shiver made its way up Draco's spine sending goosebumps over his skin.

"Beautiful," Remus murmured, experimenting with pushing one finger in Draco. The younger man moaned headily.

"More," he begged, the feeling of just one not enough to satisfy him. Remus stroked his prick with the other hand while he wriggled his finger teasingly, deliberately avoiding his prostate. "Remus, please..." he tried again, all sense of decorum and Malfoy-ness that had been drilled into him from a young age shucked out of the proverbial window. His heightened state of lust barely registered Remus calling out an "Accio Port" before he felt the tip of the bottle graze his entrance. To that he let out a louder moan, his dick throbbing painfully.

"Shall this suffice?" Remus murmured in his ear before tugging on his lobe with his teeth to which Draco whimpered. "Expansio lubrus," the werewolf whispered before pushing the neck of the bottle into Draco's stretched and lubricated passage. The Slytherin moaned loudly, pushing himself down on the bottle before replacing Remus's hand on his cock. The older man grinned and kissed him languidly, lazily pushing the bottle in and out. With his other hand, Draco fumbled with Remus's fly and zipper to pull out his cock and stroke it in time with his thrusts. The former professor groaned in appreciation, deepening his thrusts.

"Remus..." Draco whispered breathlessly, "fuck me. Please." Remus didn't stall. He set aside the bottle and positioned himself at Draco's entrance before plunging in. The blond cried out, begging for more, faster, harder! The older man didn't see any reason why he shouldn't grant Draco's requests and thrust harder, faster. He took over stroking Draco's length as the blond didn't seem to be able to while he thrashed on the floor and angled his hips so that with each thrust, he pounded on Draco's prostate. The blond came within minutes, crying out as white ribbons spurted from his cock and onto his stomach. Remus couldn't hold on for long either. He bit down on the junction between Draco's neck and shoulder to muffle his cries as he too came deep within the Slytherin.

Silence permeated the space until Draco drew in a breath. Remus pulled his spent cock out of his godson's lover before flopping onto the cushioned floor beside him. Draco stared at him with Remus staring back through one opened eye. The blond's gaze flitted quickly over the bottle before returning to Remus.

"The Black's have an impressively extensive collection of vintage wines and you select a cheap Port wine?"

"Well, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I had to select the most expensive wine in this room to fuck you with," Remus shot back sarcastically, albeit jokingly.

"You didn't?" Draco feigned horror.



"So," Sirius started after Draco had disappeared into the kitchen. He turned to his godson, eying the two small packages on the table. Harry followed his gaze and shrugged, pushing them over. "So these things kept you two away for the entire day? Must be some pretty damn special gifts, yeah?" Harry had the decency to blush, but the grin on his face kept him from looking entirely sincere.

"I think you should wait for Remus before you open them. They are for you two after all," the younger man pointed out as Sirius inspected the wrappings. Sirius smirked and waved the comment away as he started ripping the covering off.

"What's his is mine," was all he muttered as he dove into the first package. Lumpy and wrapped in black, it caught Sirius's attention first. He ripped it apart mercilessly, taking mere seconds before finally flinging the last bit of paper aside. His eyebrows shot up into his hairline as he pulled up a long length of chain with a thick, black, studded collar at the very end. Harry coughed lightly, hiding a chuckle.

"That one's from Draco," he grinned. Then in a conspiratorial whisper, he added: "He has these fantasies you know." That caused a raucous laughter to break out of Sirius, eventually joined in by Harry. As their laughter died down, Sirius set the collar and leash aside and reached for the box-type gift. It was the type of gift Remus would take hours opening, carefully peeling off the tape so as not to destroy the packaging. Sirius had no such qualms. As he did with the first package, he tore into the second just as mercilessly. Out of the corner of his eye, he was Harry's grin widening. Eventually, he got into the prize inside and pulled out a small box.

"Viagra?" he asked. He was assuming it was some kind of muggle medicine. Harry had shown him some capsules a while back.

"Oh. Here, I got you a pamphlet." Sirius could see the laughter threatening to burst out from his godson. He narrowed his eyes and snatched the piece of paper, momentarily diverting his gaze from the not-so-innocent green eyes. His eyes scanned the text momentarily before they widened. That was when Harry's laughter finally got the best of him.

"Sildenafil under the name Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men?!" he practically yelled, glaring venomously at his godson. When he had calmed his raging laughter, Harry managed to answer:

"Yeah, well, I figured, you know, since you're old and all that. Besides, it's easier than brewing a potion." Sirius looked caught between wanting to throttle Harry and storming out of the room to whine to Remus. It was a while before he moved and had only done so after Harry had waved a hand in front of his face. Suddenly, it was Harry who seemed frozen in place as he looked into the evil smirk on his godfather's lips.

"Old am I?" Sirius purred, pulling Harry closer by the back of his head until their lips were millimeters apart. Harry's breath caught in his throat as Sirius's washed over his face. "Impotent am I?" Sirius tried again after he got no reaction out of the younger man. When Harry still didn't respond, he crashed their lips together, pulling Harry to sit on his lap, facing him. Immediately, he felt Harry's hardness gliding over his thigh, and he pulled the seeker even closer, pressing their bodies together. Harry ground his groin into Sirius's moaning at the hardness he felt against his own.

Pleased, Sirius responded by taking one of Harry's hands and placing it over his clothed cock. Harry undid the button and fly of his godfather's trousers, freeing the straining erection inside. He barely noticed what Sirius's own hands were up to until he felt something close around his neck. He pulled away with a start and fingered the studded collar Draco had given his godfathers.

"I'm pretty sure Dray intended for you to use this on Remus," the younger brunet said.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure he sees that you look just as pretty in it," Sirius replied with a wicked grin and allowed Harry to say no more. He pulled his godson toward him by the leash that came with the collar, and their lips joined once more. Without parting lips, the animagus grabbed both of Harry's wrists and pinned them behind his back before using the leash to secure them there. Once more, Harry pulled away. This time Sirius sighed and stood up to dump his godson on the floor with a thump, to which the younger brunet complained loudly. He yanked Harry up into a kneeling position by his chin before murmuring, "I don't want to hear anything else from your mouth except moaning. All I want is to see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock."

Harry's eyes darkened in lust, and he parted his lips to comply with Sirius's command. He moaned in delight at the feel of the thick cock in his mouth. Draco was right, Sirius was much bigger than him. He lapped teasingly at the dripping head before taking the entire length of it in his mouth once more. Sirius sighed happily, leaning back against the table while his hips pushed and pulled their way in and out of Harry's mouth. The younger Gryffindor rattled the leash that bound his hands and moaned when he realized he couldn't touch himself. Instead, he rutted against his godfather's leg while giving pleasure to the older man.

Sirius ran his fingers into Harry's wild mane, guiding him forward and backward and setting the pace. Not too long after, spurred on by Harry rubbing against his leg, he was blindly fucking the other's mouth. Harry clenched his hands into fists as Sirius rained thrust upon thrust into his mouth. He could feel himself bordering on the brink of coming and only increased his rutting to fall over the precipice. His muffled scream vibrated around Sirius's cock, dragging the older Gryffindor with him. The animagus bit down on his fist to muffle his own loud groan as he came wildly in his godson's mouth.

Harry licked the dribble of come that managed to escape him off Sirius's cock before pressing his forehead against his godfather's thigh, pausing to regain his breath.

"We leave you alone for fifteen minutes and we come back to find you participating in bondage?" came an amused voice from the kitchen doorway. Harry didn't need to look up to see who it was, so he didn't move nor speak, but a grin graced his lips.

"Shut it, Remmie," Sirius shot back, a broad smile evident in his voice, "Don't start preaching to us about fidelity and all that shit. You two looked just as thoroughly fucked as we do." Remus let out a throaty laugh that caused stirring in Harry's loins. This time, Harry did look up to see Remus with an arm draped casually on Draco's waist. The two did indeed look 'thoroughly fucked' as Sirius put it. Draco's hair was in slight disarray as did his clothing and Remus has a cat-that-got-the-canary smile.

"Anyone mind helping me out?" he asked from his position on the floor. The three regarded him with thoughtful eyes before exchanging glances. Sirius helped him up but made no move to free his hands.

"Maybe later," the animagus whispered in his ear as Draco and Remus started toward the dining table. Draco pulled him from Sirius's grasp and traced the collar with his fingers before lightly kissing his lover. Remus and Sirius exchanged a heated kiss before taking their seats at the table. "Oi, you two. You can go play master-slave later. Right now, I'm starving," the animagus loudly declared. Remus rolled his eyes before gesturing that the two should do so.

"And I'm supposed to eat, how?" Harry asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I would have thought you were pretty full by now," Sirius chuckled teasingly. Harry stuck his tongue out childishly until Draco stroked his thigh then he moaned.

"Rather a strange set-up we have here don't we?" Remus mused thoughtfully as he began carving up the roast.

"Not entirely unpleasant, though," Draco pointed out to three nods.



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