Close and Close

It was so hot and humid that a storm seemed inevitable and Inuyasha was already irritable. He was not used to people quite so close to him who weren't trying to hurt him in some way, and to have another join Kagome and himself was disconcerting. This monk was too clever, he was quick witted and a charmer, all things that Inuyasha realised he wasn't and the hanyou didn't trust him as far as he could see him.

Right now he was talking quietly with the Miko and she looked content as they conversed, making Inuyasha scowl. He knew he couldn't hope to compete with the educated Miroku in keeping Kagome's interest and was afraid, although he would never admit it, that she might leave with the suave monk and the surly hanyou would be alone again. Miroku was a formidable enemy with that wind tunnel; he could and had fought youkai successfully, how long would it be before they decided they didn't need the half-breed.

Soon the weather thickened and grew even closer, thunder was in the air but the temperature still rose. Inuyasha wished he could wear something other than the warm firerat, but it was a last promise given to his mother that he not lose his protective clothing and to be fair it had saved him many times. Now however, he was sweating; his hair uncomfortably sticking to his face.

Suddenly there was a merciful cool breeze and he turned his face into its most welcome caress, staggered to find Kagome was fanning him. Miroku watched them and his eyebrow climbed;

"Surely you are a remarkable young woman Kagome, to take such good care of a hanyou."

Kagome was annoyed,

"I am Miroku; so remarkable I might even have taken care of you.

Prompt from Inuyasha Themes #6 Close Livejournal 300 words or less.