By Solstice Muse and The Steppy One

I have of late, but for reasons too complicated to explain in in an opening sentence, found myself in an incestuous relationship.

No, not Ginny, that would be…

Sorry, I needed to go and brush my teeth and wash my hands. This is really more complicated than me actually…insert scary stuff we'll not put into my head right now… with Ginny.

I fell in love with this girl you see? I fell in love with this girl I've really liked for a long time. This girl was way out of my league as a girl I could go out with but she was also my friend and I felt as if I was good enough for that. I'm a good bloody friend.

Well, there are times when - NO! I mustn't because that way loses me a couple of fingernails and leaves me crying in the snow in front of my best friend.

I'm a good person to have as a friend because I will go into an obvious trap for you if you asked me to. I will walk into the pincers of giant murderous spiders because a great big softie asked me to in order to clear his name of crimes he didn't commit. I will stand between you and people who want to hurt you on a broken leg. I will get beaten up by a chess piece so you can save the world.

I will do all those things for my friends.

I think the only person who could ever have put up with me as a boyfriend would be somebody who has been a friend for years first.

She liked me back. She kissed me first. She loves me too.

We were ready for it to be hard. A rocky road with lots of rocks and very little road lay ahead but we never did walk the same path other couples did. It shouldn't have been a surprise. I'm not surprised, not really, not at all.

Well, okay, the fact that something happened isn't a surprise. The fact that this happened, I'm never gonna get my head around how this happened.


I look up and see the man hoping I can make time for him now that he has me back after having lost me for so long.

"Yes, Mr Granger?"

His face collapses into a look of hurt.

"Ron, please, stop doing that. I said I was sorry for not recognising who you where to me."


So, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Ninety-eight percent of everything we had to do went swimmingly: the numerous international portkeys were all on time and took us to within inches of where they were supposed to, our two, small but vital pieces of luggage arrived ten seconds after us and exactly six feet away, liaising with the Australian Ministry of Magic was efficient and as expected and even finding the 'remote' village my mum and dad are living in was relatively easy.

You can imagine how I felt when I realised that the only thing that had failed to complete properly in this whole thing, was my spell work.

Ron can stand there all he wants and tell me that it wasn't my fault, but what he is failing to remember is that he's talking to me, Hermione Jean Granger, you know, the witch with the massive fear of failure.

Ron keeps talking about how our journey was never going to be an easy one and that we should just expect things to go wrong. He has a point, when have things ever been simple when it comes to us? But still, occasionally things have gone in the right direction and the correct outcome had appeared. Just not this. This being the one thing I needed to get right and to be right.


I look around and Mum is smiling at me. I wish I could say it was her normal smile, but she's wearing her nervous smile. She's still wary of everything that's going on around her, still scared about the small war related things Ron and I have told her and still finding her memories of her family in her mind.

'Yes, Mum?'

'Your father and brother are going to the shop to get some food for dinner. Do you want to go with them? Or do you want to help me start organising things for packing?'

I smiled at her and stood up from the chair I'd been sitting on. 'I think I'll stay here and help you organise things. That is if we trust Dad and Ron to come back with proper food and not rubbish!'

She laughed. 'Well, even if they do, what's wrong with indulging once in a while, eh?'

I smiled. Apparently my mum had relaxed slightly since moving half way across the world. 'Nothing I suppose. I'll be through in a minute, if that's okay?'

'Absolutely fine, there's no rush.'

As Mum left the room I sat down heavily back on the chair. I declined the shopping trip mainly because if I'm here I can sneak a few minutes look at my books and try and work out how to get us out of this mess, and because I don't think I can stand being around Ron without holding his hand, putting my arm around him, giving him the odd chaste kiss and just marvelling in the fact that we're both alive and can do those things now.

Pretending Ronald Weasley is in fact Ronald Granger for an hour at the supermarket may kill me.

It took me three and a half years of knowing Ron to finally realise I didn't just 'love him like a brother' and a further three and a half years to snog him senseless and silently declare to the whole world that I love him. Now I had to regress to my fourteen year old self.

Then again, it shouldn't be that hard, when it comes to our relationship, me and Ron have always been backwards in coming forwards. This should be fine...

What I wouldn't give for one kiss...