Summary: Rukia stopped believing in love after an uneventful accident that killed her lover, Kaien. As an outcast she wants nothing more than to be alone. But, after years of avoiding human contact, a certain orange headed kid comes into her life and changes her view on this thing called love. IchiRuki

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Slamming her tiny hand down on the annoying alarm clock, Rukia tiredly climbed out of bed. She pulled on a pair of blue shorts to accompany her baggy t-shirt; three sizes too big before decending down the stairs. As soon as she was downstairs, the smell of a fresh breakfast greeted her.

"Good morning Rukia!", a voice too cherry for the morning sang as Rukia sat at the table, eyeing the plate of eggs in front of her. Her mouth watered as she spotted the bacon beside them.

"Oi. Goof rornen Hishna.", Rukia mumbled, her mouth already full of eggs. Hisina laughed lightly as she watched her little sister try to swallow her food. "Ano, What I meant was, Good morning Hisina." Rukia took one last bite of the mouth watering eggs, savouring the taste. "Thanks for breakfast, Hisina, but I gotta get ready for school." Rukia ran up the stairs, only hearing Hisina's "Your welcome!" before shutting her door.

She grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a white tank before entering her bathroom to get ready for another day of hell. I mean, school.


"Bye, Hisina!", Rukia called, leaving the house. She walked silently down the sidewalk, avoiding eye contact from anyone who past her by. It was the same thing everyday. She would walk to school, not looking at anybody or anything but her converse clad feet. They would pass by her without giving her a second thought. She would walk pass the same old buildings, same old trees, and the same old people. She sighed to herself as she clutched her backpack closer to her chest. With every step, she was getting closer to that school. She was slowly getting closer and closer to the hell whole.

Everything in her wanted to turn around and run back home. But, you know, there's this thing poeple call "Graduation".

Before she knew it, she was already in the doors of Karakura High. She was given stares, dirty looks, and ugly hand gestures. Rukia shut her eyes as tight as possible, hoping to drown out the world. That is, until she ran into an open locker.

Laughter erupted among the vicious crowd as she fell on her ass. They pointed and called names, too busy laughing to notice Rukia escaping with tears in her eyes. Blinking her tears away, Rukia ran for the bathroom.

'God! I'm such an idiot!' She placed her hands on the sink, looking into the mirror to observe herself. Her face was beat red from anger and embarressment. Her eyes were strained and red from unshed tears. A sigh escaped her lips as she shook her head. 'Just one more year. Just one more year.', Rukia chanted in her head.

Just one more year and she would be out of this hell whole. Just one more year and she would be free of their judgemental glares, rude comments, and hurtful pranks. Just one more fucking year and she could start all over. She would start a new life with new friends that didn't know anything about Kaien. They wouldn't judge her, lie to her, torment or even beat her. She would have friends. For the first time in 5 years.

And, Kaien would only be a memory to everyone.


"Do you love me?" A husky voice asked as he carressed the gentle, smooth, pale skin of Kuchiki Rukia. She pressed her tiny hand againts his, adding onto the pressure. She smiled lightly, looking up into his beautiful blue eyes. She leaned in, pressing her lips to his. He kissed her back. He was kissing her back. Shiba Kaien was kissing her back.

Rukia smiled into the kiss before pulling away. She looked up at him as he became lost in Amethyst eyes. She grabbed both his hands in her tiny ones and held them by her side. Rukia stood to her tippy toes until she was eye to nose with him.

"I love you.", she spoke softly, kissing him on the tip of his nose.

"I love you too." Kaien took Rukia's hands as he led her away from his house. They walked hand in hand pass several tress.

"Where are we going?" Rukia asked, looking around her surroundings.

"You'll see." He replied hotly, squeezing her delicate hand.

They slowly approached a bridge. It went across a small lake. The light from the moon highlighted the water, making it glisten brightly. Lilly pads floated atop the water as they flowed by. Little fireflies swarmed on the surface, only lighting up the lake more. The water was so clear, you could see the stars above in them. It was beautiful. Trees and bushes surrounded the lake with little animals running around. Everything was quiet and it was just the two of them. Rukia couldn't think of anything more romantic or beautiful.

"Kaien. It's.. it's beautiful.", she whispered, using her free hand to cover her mouth.

"Are you looking at yourself again, Kuchiki?" Rukia smiled at the sweet compliment. She stopped and turned around once they were in the middle of the bridge, looking over the water. She grabbed both sides of his face, looking up into his hypnotyzing eyes. Everything was perfect and she wanted to remeber this moment.

"I love you, Kaien. I love you alot.", Rukia whispered before crashing her lips onto his. It was sweet and sensual. It was perfect and blissful. Rukia never knew a feeling like this exisited. The most popular, cocky, hot headed, irritating guy she knew loved her. Her!

They broke away, grinning from ear to ear like idiots. Kaien grabbed Rukia, wrapping her in his arms. She snuggled close to his well built chest as she breathed him in. He kissed the top of her head lightly. A smile spread across his beautiful face. He was happy.



"I think Im in love with you." Scrath that. The most popular, cocky, hot headed, irritating guy she knew was IN love with her. This had to be a dream.

Rukia looked up with nothing but love in her eyes. She closed her eyes and snuggled into his chest again, a full on smile gracing her lips. "Im in love with you too random cheesy kid."

"Shut up and kiss me."


"Rukia. I have to leave."

"What? Why!?"

"Because I don't love you anymore." No. This wasn't happening. The man she had fallen in love with only a year ago was not leaving her. He was not telling her that she didn't matter and that he was done pretending he loved her. This was not happening. Shiba Kaien was not leaving her. Not like this.

"W..wait! Stop! Don't leave me Kaien!", Rukia begged, pushing againts his chest to stop him from walking out her door. Forever.

"Move on Rukia! I don't love you!" His words came out with such anger, but his eyes were so sad. He looked hurt. Sorry. And.. and were those tears.? 'Kaien?'

"Please! Kaien! Please don't do this! Just tell me why. Tell me what Im doing wrong! I can change for you! I can dress nicer. I can fix my hair. I can put on more makeup. I'll do anything. I can change for you, Kaien!", Rukia pleaded, tears now streaming down her pale cheeks.

'Your perfect, Rukia. It's me. I have to go but if I really told you why, you would follow me. I know you. And I can't take the risk of you getting hurt, love. Please. Stop crying. Im so sorry.'

"I love you so much, Kaien!"

"Yeah? Well, I don't!" 'Im sorry.' "And stop crying! You look distgusting!" 'Your beautiful.'

Kaien pushed Rukia off of him, sending her into a wall. More tears escaped her violet eyes as she slammed into the hard cement. She slid down the wall as she watched Kaien leave. Forever. "Please. Kaien. Please." Rukia cried, tucking her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. She layed her head in her tucked arms, letting her sobs surround the vacant room. She felt empty. Kaien was gone and out of her life.


"Come back. I love you."


He had come back. He had come back to her. He drove up to her driveway. He knocked on her door. She opened it with dead eyes until she saw what was on the other end of her door. He had grabbed her and kissed passionately as he apoligized. She was so shocked at first, but soon his kisses became more persistant. He had left. And then he had come back. It was like her brain was proccessing slower than usual. She had been brain dead since he left her. She was skinny as a stick from her lack of eating. She had bags under her bags, due to restless nights wondering when he would come back. He had caused her so much pain, but he was here now. He was here and that's all that mattered. He was finally here.

He slept with her that night, holding her until she finally fell asleep. He didn't want to let go, being afraid of losing her again.

She woke up that morning to a smiling Kaien.

"Your so beautiful when you sleep, love." His morning breath reached her nose, making her cringe but she didn't want to leave his side just yet.

"Don't leave me."

"I won't. Not again. I love you, Rukia."

"Then why did you leave?"

"In time, love. In time." He replied, kissing the tip of her nose. He moved a stray hair from inbetween her eyes, not liking that it was blocking her beauty from his view.

Rukia cuddled up to his chest, not quiet satisfied with that answer, but it could wait. He wasn't going to leave her again. She had all the time in the world. "I love you Kaien." she whispered beofre drifting off to sleep again.

"Yeah." He smiled down on her sleeping form. "I love you too."


They were driving together in his car and blasting the music as he drove down the road. Rukia sang along happily to the lyrics as they played. Kaien laughed loudly watching Rukia attempt to dance in a compact car.

They were heading to a resturaunt for Rukia's birthday. It was around 9:00 pm as he drove over the speedlimit. Not that Rukia cared. This was fun. It was like old times. She cherished every moment she had with him and never complained. They could be watching some stupid old football game, but she wouldn't complain. Complaining would just drive him away again. She wasn't having that. These little moments she shared with Kaien were priceless.

"HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!" Rukia sang, thrusting her arms into the air. She laughed joyfully at the look on Kaien's face.

"You know you love it."

"I love you. Not whatever that just was." They laughed together, not watching the road as a jiant truck headed in there direction. And it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

"KAIEN!! WATCH OUT!" It was too late. The next thing she saw was black.

Rukia slowly woke up an hour later. She observed her surroundings, not even lifting her head. She blinked once. Twice. Five times. She wasn't believing what she was seeing. She was lying in warm blood, Kaien's car only six feet away from her. It was smashed underneath a large truck. A man was in the truck, but his head was on the steering wheel while blood oozed from his head. Several beer bottles were sprawled on the pavement neer the truck.

Rukia gasped at what she saw next. There was Kaien, lying lifeless in a pool of blood. His eyes were wide open, blood still running from his mouth and down his cheek. A giant piece of metal was wedged in his chest.

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No." Rukia chanted as she crawled over to his lifeless body. She reached his bloodied body with tears running down her cheeks. Silent sobs escaped her lips as she touched his bloody face with her red hands. Her body was shaking violently with pain, anger, and sorrow. Her hand reached out and touched his warm blood. More tears cascaded down her hot face. "Oh God NO! NO! NO! NO! KAIEN!" Her body was wet with warm blood and... water?

It was raining. Hard.

The rain cascaded down her body as streams of tears left her bloodshot eyes.

She wasn't believing what was happening. She had just gotten him back only two months ago. She worked so hard to keep him here with her. Not complaining! Not whining! Not pushing him away! She wasn't being Rukia just to keep him here. She stopped being herself for two months and now in five minutes this drunken driver took him away from her!

And now he was gone. Gone forever. He was never coming back.

He was dead.

Rukia cuddled up to his lifeless body, not caring that she was surrounded in blood. She lyed there, tears and blood mixing together.

Flashbacks over:

Rukia stood in front of her locker, her fist clutched tightly and her eyes shut tight. She had survived that crash with only some cuts and a few broken ribs, while Kaien had fucking metal in his chest. Some would say that she was lucky. She would say that was a bunch of bullshit. She would take Kaien's place in a heartbeat.

Especially since everyone hates and blames her for everything. She was a murderer in their eyes. They threw things at her, called her names like "Murderer!", and even cornered her to beat the shit out of her.

No one ever liked her with Kaien, him being the most popular guy and she being an outcast with only about 5 friends. But she lost them all the day everyone heard Kaien had died because of her. She was blamed and no one ever talked to her again, afraid they would die too. Considering her mom died giving birth to her and her father died of cancer. All she had was her sister. Her sickly sister.

She expected sympathy. You know, for her lost. She expected to be comforted. She was expecting her friends to wrap her in hugs and let her cry. Too bad she was Kuchiki Rukia and she wasn't really the type to get what she wanted.

All they did was blame her as she protested. But soon, she gave in, accepting that it was all her fault.

Opening her eyes she abruptly turned around, only to slam into a rock hard chest.

"Ahh! Fuck!" Rukia cried, holding her nose, making sure she wasn't bleeding. She slowly looked up, observeing her attacker. The fist thing her eyes caught onto was his scowl. But, that was before she noticed his spiky orange mane that sat apon his head. 'Carrott.', was the first thought that came to her mind before her eyes saught for his. She was welcomed with a pair of beautiful, bright amber eyes. She gasped at how handsome this one guy could be. He was gorgeous. He was beautiful. But it was like looking into a time machine. She saw Kaien as she stared at this man. The only differences were the eyes and hair. Other than that, they could be brothers. Or better yet, twins.

He made her want to cry, and she didn't even know his name yet. Her violet eyes glistened with unshed tears.

Her eyes caught onto his thin lips as he was about to speak. She braced herself for the strings of violent words and teases.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you. My mistake. Are you ok?" Her eyes widened. Did this guy just apoligize to her. And admitt his faults. And ask about her well being!? Who was this kind Goddess?

"Oi! Midget, are you ok or not?" Ok, maybe he wasn't a Goddess.

He haved his hand in front of her face before flicking her forhead.

Or kind.

"Hey! I am not a midget, or your play toy!" Rukia shouted, swatting his hand away from her forhead. She crossed her arms over her petite chest, matching her scowl with this idiot's.

"Whatever. Say what ya want, midget." He remarked, placing his hand on top of her raven locks. He cringed in pain as her tiny foot connected with his shin. "Agh! Damn bitch!"

"I am not a midget! I'm just petite, you ass!" What was she doing? Why was she standing up for herself? Why did she suddenly feel comfortable and able to throw insults at this kid she just met? He was muscular, big, and intimadating. He could easily beat her up. Who was she to stand up to him?

"Fuck! That hurt!"

"It's what you get!"

"What I do!?"

"You called me a midget!"

"Just keeping it real!- OW!" He rubbed his arm, carressing the skin she punched him at. Who was this girl? And how could someone so tiny hit so hard as if she were as muscular as him!?

Before he could insult her back, the bell rang, signalling that classes were starting.

"Shit! Im gonna be late!" Rukia picked up her discarded backpack before running in the other direction.

"Hey, wait!" He called. Rukia turned around while still running, causing her to run backwards. "What?"

"What's your name?" He shouted, her being quiet far away now.

She smirked, slightly intrigued. "Kuchiki! Kuchiki Rukia!" She yelled, ready to finally leave. But his booming voice slowed her running/jogging pace.

"I'm Kurosaki! Kurosaki Ichigo!" Rukia laughed at the name, but continued to run until she reached her class.

Ichigo watched her retreating form, before sprinting off himself. 'Damn. What a first day.'


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