Title: Seeking Peace With Pleasure
Published: May 5, 2008
Written For: IYHedonism Week 2: Masturbation
Genre: PWP. Maybe Vignette/introspective-ish?
Universe: Canon
Rating: X
Word Count: 666
Characters: Kikyou, Kohaku
Warning: Masturbation, unbeta-ed, and probably shotacon. o.O

Summary: Kikyou cannot find peace on her own, and uses someone else to attain it.

Kikyou had died a virgin—untouched and untainted. In order to keep her spirit at its purest, she had not engaged in sexual activities of any kind. Oh, she had known what lust was. She felt it burn low in her belly when Inuyasha gazed at her, and his touch was like an electric shock that jolted through her body before settling in her loins. Knowing it was sinful to want such a creature only fueled the fire, and it was all she could do to restrain herself and resist the temptation, lest she taint the Shikon no Tama with her impurities. She forbade herself even the touch of her own hand, and died without knowing the pleasures of the flesh.

She had been filled with rage and thoughts of revenge when she had first reawakened, but those feelings eventually began to fade as she wandered the land, allowing other thoughts to creep in. Curiosity and loneliness led her to touch herself for the first time. She slipped a hand under her hakama and explored the folds of her sex, sending little jolts of pleasure coursing through her—but that was all. Her body, built from the earth and powered by dark magic, was naturally dry and abrasive.

She had tried various lotions and lubricants, gasping as her fingers slid over the nub between her legs and into the depths of her womanhood, reveling in the sensations she was evoking, enjoying the sounds of slick flesh upon flesh. But no matter how much she rubbed her clitoris or pumped her fingers into herself, the pleasure only went so far. Her sinful, undead body was cursed to feel pain; pleasure was forbidden her. Kikyou had known this from the beginning; there was nothing she could do about it. She was doomed to pass on unfulfilled once again, unable to feel as mortals did.

Her will lived on inside of the Shikon no Tama after her passing, keeping it pure. She had no body and thus no feelings; she had no mind and thus no thoughts. She simply existed inside of the jewel. She was a speck of light in the darkness; a ray of hope when all seemed hopeless. Naraku would be thwarted. That was her will. It would be so.

Then, quite suddenly, she found herself in a body.

Apparently, her will had a mind of its own, abandoning its mission to save the life of a adolescent human boy.

With a body, she could think. With a body, she could feel. It was not hers to control, and its owner was unaware of her presence. As she grew accustomed to her new existence, she found she could force her suggestions to mingle with his own. He was young, oh yes, but he was old enough that he shifted uncomfortably whenever he saw her reincarnation's long, slender legs.

Kohaku gave in to her with little prodding the next time he was alone. He sat against a tree and brushed himself experimentally though his clothing, gasping when his cock twitched under his hand. He pressed harder and tried again with similar success. Soon his fingers were moving along his length in a steady rhythm through the fabric, but it wasn't enough. Not enough. He needed to feel the flesh upon flesh. Kikyou sent that thought through to the forefront of his mind, and he complied.

Frustrated, he shrugged out of his bodysuit, leaving it bunched around his knees. He choked down a cry of pleasure when he grasped his member with his bare hand, and began rubbing it as he had been before, gritting his teeth and pressing his back to the tree. It was not long before his thumb accidentally rubbed against the moistened tip of his penis, and the shock of the sudden lubrication sent him over the edge, shaking and groaning as his orgasm washed over him.

In the back of his mind, Kikyou's sated consciousness was swept away with his bliss.