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From: Irischeto ()

Are you MORON?!?!
Well, aside that the uke and seme are Natsume and Ruka, hte story is OK.
Why didn't you gave some explainations? I was going to puke when I red what
are uke and seme in the urban dictionary...

Reply to Irischeto:

I burst out laughing when your review reached my eyes. I was waiting for someone to give me a review like this. :D Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

The moron thing? The last time I checked, I was at the nerdy/brainy level… but yeah, you don't have to point that out.

The urban dictionary… is a bit of a weird idea to use as your reference. You're reading manga-s too, right? Yaoi is one category. I, the author of this stupid fiction, considers 'seme' as the aggressive and 'uke' as the submissive type in a homo relationship. I know that you know what I'm saying, I just need to remind you that fact.

I respect your opinion of being, let's say, against yaoi, but please don't bash us, the worshippers (laughs), of it to the extent that you're calling us 'morons'.

I intentionally placed a 'NatsuRuka' sign on the summary of this fic. Remember? Before you clicked the title? That was a warning. And the T-rating almost summed up what would be inside, if ever you try opening. You should've been prepared for a dose of shounen-ai and/or a pinch of yaoi. Just let us fulfil our fantasies through writing.

Thanks again for reviewing! Oh, and one more thing: We're in the perverted times, my dear. Should you hate a relationship between two bishounens, try avoiding anything that has a 'NatsuRuka' on it. Also, try avoiding this account 'cause it'll be creeping with what you call 'gayness'. Still, I won't stop you from saying out your thoughts. I like replying to this, anyway.

Ciao~ And thanks for giving me the entertainment I needed for today!

Your moronic authoress,


And for those who took the time reading this: I'm declaring my "Don't like? Don't read!" policy. Sooo… yeah. Sorry if I'm looking sooo... stupid to you.