Weekend in Barry

My first Gavin and Stacey fanfic

At the Shipman's household as she stood on the driveway waiting for Mick to appear she shouted back in at the front door entrance "Mick, Michael would you hurry up my legs are bloody freezing out here" while walking to stand by the car in her warm winter coat shivering in the cold breezy wind that blew against her face.

Mick came out with a few boxes of presents for Gavin, Stacey and Nessa. He put them in the back of the car and closed the door. "Don't have to shout Pam... I can bloody hear you from 20 miles with that voice of yours".

Pam acted angry at first but ended up bursting out into the fits of giggles "might as well get a move on they'll be waiting in Barry for us". Mick climbed into the driver's seat as he looked for the keys to start the car, he eventually found them and they drove off from the drive way.

A few miles later as they arrived at start of the long motorway which didn't look too busy coming from Essex. "So is Smithy meeting us there then Mick?". Mick who was busy on concentrating on the road, turning to answer Pam's question ,"What oh yeah he's got baby Neil a present for his birthday says its the best present he's ever bought for anyone".

Gavin wearing his Tottenham shirt was busy making breakfast for Stacey, Bryn popped in through the kitchen "hello only me is Stacey up yet?". Gavin checked back in the living room and shouted to her up the staris that breakfast will be done in a few minutes, he walked back to the kitchen. "No not yet Bryn we had a late night with Nessa and Dave talking about the wedding during the meal,,,Nessa drank quite a lot of wine".

"Also Smithy should be here in a bit", Bryn went to sit on the couch putting the telly on. Nessa knocked at the door as Stacey came downstairs to answer the front door, "Alright Ness how you feelin" she smiled at her. "Stacey don't start I got a headache the size of mount Everest and Kilmanjaro put together".

Bryn was busy watching a DVD of Ashes to Ashes on the telly, getting excited everytime he saw Alex and Gene and the car chase scenes.

"Can i tell you something Gavin ..I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of Gene Hunt, he's like a big bulldog or a bit like Shrek . If I was him I would kiss that Alex right now if she said kiss me". Nessa pulled a surprised face at him.

Gavin laughed to himself in amusement at Bryn shouting happily at what he had just said. "He certainly likes Ashes to Ashes doesn't he" he said to Stacey. "Oh Yeah he's got Life on Mars, Cranford, Demons all on DVD the whole lot actually"

"Must be the charm and sexiness of Philip Glenister I'd said handsome, gorgeous pair of eyes and one hell of a sexy voice" Nessa basically admitted to being a Gene Hunt fan with a smirk displayed on her lips. They eventually all sat round for late breakfast while no one could move Bryan as he stayed completely glued to watching the DVD. "What time is Mick and Pam , getting here Gav" Nessa asked as she tucked into the last slice of toast that was left on the plate.

"About 11 Smithy is getting here about 10 got a present for Baby Neil".

Smithy arrived 30 minutes later getting a couple of items out of his van. Bryn came out to greet him quietly "Smithy and what time do you call this". Smithy turned round jumping slightly and hugged Bryn.

Gwen and Jason arrived home from shopping. Bryn ran over to help Gwen in the house with her 3 ASDA bags. "Alright Smithy" Jason came over to greet him by the small van parked across the road.

"Hope you don't mind me asking Jason but have they decided on when the wedding day's gonna be" Smithy asked. "No not yet as far as i know"

They went in the house. " Gav-la, Stacey, Gwen…." Nessa walked in the living room behind him "Alright Smithy" She said looking sad at him her head away. He looked round to see if Neil was in the house. Nessa noticed "Dave's took him out while he minds the coaching office. He looked disappointed.

"Where's Mick and Pam" Smithy asked. They were stuck on the motorway Pam was going on her friend Fat Carol being dumped while stuck on the motorway by her boyfriend. "Oh she had a right mood on she threatened to glue his mouth together after what he said"

Mick looked fed up, finally the motorway seemed to be clearing and he drove the car on in a hurry.

Back in Gwen's house , Nessa was busy telling the others about her stint in tv acting I was an extra on Eastenders Steve kept eyeing me up and I told him oh Mcfadden keep ya eyes on Kathy not me". Gavin and Smithy looked surprised.

Pam and Mick finally arrived 2 hours late. "Oh they're here", Gavin noticed. He ran out to greet them. Bryn followed "Hello Pam" he reached out to hug her and Mick shook his hand.

They helped Pam and Mick in to the house with the bags of presents. "Alright Pam , Mick" Jason said while he was eating in the kitchen.

"Bloody motorway was a nightmare Gwen I was bored out of my mind". Gwen smiled "oh yes Pam, Bryn always has trouble on the motorway when coming back through the tolls."

Nessa bumped into Smithy in the garden "You still going ahead with the wedding then" , he asked. She lit up her cigarette and puffed air out "Yeah I am".

Smithy looked disappointed.

There will definitely be a second chapter to this.