Smithy's confession

Chapter 4

Next morning Smithy woke to find he was sleeping on Bryn's uncomfortably tiny couch which was made of leather. Bryn was making breakfast in the kitchen for himself whistling happily. It was Sunday morning and the road outside was very quiet.

Smithy had to go back to Essex tomorrow morning, to take his mother to the doctors, he remembered back to last night when he told Stacey about how much he hated Dave. Christ was he really falling for Nessa? he was hoping he wasn't, the woman did get on nerves most of the time. But she was the mother of his son and he was determined to remain a big part of Baby Neil's life even despite how long it would take to travel from Essex to Barry.

Pam had woke up with a hangover wearing dark sunglasses she was sat at the kitchen table. Gavin was up and about as well entering the kitchen "Blimey Mum don't take them off you'll be looking like a vampire scaring the kids", she pulled a disapproving look at him but ket out a slight chuckle.

Smithy knocked at the door Jason opened it

"Morning Smithy did you sleep at Bryn's again". He smiled back at Jason who's hair was messy.

" What time are Nessa and Dave getting here Gwen", she phoned Nessa holding the phone to the side of her ear "Nessa what time are you arriving later?" waiting a while as she listened to her, nodding her head.

A couple of minutes later Gwen told Smithy "About mid day they are coming round"

Gavin had noticed his best friend looking very nervous and anxious. "Blimey Smithy never seen ya this desperate to see Baby Neil before".

They both walked outside to the garden "Gavin she's drive my mind crazy, nuts and mental at the same time"

Gavin put his hand on his friend's shoulder sympathising "You're most likely to be early stages of falling for her mate".

"Yeah but because of her I split up with Lucy", Gavin nodded agreement.

Around about 12.30 pm Mick got his things ready to put in the car as Jason helped him. They chatted amongst themselves as Nessa and Dave arrived in his coach.

"Sorry darling I've gotta do Joe's shift in the coach depot" she sighed as she gave him a disappointing kiss on his cheek. She waved him off as he drove down to the bottom of the road.

She stood knocking at Gwen's door with Neil in the pram. Smithy answered "Alright Ness how's my boy today" he bent down to give him a small teddy bear with a Tottenham shirt on.

"Can we talk Nessa I need to tell ya something but not here", she thought for a bit and told him to "meet in the park at 5pm" he felt a huge relief as he had decided to tell her.

As everyone sat round for tea eating Gwen's meal , It had felt uncomfortable for Nessa as she was sat next to Smithy. "What's occurring Ness" as Stacey looked worried for her friend. She was annoyed that Dave was working till late and that would mean she would be sat at home on her own with Neil watching whatever would be on the telly.

Gavin had noticed the unease felt between his wife's friend and his best mate. He knew that Smithy had said bad things about Nessa in the past and he had told him that she had stuck objects up his backside the first time they met in Central London.

Smithy's relationship had not been too good with Lucy after Nessa had arrived on the scene. Lucy was much younger, 17 years old with blond hair. Her elder brother had bullied Gavin and Smithy when they were in school together.

As the evening went on Nessa and Smithy had both sneaked out within 15 minutes of each other. She sat on the park bench as he came to sit by her. "So what was it you've got to say Smithy" she asked him while staring at the kids playing on the swings and the monkey bars in the park.

"Don't marry him Nessa" he finally answered.

She turned to face him "Oh not this again Smithy", "Nessa I hate to admit this but I'm in love with you", She reeled from his shock and surprise confession. "He's not the man for you I am" he held her hands in his clutching them tightly, she didn't want to take away as she secretly enjoyed this moment, with someone she had first hated when she met him.

Her phone rang breaking the heart warming moment between them "Hello oh Dave you've finished early you'll be home at 7.30 that's mint" she smiled as she finished the conversation. "Sorry I gotta go have a safe trip back home to Essex". As she left him on the bench her head span from his confession it was playing on her mind.

Pam was telling Bryn and Gwen about Fat Pat who came home to discover her husband was cheating on her with her mate. "She was furious she chucked out his clothes out the window causing the neighbours to be noising" , "poor Fat Pat" thought Bryn.

Pam and Mick we're preparing to leave to return to Essex. "Where's Smithy he should be here by now" they both asked.

Smithy followed Nessa "Smithy no just go back to Essex and forget about what ya said", "No I won't" he leant in to kiss her on the lips wrapping his arm round her lower waist pulling her closer to him both unaware that Jason had spotted the kiss from down the road. She pulled away looking slightly embarrassed "Move on Smithy I'm marrying Dave ok", he walked way disappointed as he saw Jason ahead of him as he approached him Jason felt sorry for Smithy "hard luck mate she's one tough cookie


He was about to leave with Mick and Pam as they prepared to drive off Gwen, Gavin, Jason, Bryn and Stacey waved them off as the car sped off. Smithy sat in his car watching Nessa disappear from view. Stacey went to find her to find out what happened during the meeting. She advised her friend to do the right thing follow her heart on the wedding day.

Four months had passed today it was Nessa and Dave's wedding day. The bride to be wore a tight knitted wedding dress that Gwen had done for her. Dave stood nervously on the steps of the church smoking a cigarette as he talked with Gavin. "No Smithy today" asking him, "erm no he's got some big on and he couldn't make it." Dave knew that Smithy probably had asked Gavin to make an excuse for him.

As she arrived at the church half an hour later Nessa took in a big sigh as she prepared to walk into the church followed by Stacey and Gwen. Pam and Mick we're already sitting in the church she was annoying her husband when she suggested Nessa should have wore a pink wedding dress

"I mean Jordan AKA Katie Price wore a pink one for her wedding". Mick chose to ignore her for a few minutes turning his head eyes looking elsewhere.

Smithy was in a quiet mood as he was sat on his own in the pub on a quiet Saturday in February. He ignored his phone ringing who ever it sounded urgent but he didn't care. "Nessa probably would have been married by now going on crap honeymoon with Dave in his bloody coach" he thought, taking a sip of his pint. Feeling ever so lonely as the rest of his mates had girlfriends to be with

As he made his way own he was greeted by familiar face Nessa sat on his front door step in her wedding dress with Gavin and Stacey he looked stunned as Nessa walked towards him

"Smithy I knows I've been a terrible bitch not realising that you we're right all along and I knows that want to be with you not Dave...he's a wonderful man but at times he snores so loud that i feel like putting a sock in his mouth to shut him up".

Smithy felt relieved and a bit overwhelmed with emotion.

"Where is he?" he asked, Gavin told him he was back in Wales. They hugged wrapping their arms round each other. Moving to kiss each other passionately as Gavin and Stacey laughed. Smithy sure was a sloppy big kisser.

"Gav I'm so happy for them.. I like Dave but i can see she loves Smithy a lot more" she smiled resting her head against him "I know Stace" as she chuckled at his impression of her long time best friend.

Pulling away from her kiss with Smithy she turned to Gav telling him "Not being funny Gav but that impression of me was well mint"