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Finding The Story

Chapter 1 - But Why Me?!

"But why me?!" The blonde stood up in frustration, throwing her hands up in the air, and promptly fixing them to her hips.

"Because, you're our brightest new writer, you're the same age as her, you have no other commitments at the moment, and, because I say so." Her boss shot a wide grin in the girl's direction.

"I'm being punished because I'm talented, 21 and single?"

"If you want to look at it like that, then yeah, I guess you are! Look, it's only for a few months, and this is the only way we can get our interview. Her manager says she can't afford the time to fly over here while she's on tour, so we have to go to her."

"But she's such a diva."


"Oh come on James! We all know she is. When 'Hello' did an interview with her last year she nearly bankrupted them with her demands, and the poor runner quit from stress!" She returned to her seat across the desk from her boss, crossed her legs and sat back, trying to calm herself before she went the same way as the runner.

"That was one time, and it's all hear-say. This is your chance to find out about the real Ashley Davies, the girl behind the music, the person behind the voice, the soul behind the writing, the…"

"…Spoilt brat behind the diva?" She cut in.

"Do I have to beg Spencer?"

"Yes." The blonde raised an eyebrow towards her boss and awaited his response. She watched as he pushed his chair back, fell to his knees and crawled over to her. With his hands clasped together, and eyes screwed tightly shut, he began to plead.

"Spencer, please, please, please, please, please do this for me. If not for me, then for the magazine, if not for the magazine, do it for your family, if not for the Carlin Bunch, do it for all her fans who want to know the truth and will read every word you write about their favourite starlet" he opened one eye to see if it was working. Seeing that Spencer hadn't changed her expression, he tried a different tact. He stood up and perched himself in front of her, on the edge of his desk.

"All expenses paid, first class travel, top notch hotels, and a bonus once the job's done and in print." A wide smirk finally spread across the girl's face, James thought he'd won.

"Ok, throw in some spending money and we have a deal. Coz a girl is going to have to have something pretty to wear when interviewing THE Ashley Davies!"

After winning the battle with her boss, Spencer left the magazine's headquarters and headed home to pack for the trip. She was due to leave the next morning, and would be gone for as long as it took her to get enough research and interview time for a decent story to present itself. Or, as long as she could handle the Rockstar Princess – it could be a very short trip.

What do you pack for a working holiday where all you do is travel around after some stuck up singer, go to her concerts, interview her a bit and then go back to your base to type up anything you've found?

What about a muzzle…Spencer giggled quietly to herself and decided to take the basics. Jeans, t-shirts, a few shorter skirts, a couple of her favourite hoodies, something to wear if she gets a chance to go out, and of course, her pair of battered and bruised red Converse.

Spencer had a pretty average life. She had a decent job working as a journalist for America's favourite celebrity magazine, "The Fame", the hours were long, and the pay would never be enough, but the experience she was getting under her belt was priceless. After work, she would go back to her two bedroom apartment and be welcomed into the home by the smell of something delicious being cooked for her by Carmen, her flatmate. They'd spend the evenings relaxing, watching television and talking about their day's, until one of them bowed out and went to bed. Then the next day it started all over again.

The weekends weren't much different; except that Sunday's had to be spent with Mother and Father Dearest. Spencer and her older brother Glen always dreaded going over there for the ritual Sunday Roast, due to the fact that their Mom, Paula, usually managed to rub one of them up the wrong way, but they'd learnt to tune her out and enjoy their Dad's supreme culinary skills!

Shit! I have to tell Glen I'm not going to be there for the next few weeks, he is not going to be happy…neither are my parents. Damn you Ashley Davies!

Spencer decided to bite the bullet and call her parents straight away, and prepare some dinner for herself and Carmen.

Ring Ring…Ring Ring…

"Hello, Carlin House."

"Hey Dad, how's things?" Spencer began to rummage around in the freezer, searching for inspiration.

"Hi Spence, well this is a nice surprise!"

"Yeah, well it might not be in a moment." She came across two microwave meals and luckily they were household favourites – Mac 'n' Cheese.

"You can't make it on Sunday can you. Oh Spence you're mom will be so disappointed."

"Umm yeah about it being just this Sunday…" Spencer pierced the meals with a fork and threw them into the microwave, "…I have to go away for work, I could be sometime."

"Define, 'sometime'"

"A few months…I can't get out of it, I did try. James has asked me to follow round that Davies chick and try get a juicy story out of her while she's on tour. I'm sorry Dad, I don't want to go." Spence waited for a response for what felt like an era. Eventually, Arthur Carlin released a heavy breath down the phone and answered his daughter.

"Do you want me to tell your mom and Glen?" Spencer smiled into the phone, My Dad is the greatest.

"Dad you're the greatest. Good luck!"

"Thanks for the concern Spence, have a good trip, keep safe, try not to kill the Diva." With that he put the phone down and left the blonde once again giggling to herself, I knew she was a diva!

Carmen walked through the door shortly afterwards and laughed at Spencer's attempt to cook, the thought was appreciated though and they began they're nightly routine, until it was interrupted by Spencer's phone receiving a text from Glen.

Spencer, you coward, I officially hate you. Love Glen x

Trust me, I'd rather Mum's fussing, instead of Ashley's demands! S x

The younger sibling pushed down the wave of anxiety, and tried to be excited about her big story. She really tried. Really, really tried. All she could think was, Fuck My Life.

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