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Finding the Story:

Five Years Later

Padding along the plush cream carpet of her upstairs hallway, Spencer stopped outside a bedroom door emblazoned with stickers. It was ajar to let a small amount of light filter in from the hallway and keep the monsters away obviously. Recent years had taught her that monsters love darkness apparently.

Taking a moment to gather herself and prepare for the onslaught of tears, the blonde slid into the room.

It was a fairly large space, painted tastefully in yellows and pinks, with a mural of the Disney Castle on the back wall. A shelf of teddies was adjacent, the doll house below that and finally, Spencer's new favourite item, the oversized beanbag. Various items of furniture decorated the room, but the focus was the beanbag, it was like an old friend these days. Finally, in the far corner framed by twinkling fairy lights, sat a toddler bed complete with screaming toddler.

"Hello Belle, we meet again." Spencer walked over to the bed and released the guard rails, leaning down to the child, she lifted her out and placed her on a hip. Immediately the little girl clung to the blonde, this itself took the wailing level from 10, to an 8, but still she didn't quite stop. Feeling weary from three days of constant tears from a two year old that didn't know what she wanted, Spencer walked to the beanbag and sunk into it. "What are we going to do with you Baby Girl, hey?" Looking down at her daughter, now placated to a heavy sob with a few chesty coughs thrown in for good measure, Spencer brushed short brunette curls away from a sticky and hot forehead.

Shining blue eyes, brimming with tears, looked up into their older matching pair, exhaustion present in both. "Mama sin'?" The little girl stated quietly.

Spencer breathed in deeply, watching Isabelle rise as she did so. She couldn't believe they were having this conversation yet again, the constant circles were making her dizzy. "Isabelle, Mama's not here remember?"

That was not the right answer, the child started to howl again. "Shhhh Baby Girl" , she tried to soothe but nothing was working. "Goddamn this fever." Spencer cursed to nobody and everybody. She felt the small forehead against her chest, so warm¸ she thought. The child medicine was slowly kicking in but she was still restless.

This was the first of her daughter's illnesses that had hit her so hard. Cold's were a normal occurrence in the household, but a fever, coupled with a total abandonment of sleep had turned her loving, clever, full-of-beans little girl into a horror-story toddler! "I love you more than you will ever know Belle, but you have got to sleep before we both crack up."

"Mama sin'!" Was the only response, between crys and coughs of course.

"Belle, Mama isn't here to sing, can Mommy not read to you?"

"No! Mama sin'"

Spencer closed her eyes and desperately tried to block out the crying that had haunted her for days. Nothing had worked. She picked her up and she cried to go down, she put her down and she wanted to be picked up. Cartoons had worked for long enough for Spencer to make lunch or change her clothes, but that had passed and now she was resigned to give in to her daughter's every whim. Given who her mother was, it was inevitable.

The journalist stood, much to the child's disapproval and grabbed a bag. Filling it with the bare essentials she could remember – diapers, wet wipes, pacifiers, medication and a fluffy white hoody just in case the fever let up, she juggled the child while shrugging into her own jacket and slipped her feet into low rise Converse.

Remembering her car and house keys at the very last minute, Spencer locked her home and walked down the drive to the family car. She clipped Isabelle into her seat and grabbed her Princess doll from the foot well, abandoned after their last journey.

"Mommy, we gone?"

With a final tug on the seatbelt that protected her baby, Spencer looked at her and smiled. "You win Belle, let's go see Mama."

Entering the backstage area, Spencer cradled the toddler and approached the burly guard who was invested in a trashy magazine. "Hey Johnny, she about?"

The guard stood and beamed at the unexpected visitors. "Well hello ladies, long time no see," he wrapped the woman in a friendly one armed hugged then looked at Isabelle, ruffling her hair gently, "how are you little one?"

"Mama sin'" she pouted.

Johnny laughed at the face her had seen many times on its older counterpart. "You come to hear your Mama sing?"

Isabelle leant closer to her mother and nodded against her chest. "I swear, if I hear that sentence one more time I might lose it. That's all she's said for days." Spencer revealed honestly.

The man touched a bear like hand to the little girl's forehead and sympathetic sound, "She's really not very well eh? Toddler fever?"

Like her daughter, Spencer nodded and hitched the child further up her hip, "I have been blessed with this for three days, I've tried playing the albums, that used to work a treat but no longer!"

"Poor little sausage, let me go and grab her spare ear mufflers and you can go straight through."

Spencer closed her dry eyes in silent frustration. How could I forget the ear muffs? "Thanks Johnny, can't believe I forgot those."

He rummaged in a box and pulled out a fluffy pink pair of defenders, while placing them over the girl's curls, he spoke, "That my dear, is why we have a box of spares." He spoke supportively and winked at the duo before opening the door through to the mayhem of Ashley's backstage.

After a moments walk, Spencer spotted a familiar form stood just off the stage, trademark headset firmly in place as usual. She tapped her daughter on the hand and pointed out the person.

"Lala!" She shouted happily.

Spinning around at the sound, Kyla turned just in time to watch her niece wriggle from her mother's grasp and run as fast as little two year old legs would carry her. "Oomph! Hello my beautiful Bellababes!" Kyla scooped the little girl into her arms and spun around before peppering the warm face with kisses. "And why are you not fast asleep in bed for your Mommy?"

"Someone is playing the "I'm two and have a fever and I refuse to sleep until my Mama sings to me, card." Spencer approached her sister-in-law and turned to kiss her cheek, then quickly located a chair and collapsed into it dramatically.

"Little Madam, is this true?" The manager looked at the little girl who so strongly resembled her sister, and shook her head in faux admonishment.

"Mama sin' to Belle now?" Spencer rolled her eyes at the question. Catching a playful look from Kyla, she gave in, "You're her sister and her auntie, this is all on you."

The atmosphere on stage changed very suddenly. Ashley had never before experienced it, especially when she was in the middle of her now world-famous "Fan's choice" moments. A chorus of "Awwww" erupted in the arena, followed by arms gesturing to her left, nothing was meant to happen in this final section that would prompt a reaction like that – Whoever fucked up is in deep Ashley fuelled shit. Turning with the intention of questioning her band, Ashley's eyes locked on a scene that would never leave her.

Her heart jumped into her mouth and tears sprang to her brown eyes. There was her baby, all Davies ringlets and Carlin blue eyes, dressed in only a pair of pink shoes, a diaper and a surprisingly clean white vest, being carried onto the stage by her sister.

It had only been a week since she left them to do a very small tour, but she had missed that little face so much. Tonight was her last night, she was playing her home crowd, well her home crowd of the last two and half years. She was back in Ohio and buzzing with excitement to be reunited with her little family.

Looking past her sister and daughter, Ashley caught sight of blonde locks and saw her wife. Brown met blue, both smiled genuine, loving smiles, Spencer raised her arms in defeat and pointed at their daughter. The exasperation didn't need explaining vocally.

Snapping back to the additional people on stage, Ashley started laughing at the scenario. Thanking her sister, she lifted her baby into her own embrace and held her close. Feeling the warm, too warm, squidgy body against hers was the best feeling she could ever hope to experience. She nestled her nose in the head of ringlets, smelling the family shampoo, then lifted her daughters chin to see the full Carlin smile attacking her from all angles. Whatever she's done, she's forgiven! Kissing a rosy cheek and checking the defenders were still in place, Ashley turned them both to the mic and spoke to her audience.

"Well...Ohio, it would appear our little party has been gatecrashed, by a teeny tiny version of me, who apparently has my wife wrapped around her little finger!" A wave of laughter was heard from the audience as they watched their star interact with her daughter. "Ohio, say hello to my baby girl..."

The audience waved, cheered and shouted greetings at the child, the noise filling the arena and causing small blue eyes to widen at the experience. "Belle, say hello to the fabulous people of Ohio."

Despite the ear defenders, which only dulled the impact of the noise, Isabelle could hear her Mama clearly. She looked out into the crowd and had her first taste of Ashley's career lifestyle, waving shyly at the thousands of pairs of eyes on her. Looking back at her mother, the child spoke, "Mama sin' now?"

Apparently the child was a chip off the old block, as the audience were enamoured with her, laughing at the question. Joining the crowd with the laughter, Ashley kissed the other hot cheek and tucked a rogue ringlet away behind a little ear.

"Isabelle Davies, did you say that so many times, that Mummy had to drive all the way over here so I would sing you to sleep?"

Unsure if she was in trouble or not, Belle nodded slowly and looked behind her at her Mommy, following her movement, both ladies saw the raised eyebrow of Spencer Carlin and knew the truth.

"Belle, Mama's working, all these people wanted to hear me sing too." She tried to explain but was cut off as a small hand touched her cheek and demanding Ashley's attention.

"But, Mama," the small hand reached for Ashley's free one and placed it on her little hot forehead, "Belle sick."

Unable to pretend to be mad anymore, Ashley squeezed her baby again. Slowly, a chant started to echo around the arena - quiet at first, but gaining momentum as more and more people worked out the words. From the sidelines, Spencer wanted to rip her ears off as "Mama sing! Mama sing! Mama sing!" reverberated off every surface.

Ashley looked to her right and gestured for a stool. She settled into the stool and moved her daughter on to her lap. The little head looked up at her Mama and raised her palms skyward, "See, Mama...sin' now pweese?" An overwhelming pride burst in the singers chest at the adorable sight - her daughter, comfortable on stage, commanding an audience and ordering her bedtime song, on stage in Ohio.

Still feeling dazed at the totally crazy situation, Ashley moved the mic to her face and let her daughter snuggle into her side, her normal place, just like they were at home. "Well, it would appear my daughter, wife, sister and now you guys, all want me to sing this little cherub to sleep," a chorus of encouraging claps began, glancing at her wife, Ashley blew a kiss and received one in return, "you want your song Belle?"

The little head nodded. She looked out to the crowd and sucked her thumb contently, a habit both her mothers were trying to discourage. "OK, so this is Belle's song, it isn't a released song, it's not even an album track, so essentially my child has given you all an exclusive performance – hopefully that makes up for the evening's hijack?!" She watched as cheers went up then settled, the crowd were very ok with this, they had missed Ashley and were just glad to have her back. Isabelle was a welcome addition to the performance that had already exceeding so many expectations.

Nodding at the guitarist and gesturing for him to just try and pick it up eventually, Ashley settled the crowd, placed her arms around her child and started to sing softly.

Baby mine, don't you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
Never to part,
Baby of mine.

The lights in the arena dimmed so that just a soft glow rested on the singer and her precious bundle. The talented guitarist, started to pluck the acoustic and matched Ashley's intonation. From the sidelines, Spencer watched on in awe. My two ladies, how can they infuriate me so much and still have me love them unconditionally. She looked down at her left hand and smiled at the rings that sat proudly on her finger, magical memories flooded her mind.

Don't you mind what they say.
Let those eyes sparkle and shine,
Never a tear,
Baby of mine

At the second verse, the audience slowly started swaying and sang out the last line in unison.

They'd end up loving you too.
All those same people who scold you
What they'd give just for the right to hold you.

From your head down to your toes,
You're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
Sweet as can be,
Baby of mine.

As the child finally allowed sleep to engulf her she turned into her mother's protective, familiar embrace and fisted the checked shirt in small hands. Spencer felt a tear roll down her cheek. A mix of heady emotions and pure exhaustion caused the moment to have a massive impact. She felt a nudge at her side and was presented with a tissue from Kyla – who wasn't faring much better herself.

What they'd give just for the right to hold you.

As the song was drawing to a close, Ashley gestured to the guitarist. She then continued to sing while looking at her audience, releasing a hand gently from the back of her sleeping child, she raised it to her lips in a "shhh" motion.

From your head down to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
Sweet as can be,
Baby of mine.
Baby of mine.

Carrying the still sleeping Belle up to her room and laying her in bed, Ashley placed a very light kiss onto a now cooling forehead and tiptoed out of the room. Pulling the door so it was ajar, she walked two steps across the hall and was presented with a similar sight. Her wife, already in bed and curled up, seemingly fast asleep.

The brunette pushed the door so light was not directed their bed and stripped off as she walked in the direction of the shower. Normally she would change just off stage back into normal Mama Clothes, but seeing as Spencer refused to allow her to risk waking their child, she had just gone with it. Ashley stank though and she knew it, those arena lights were as unforgiving as ever.

"No, Mama bed." The singer turned towards her wife's sleep laden voice and smiled.

"Mama has to shower."

"No, Mama bed, now. Mommy tired, so tired." Ashley kissed the top of her wife's head and reached for her pj's. Removing her underwear in exchange for sweatpants and a well worn Purple Venom band tee, she climbed into bed next to the blonde.

Sensing the bed dip, Spencer immediately sought out her wife's embrace. It had only been a week, but it was Ashley's first attempt at touring while having a family and it had been hard on them all. Locating in Ohio meant that they both had plenty of support from the Carlin's and it also gave Belle the chance of a semi-normal life with the most down-to-earth family in the world.

Almost climbing on top of the brunette, Spencer wriggled her head into the crook of Ashley's neck, flung a leg between hers and wrapped a protective arm across a toned stomach. She was home and safe. By tomorrow morning, she would be human enough to return to Mommy Davies, but now, she needed refuelling, she needed the comfort of her wife.

Whole Davies family reunited and content at last, the house settled into a peaceful silence – until tomorrow, when the Davies induced chaos begins again.

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