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I Wouldn't Know

Chapter One-

Draco Malfoy examined his finely manicured nails, pretending to remove dirt that simply wasn't there. He tilted his head to the right side biting his lips feigning pure unending interest in the state of his fingers.

He'd been doing this for ten minutes now. Waiting until he would be saved.

When would someone come to get her?

When would she leave?

No, not leave.


Pansy wrapped her arms around Draco's elbow, and he continued ignoring her.

"Oh Draco!" She cooed loudly, "Isn't it wonderful?" she examined the Great Hall suddenly her eyes stopping at the Gryffindor table then landing back at the hand Draco was so very interested in.

"Yes anything you say…" he drawled, picking under the nail of his middle finger.

"How does it feel to be engaged to the most beautiful girl in Slytherin?!" she shouted, making sure everyone within a five mile radius could hear.

Draco smirked. 'Why must you do this to yourself Parkinson?' He asked himself.

He turned to her and gave her his biggest smile. She was clearly unable to mask her excitement.

The entire Slytherin table was looking at them now and some students from other houses, some in states of pure unending awe. Many were surprised that they hadn't learned of the engagement. Blaise who scowled and shot the couple a dirty look, went on devouring his morning pumpkin juice, almost missed when Draco leaned in closer smirking even more at Pansy as she pouted her ugly lips preparing for a kiss and replied.

"I wouldn't know."

Blaise shot up from his seat and shouted, "Yes!" Pointing at Pansy's now horrified face.

For a second everyone looked up him astonished, and in his embarrassment, Blaise attempted to explain himself.

"You…you…you know…because," he paused," She…she…just got owned!" He smiled nodding his head wildly.

The entire table burst in to uncontrollable laughter as the stunned brunette threw a newly filled glass of pumpkin juice into Draco's face, gathered herself and stormed towards the entrance of the Great Hall.

Just then Ron nudged Harry in the side who was staring curiously at the Slytherin table.

"What do you suppose just happened over there?" he asked of his red-headed friend.

He shrugged, "Beads meh…jush shop staring you're freaking meh ouh," he answered his mouth full.


It goes without saying that Pansy did not sit next to her 'fiance' at last night's dinner, nor was she sitting at his side at this morning's breakfast. She, for some reason had chosen not to attend.

Instead Harry noticed Blaise was by his side, looking very smug if he did say so himself.

"Look the owls are here!" Harry heard Parvati shout, pointing up towards the ceiling.

Everyone at the table looked up to see at least one-hundred owls fly into the room dropping letters, packages, magazines and the morning's Daily Prophet.

"Good the latest gossip," Lavender Browne rubbed her hands together before tearing at her package.

She screamed.

Her scream was followed by many others and a loud shouting of, "What?!" from Draco Malfoy.

Hermione grabbed the news paper from Lavender who had suddenly fainted, and read the page her eyes bulging wide, and her mouth agape.

She handed the news paper over silently to Ron and Harry's side of the table looking petrified. The rest of the Great Hall was a blur of excitement and confusion.

Ginny was crying.

Harry's eyes scanned the page hurriedly but all he needed was the headline.

It read:

Draco Malfoy, A Queer? By Rita Skeeter.

Harry dropped the paper and looked across the hall at a rather angry Slytherin, who was now sitting alone, as everyone who had been next to him was smart enough to slide away. He was doing his best to continue eating his food as if what he had just read about himself meant nothing. However, no matter how hard he tried Harry could tell the blonde was embarrassed. The Great Hall was abuzz with whispers no doubt about the front page article as well as the tying together of a certain article with the fight with Pansy. Harry's eyes traveled to the Slytherin's pale jaw which was tighter than usual as he noticed a certain slimey haired professor walk towards Draco grab his shoulder then lead him from the Great Hall.

Harry Potter found himself wanting so much to follow.

Not because Draco meant anything to him, of course. He wasn't delighted in the least bit at the news. He still thought Draco was a dirty git…oh a dirty, dirty git.

Harry shook his head oh god what was he thinking.

Draco was a bad boy! ...A bad, bad…Oh god he was going mad.


"Did you read the whole thing?" Hermione asked pressing close to Harry in Herbology. "Apparently he's been giving it," she paused to giggle, "or getting it from Blaise Zabini…" she continued causing Harry to look up at the two Slytherins that were standing side by side.

He wasn't the least bit jealous of course. Not of Zabini. But once you go black, they say…

"'Mione, why do care so much?" He asked annoyed, "The article's probably lying. You know Rita Skeeter." He said thinking back to his fourth year and his encounter with the reporter.

"This information is too juicy to be faked," She licked her lips. "Bet Malfoy's father is having a fit, "she said lower.

"Look this is all a misunderstanding, and I'll prove it to you," Harry turned around hoping himself he wasn't right.

But why?

There was no way he had a thing for that…Slytherin, he thought to himself for lack of better…or atleast, less sexual term.

She broke off a piece of chocolate frog that she had snuck into class.

"How?" she asked disbelievingly, popping the bit of chocolate into her mouth.

"How?" Harry repeated nervously. "Ho…how? Right…"

Harry turned from her and walked to the group of Slytherins ahead of him. Hermione watched from the sidelines, but not too far away from Sprout should a fight break out.

He came too uncomfortably close to Draco for himself. Well they weren't touching, but Harry knew with just a slight step forward their lips could be touching. He imagined the press of soft flesh against his and the soft brush of blond eyelashes against his cheek. His eyes had glazed over now, and he had almost forgotten what he had walked up there to do.

"What do you want, Potter?" Draco demanded, the 'P' allowing a bit of spittle to hit Harry's face.

"I…I…want…" His eyes were so pretty, and his lips so pink and plump against his pale skin. He had the sleeves of his button down shirt pulled up to his elbow, like just about every other guy in this classroom, but oh there was something about the way Draco Malfoy did it. Anything he wore clinging with keen precision to his body…

"Out with it," he drawled on slowly.

"I…wanted to know…if what we…"

"If what you read in the paper was true, Potter?" he spat his name again. "Did it get you all excited?"


"Oh dear me," Draco looked at Blaise amused, who laughed. "I do believe Harry Potter got all hot and bothered over our supposed affair."

"Now…look here Malfoy…I…"

"Oh wow Potter, I knew you were strange but I never took you for a," Draco leaned in closer then pushed Harry's left shoulder with the index finger of his right hand as he finished his sentence, "poof."

Harry lunged at him, his knuckles making contact with the fair skin of Draco Malfoy's nose crushing bone. The blond stepped back surprised placing his hands over his face which was oozing blood before throwing himself at Harry and making a sharp blow to his stomach knocking the air out of him. Draco shoved Harry down against the floor straddled him, his fists never losing contact with Harry's face for more than a second, pounding against the skin and bone of his face, slamming his skull against the floor. He was surely to have blood under is finger nails after this.

Harry saw only a red blur of what was occurring, thought to himself for a second, how sexy this could have been, had he not been getting his arse kicked.

'If only…' He thought.

But he wasn't. Not in the least bit…a poof. In fact the very word made him want to kill Malfoy. Especially when it hadn't even been his name in the papers.

Finally the two boys were pulled apart with a flick of Professor Sprout's wand. What felt like forever to him must have taken only seconds to the rest of the class. Hermione ran to him protectively, her hand going straight for the bruise that was forming around his eye. Harry hissed at her touch, as he looked over at Malfoy for a sign his broken nose wasn't too bad, the blonde's face was covered in blood as Harry watched him push away Vincent Crabbe, then finally a stunned and shocked Pansy Parkinson.

"I do…believe…yes…" Sprout began surveying them both up and down. "Detention…both of you. But first to the hospital wing."

Harry's hands balled up into fist once more as Draco shot him a glare, still trying his hardest to look menacing while holding his nose in the sleeve of his shirt.

Harry looked at Hermione who stared at him defeated.

What had he gotten himself into?