A/N: So this is a concept I've been thinking of for a while. First of all, not all of the chapters will be this long. I just needed things to get started off. The basic story is about how Chuck's parents got together. I'm drawling parallels between his parents' relationship and Chuck and Blair's relationship. It goes from the 80's to present day. It actuall days present day, but its a couple years on the future of the SL in GG this very moment. The point of the fic is to show how similiar everything is in the different times so there will be obvious similarities. Blair and Chuck's parents will be making appearances. Serena's father will probably be there, I'm not so sure about Lily, though they do talk about her. Nate's parents will probably not. I'm really proud of this fic and even if its not that well received, since I've already written more than this, I'll keep submitting.

Summary: He heard that Nate would profess his feelings for Blair and Chuck almost crashed the bottle of alcohol he was drinking over his own head.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. All characters are courtesy of the amazingness that is Gossip Girl.

circa late 1980's

Upper East Side

Evelyn of course had heard of Bart Bass. Who hadn't? He was the most interesting thing that had reached the Upper East Side as of yet. Born with nothing, he had built an empire from the ground up and now everyone wanted a piece.

However, Evelyn didn't really care about the uppings and goings of New Money. Sometimes she hated thoughts like that. They sounded like her mother. But it, in essence, was true. He wouldn't do anything for her. And to be quite honest, she didn't need a man that much anyway. Not for status. She was already the daughter of a prominent family. Not to mention, unlike most socialites, she actually had a pension. She worked for a living and that was more than any of her friends could say.

Not that she was demeaning the lifestyle. Eleanor had an old money family and that was perfectly fine for her. But then again, she did have her eyes on Harold Waldorf Esq. (soon to be.) Eleanor was quite certain he was to be a lawyer.

And that was fine. But Evelyn didn't need a rich husband. She could support herself. And no arrogant, self centered, narcissistic pig of a billionaire would ever change that. She was sure of it.

Evelyn scrutinized her reflection in the dressing room mirror. She sighed. She had looked better. But it wasn't getting any better than this.

"Evelyn," came one of the stage managers. "You're on."

Evelyn smiled. This was her favorite part. It was the only thing she was good at. But she knew she was good at it. If there was one thing she could do, this was it. And everyone knew it. She would show them.

Evelyn joined her fellow dancers in the wings and waited for her cue.

Bartholomew Bass enjoyed the ballet. It wasn't that he was particularly fond of the method of dance itself, but it was the social part of it. Many women came to enjoy the experience. He was here to make sure that they would.

The dancers themselves were quite nice as well. They enjoyed his funding. They also enjoyed other parts of him.

Tonight, he came alone. He wasn't oblivious to the flattering stares of the woman as he sat in his box. He was here to meet the lead dancer. Backstage.

Bart flipped through the program in a bored fashion. Apparently one of the dancers was quite talented. She was the youngest to ever grace the company. She also resided on the Upper East Side. Interesting. But women were all the same. He wasn't going to delude himself into the notions of love. His alcoholic father was proof enough of that. His mother married for love and look were it got her.

That was really what inspired Bart to break out of the poor community. He wouldn't end up like his parents. He was going to be something. And he would never let himself be vulnerable ever again.

For now, he would just lean back and enjoy the show. At least the dancers were hot in the late 20-year-old's mind.

Evelyn ignored all the appraisals as she walked towards the dressing room. She was all ready to go. All she needed was her coat. Sometimes she hated these nights. She knew she was amazing, she really didn't need to be bombarded with all of these people. Not that it wasn't nice to hear or anything. She was just bored.

She was still a teenager and she had seen more than most people had in their entire lifetime. And she was bored with life. Nothing surprised her anymore. She lived on the Upper East Side. She wasn't even surprised when she walked into the dressing room to see two people screwing on the couch.

Evelyn sighed.

"Marla," she said reproachfully

The lead blond dancer, Marla, looked over quickly to see Evelyn. Evelyn didn't even bother to look to see who the guy was. Like it mattered.

"Evelyn," Marla said in surprise, trying to cover herself up.

"Please," Evelyn scoffed. "We share a dressing room. I've seen more than that."

Then she was interrupted. She didn't like that.

"If you don't mind," came the lazy drawl. Finally Evelyn was forced to turn her attention to the person sprawled on top of Marla.

Evelyn raised her eyebrows in skepticism.

"We were kind of in the middle of something."

Marla blushed deeply.

"Normally, I wouldn't mind at all. But you're kind of fornicating on my jacket," Evelyn mocked the stranger's lazy drawl. "I want to get out of here."

Evelyn crossed her arms over her chest and looked at the both of them expectantly. Marla shifted uncomfortably.

"Don't worry," Evelyn put up her hands. "I can wait."

She wasn't oblivious to the murderous stare the man was giving her. While she waiting patiently for Marla to roll over so she could give Evelyn her jacket back (Marla did these things all the time. Evelyn wasn't really aghast with disapproval. She had seen worse) she had time to study the man's features.

He wasn't back looking. Not at all. In fact, he could be miscontrued as a born and raised Upper East Sider. He had a nice build (from what hs ecoul tell.) He had dark hair that fell forward on his forehead and a sneer to match his cold eyes.

He was still glowering at her. She, however, could match him stare for stare. She didn't know what he was accustomed to, but she wasn't intimidated. If that was his intention.

He had light eyes and a cold demeanor, but Evelyn had seen worse. Her mother was worse. He looked around his late twenties and she had yet to be impressed. No doubt another one of those billionaires. (Again, Marla did this a lot.)

They never broke the gaze until Marla waved Evelyn's jacket in front of her face.

"Thanks," Evelyn smirked as she took it and left without a moment's look back.

Bart was stunned. A dangerously dark angel had just spun in and out of his life in a matter of minutes. Of course when she first intruded on him and-- what was her name again? Marcia? Mandy?-- his first instinct was to just get rid of her like any other interloper.

But the way she crossed her arms and glared at him was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. She wasn't intimidated by him. She definitely wasn't intimidated by the way he was screwing a friend of hers on top of her jacket.

She obviously didn't know who he was. How else could she act in such a cool manner? Unaware that he could buy her company if he wanted to. But she was intriguing. No one stared him down like that since he had reached the top. It was inconceivable.

Not to mention she was the most attractive woman he had ever seen in his life. He wasn't sure if they had more to do with her icy stare or the fact that she was actually gorgeous. She was.

He could tell she was young. Younger than him, but obviously had an adult air to her. She felt like an equal. She was obviously an Upper East Sider. Only a teenager from a rich family like that could be so adult. Especially working full time at a ballet company. Yes, she was definitely an equal.

He wasn't even paying attention to the blond underneath him anymore. She seemed... unappealing for some reason. Instead, he seemed entranced by the nameless girl's appearance. Her midnight hair was pulled over her shoulder, showcasing her high cheek bones and slanting eyes. She had beautifully exotic features and a smirk that accented her perfect mouth. And she wasn't afraid of him. If that wasn't a turn on, he had no idea what was.

Bart pulled himself off of the girl wordlessly and got dressed. It didn't seem to matter that in an instant, one woman had stopped what he had never been able to stop himself before. And he was uninterested in the woman that seemed an easy conquest before.

He cast her a side glance and with an easy "I'll call you," he left the room.

He stepped out onto the street and looked around. He doubted that she was still around. While he was calling his limo, he wondered if she had taken her own back to her house.

He didn't know this woman. He met her once. He didn't know where she lived or what her name was. And yet he had the undeniable feeling that he had to find her.

He stepped into his limo and realized that he still had the program.

"Where to, Mr. Bass?" asked his new limo driver. Arthur was very young. This was probably his first job. But Bart liked him. He wondered how long he would have him around.

"Keith's," Bart said absentmindedly as he flipped through the program. There she was. And... yes, she definitely did live on the Upper East Side.

And her name was Evelyn.

Huh. How fitting. Bart should have been able to tell almost immediately that she would be forbidden. She had that superior air to her that Bart couldn't touch. He wasn't born into this world. But he was Bart Bass. He was currently one of the richest men in New York. And she was just a girl, anyway. It wasn't like they were soul mates or anything. She was just a girl. Girls were good for one thing. Using and losing. That was it.

The limo came to a halt.

"Thanks," Bart said, tossing the program across the seat and walking into the penthouse.


Bart smirked at his best friend.

"van der Woodsen."

Keith van der Woodsen and he had become acquaintances when Bart first came to the Upper East Side. Even though Bart was new money, Keith and he had become fast friends because they were so alike.

"Back from California already?" Bart asked as he immediately got a glass of scotch, as the party raged around them.

Keith shrugged. "There wasn't really anything out there for me. There was this one girl, though."

"How was she?" Bart asked.

"I didn't sleep with her," Keith said, almost in embarrassment.

"What?" Bart asked in confusion.

"She crashed my party and attacked me with her purse."

"She sounds..." Bart mused, "classy."

Keith shrugged again. "She was hot."

"And when was that? "Bart asked.

"At least five years ago," Keith deadpanned. Bart just shook his head. And it reminded him.

"Hey," he said. "Have you heard of that girl Evelyn--"

"Evelyn!" came a girlish scream across the room. Keith winced. He was drunk already. He was surprised he could hear it over the roar of the party.

A short teenaged girl with shiny, long, dark hair had flung her arms around the statuesque woman. Named Evelyn. What a coincidence.

"What took you so long to get here?" Eleanor asked breathlessly.

"I walked," Evelyn said, grabbing a flute of champagne from a passing waiter.

"You walked?" Eleanor asked.

"It wasn't that far," Evelyn said unrepentantly. "Anyway, I had to air out my jacket."

"What?" Eleanor laughed.

"Marla was having sex again in the dressing room with some hedge funder or something. On my jacket."

"Ew," Eleanor wrinkled her nose.

"And you have yet to seal the deal with Harold," Evelyn said wickedly.

"Who says 'seal the deal?'" Eleanor rolled her eyes.

Evelyn laughed.

"Really, Eleanor. When is that going to happen?"

"Just because you sleep with every dancing instructor you have..." Eleanor said. "Which reminds me, how was Moscow?"

"Cold," Evelyn said. "It was worth it, though. I made a lot of connections out there. And some of the Russian ballet dancers were really hot."

"Did you get their numbers?" Eleanor asked.

"They spoke Russian," Evelyn said bluntly.

"Oh, look," Eleanor said over her shoulder. "Looks like Keith's back from LA."

"Keith van der Woodsen?" Evelyn asked, without bothering to look over her shoulder. "Did you hear about what Lily did to him?"

"Isn't Lily still in California?" Eleanor asked.

"Who knows?," Evelyn said, always up on the latest gossip. "I heard she was following around Jane's Addiction for hours on their tour bus."

"Gross," Eleanor muttered. Evelyn laughed.

"I heard if she doesn't come back soon, Cece is going to cut off her inheritance."

"Wait," Eleanor said. "What did she do to Keith?"

"Oh," Evelyn said. "It was like five years ago. She crashed one of his parties. There was this all out brawl and she beat him with her purse. It was like when they first met."

"How romantic," Eleanor rolled her eyes.

"Its not like they're going to get married and move to the Upper East Side with their two children. And you're the one who is the big supporter for romanticism. Is that what is keeping you from Harold? Not enough rose petals in the world?"

"Just because I want it to be special, doesn't make you better than me, Evelyn," Eleanor said sternly. "I'm not just going to give it up in the back of some guy's limo."

Evelyn shrugged. "Doesn't seem that bad to me."

"That's because you did lose your virginity in the back of some guy's limo."

"I did not," Evelyn protested. "For your information, it was here on my birthday."

"Ew..." Eleanor said. "To Keith?"

Evelyn rolled her eyes. "He's a van der Woodsen. Its a good family."

"Yeah," Eleanor smiled. "Not like Bart Bass."

"Who?" Evelyn asked.

"You know," Eleanor nodded to the other side of the room. "He's over there. He's new money. The guy that built Bass Industries from nothing."

"Oh yeah," Evelyn said vaguely. "I think I heard of him."

She looked over and locked eyes with the one person she never thought to expect.

"That's not him," she said self assuredly.

"What do you mean?" Eleanor asked.

"That guy over there," Evelyn said, never looking away from the light eyes that penetrated her.

"You mean the guy that is blatantly undressing you with his eyes?" Eleanor asked lightly. "Yeah, that's Bart Bass."

"You have got to be kidding."

"What?" Eleanor asked.

"That's the guy that was having sex on my jacket."

"No way," Eleanor laughed.

Bart smirked when Evelyn's eyes met his. She looked livid. Bart couldn't believe that something like this had happened. He couldn't help but take it as a sign. It wasn't like he was superstitious or anything, but two encounters in one night seemed hard to ignore. So he wouldn't.

"What were you saying, man?" Keith asked, drinking from his silver flask.

"Nothing," Bart said absentmindedly, aware that Evelyn's friend was talking to her while she glared at him.

"Evelyn?" Keith asked skeptically. "You don't have a chance."

Bart looked to see that Keith had caught him staring.

"What do you mean?"

"Evelyn is from one of the most prominent old money families in New York," Keith said. "Even if she for one second falls for your... charms, which I highly doubt, her mother would never let her date you."

Bart tried not to cringe at the word date. It sounded strange when it was referring to him. But he really wasn't sure what he intended for this unforgettable woman.

"You know her?" Bart asked.

"Yeah," Keith smirked. "Only in the biblical sense."

"You slept with her."

"Once," Keith said. "It was sort of a favor."

"To her?" Bart asked.

"She was trying to make her dance instructor or something jealous. Little did I know that I was the first one to set foot on that sacred ground."

"You took her virginity?"

"Why are you making everything sound like an accusation?" Keith laughed. "Yeah, but it was weird. We're still friends, though."

"So you can introduce me," Bart smiled.

"No," Keith said firmly.

"Why not?" Bart asked, affronted.

"Because she would hate you."

"She does hate me. That's why you need to introduce me as your highly esteemed friend."

"You two have met?" Keith asked in surprise.


"I thought you were going to get whatsername tonight," Keith said.

"Yeah," Bart said. "Evelyn was a surprise."

"She usually is," Keith nodded. "But seriously, man. She would completely loathe you. And if Eleanor is giving her the lo-down right now, she'll probably hate you more. You're everything she detests. She hates self assured, incredibly handsome, charming men as ourselves."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take," Bart said, though not quite sure as to why. "Come on."

Keith sighed in submission and they walked across the floor to meet Evelyn and Eleanor.

"Keith," Eleanor said in greeting. She looked expectantly at Evelyn, but Evelyn just glared bluntly at Keith's friend.

"Uh, Evelyn," Keith said lamely. "This is Bart Bass."

"We've met," Bart smirked lecherously. "I do admit, usually I have more contact with a woman before she sees that much of me. Not that I'm complaining... Evelyn, was it?"

Evelyn still didn't speak. She was too caught up in a fit of rage. She never thought she would see this despicable excuse for a human being, and yet, here he was, at a party thrown by one of her closest friends.

"Uh..." Keith said.

"Long story," Eleanor said, trying to cover up for Evelyn.

"Not really," Bart shrugged. "Dear Evelyn just walked in on me having sex with her friend on her jacket."

"You must have wanted to keep it as a trophy," Evelyn finally spoke smoothly.

Eleanor looked uncomfortable. No one really talked to Bart Bass that way. Evelyn didn't seem to have a problem with it. Bart didn't seem to mind either.

"I would just love to keep anything of yours on principle," Bart said. "Especially the things you can't necessarily see."

Evelyn made a sound of disgust in the back of her throat.

"You're heinous," she said in realization.

present day

Upper East Side

"You're heinous," Blair spat.

Damnit. Damnitdamnitdamnitdamnit.

"Uh, excuse me," the girl crossed her arms over her chest (which was difficult when a certain Basstard was on top of her, though a good idea, considering she was topless.)

"You were kind of interrupting something."

"Believe me," Blair said with disdain in the dark bedroom of the party. "This was nothing I planned. But, sweetie, you're kind of fornicating on my jacket."

Chuck quickly leaped off the girl and got dressed.

"Jacket," Blair reminded the girl. "I'm not getting any younger."

"Whatever," the nameless girl said and tossed Blair her jacket.

"And I suggest some clothes," Blair said nastily.

"You're leaving," Chuck said darkly from a corner of the room where she couldn't see his face.

"Obviously," Blair said. "Not that its any of your business, but that was what I needed the jacket for."

She turned from her room and wove her way through the crowd. She personally hoped Chuck was having a particularly difficult time getting his belt on or something because she really didn't want him harassing her and following her around at the moment.

Being apart from Chuck Bass was the hardest thing she ever had to do. When she was with him, there wasn't anything else. But things get in the way. Things like working for Bass Industries. And, oh yeah, a particularly pissed off best friend/ ex boyfriend who finally realized how in love with his ex girlfriend he was and how he couldn't see said ex girlfriend with his best friend anymore. To put it lightly, things got nasty.

In conclusion, Chuck went on another one of his jealous rages, splintering his relationship with his best friend when Blair chose Chuck over Nate which made things ideally worse where everyone wasn't talking to each other.

It was months later now, however, and everything was basically back to normal. Except for the obvious fact that Chuck and Blair were still pining for each other. It would get nasty and dirty before it got better.

Chuck had taken to sleeping with women who had uncanny resemblance to Blair where Nate got over himself and started being friends with them both. He was still uncomfortable with the obvious fact that Chuck and Blair would never get over each other.

Blair hated that Chuck still had this control over her. It got worse, however, when she realized that he was still screwing everything in sight. And thus concluded that night of "See How Much Worse Chuck and Blair Can Get."

It was ugly for everyone. Serena didn't like how most nights she had to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's with Blair and the occasional night of Charade which Blair still neglected to tell Serena the significance of, while holding her while Blair cried.

Serena would have gone over and beat the living hell out Chuck herself if she hadn't walked in on Eric nursing a drunk Chuck just off his night of binge drinking when he saw that Blair and Nate were talking again.


So nights went by where every night was basically a party night. And every night came with Chuck and Blair drama which everyone had to go through. For Serena, it was damn infuriating having to see her best friend go through this, yet again, with that stupid step brother of hers.

Chuck tore out of the room, leaving the faceless girl without even a fake "I'll call you."

He hadn't meant it like this, he really hadn't. He knew he would have to deal with the fact that Blair and Nate were going to talk if he ever was going to get her back.

And frankly, that was hoping for a lot. He would be lucky if he only got stabbed by one of her heels after tonight.

That girl was nothing. They all were nothing. They were just filler. He just couldn't stand being without Blair. So when he would get drunk enough every night, he would cruise the parties for petite brunettes with a similar perfume. They had to be close, damnit. If they smelled wrong, than the illusion would be shattered.

And maybe seeing her here with Nate sent him a little over the edge. He knew for a fact they would never be getting back together. Ever. He knew this because the truth was out. He and Blair were head over heels, madly, passionately, insanely in love with each other. No one was going to cross that threshold. It was way too dangerous. People had lost parts before.

But it still scared him. He heard that Nate would profess his feelings for Blair and Chuck almost crashed the bottle of alcohol he was drinking over his own head.

He knew that Nate wasn't going to try anything. Nate was just weak and always had to tell everyone what he was feeling. But it still freaked the hell out of Chuck. Of course he had to get completely trashed and start acting completely possessive and jealous over Blair, which, of course, ruined everything.

He trusted her. She didn't think that he did, but Chuck really trusted her. He just didn't trust himself to keep her. And no matter how much Chuck trusted Blair, he would never be able to keep his jealous feelings in check. That was just something he would have to deal with. He would always consider Blair his and he just had to deal with it. Now only if he could find her.

Chuck tightened his belt as he ran into the hallway that was crowded with Upper East Siders. He would never find her in this mess.

"What did you do now?" asked the good natured voice.

Chuck spun to face Eric.

"Did you see where she went?"

"I saw her putting her jacket on and trying not to cry," Eric said helpfully.

"Thanks," Chuck snapped a little harder than he meant to. It wasn't Eric's fault. "That's real helpful."

"Just hope that Serena doesn't get her hands on you," Eric said. "She's been dying to get a chance to rip your scarf to shreds."

"I didn't mean to," Chuck said, frantically looking around the crowd for her.

"I know," Eric said understandingly. "But she might have left. She had her coat on."

Chuck groaned in frustration.

"She as crying?" he asked suddenly.

"Uh, yeah," Eric said. "What did you think?"

"I didn't think..."

"That she wasn't over you?" Eric asked in disbelief. "You two will never be over each other."

Eric looked over his shoulder. "So that's why she was crying."

Chuck didn't need to look back to know that the girl he discarded had finally exited the room.

"Its not like I planned it," Chuck muttered. "I didn't think that Blair was just going to walk in, looking for her jacket. I didn't want her to see me like that. I just... couldn't stand being without her."

"Tell her," Eric suggested,

Chuck raised his eyebrows.

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard."

Eric laughed.

"Maybe that's why its taking you two this long."

"She won't believe me," Chuck mumbled.

"Well stop feeling sorry for yourself and go look for her," Eric demanded.

Chuck sighed and wove his way through the crowd. He would have done that anyway. It wasn't like he was following orders from his favorite brother or anything. It wasn't like Eric was smarter than him or anything... that much.

Chuck reached the window and dialed the phone number of his driver.


Arthur had been in his family for a while. He wasn't exactly how old he was, but he knew Bart had him around Chuck's age. And Arthur knew everything there was to know about Chuck Bass. He was highly aware of the current situation with his master and Miss Blair Waldorf. The doormen always gossiped about it. It was more enthralling than the soap operas that Dorota made Vanya watch.

It also helped that Arthur was the driver on that certain day when Chuck had him drive Blair home after the opening night at Victrola. But that was confidential. Chuck paid him that much.

"Did you see Blair walk outside?"

Chuck listened intently. It wasn't like Arthur was spying the streets for Mr. Chuck's paramour, but Mr. Chuck always had him around. He would have noticed if Miss Blair had walked out. Especially when most of the time that Mr. Chuck spent in the limo, he was getting completely wasted from the mini bar. Courtesy of said paramour.

For Chuck's own safety, he hoped that they would get back together soon. If only so Arthur would still get paid. But not only that, Arthur actually cared about the lewd, drinking, young, billionaire. He had taken Chuck around since he was a young child. Not many people saw the softer side of Chuck, but Arthur was loyal to the Bass family. It would be that way until the day he died.

Satisfied, but not really, Chuck hung up, almost positive that Blair hadn't left the party. Yet. He knew Arthur was well versed on the Chuck and Blair history and how vital it was that Blair hadn't left.

"Arachibald," he sighed, not really sure how awkward this was going to be... Oh well.

"Chuck," Nate nodded.

They had been trying the friend thing and it had been working pretty well. Nate let Blair go way too easily at Prom. Chuck had found out and didn't like how Nate felt obligated to spill his feelings to the girl who belonged to his best friend. Common courtesy, people.

"Have you seen Blair?" Chuck asked finally.

He studied Nate's face.

"You have," he realized. "You... talked to her."

"Listen, Chuck," Nate said. "What happened before... I wasn't trying to get revenge on you or anything. Blair just needed to know."

"You thought she would choose you," Chuck said, but with no real venom in his voice. He couldn't be angry with Nate. Because if he had been in Nate's position, he totally would have tried to steal Blair. He knew there was a guy code, but he already violated that many times in favor of just one woman. And that was never going to change. He wished he was more loyal, but he was just weak. He could never get Blair out of his head.

"No," Nate protested. "I just needed to get it off my chest. I always knew she would choose you."

"How do you figure?" Chuck asked, actually interested.

"She only had me when she needed me. But she always wanted you. Ever since we were kids. I know that now. It may not have been in the way it is now, but you two always understood each other in a way that made no sense to me. It was always you two."

"Nate..." Chuck shook his head.

"I'm really sorry, Chuck," Nate said with sincerity. Chuck knew his best friend. Nate was never malicious like him.

"Nate," Chuck said again, finishing the sentence he started. "I just want us to be friends again."

Nate's face broke out into a grin.

"Good. Me too."

Chuck nodded. "Will you help me find her, then?"

Nate nodded vigorously. He missed Chuck a lot. Chuck just... got it. He liked hanging out with Dan and Vanessa, but Chuck had been his friend forever. And he knew what it was like to be... elite. And he needed that right now.

"Blair," Serena caught her best friend by the arm. "You're not leaving now, are you?"

Then she caught her friend's angry tears.

"Oh, B," she said. "What did he do now?"

"Its nothing," Blair said dismissively, immediately covering up her feelings behind her cold mask. "I just have to air out my jacket now."

"What?" Serena asked in confusion.

"Chuck was having sex again in the bedroom with some model or something. On my jacket," Blair bit out bitterly.

"B, I'm so sorry."

"I'm over it," Blair snapped. "She can have him. I'm done."

"Blair..." Serena sighed.

Blair looked away in annoyance. She knew what Serena would say. She knew the truth. She would never be done.

"Who has sex on someone's jacket?" Blair exclaimed. "Its not like you walk into some random room and say 'this is a strange comforter. It almost feels like a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket. I think I'll violate it by my pleasurings.'"

"Blair," Serena said, impressed. Apparently the bitch was coming out tonight and Serena was glad that Blair was finally defending herself.

"At least it wasn't the back of a limo," Serena teased.

"Shut up," Blair muttered.

"Or a bedroom in Kati's brother's apartment."

"You do not know when to stop talking, do you?" Blair asked in amazement. "At least it wasn't on a hotel bar."

"Who told you that?" Serena gasped.

"Who do you think?" Blair asked.

"You mean the guy that's over there?" Serena pointed to where Nate and Chuck were looking at them.

"That's not him," Blair said defiantly, not facing the facts that Chuck would actually come to talk to her after that incident.

"What do you mean?" Serena asked.

"Chuck Bass is not staring at me," Blair said, refusing to believe it. "He doesn't have a death wish."

"You mean the guy that is blatantly undressing you with his eyes?" Serena asked lightly. "Yeah, that's my brother, Chuck Bass."

"You have got to be kidding," Blair said to his ignorance, finally turned to see Chuck's heated gaze.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Nate said, unassured.

"Why not?" Chuck asked.

"Because she hates you," Nate said, though trying not to tread on the fragile ground their newly founded friendship was on.

"I made a mistake," Chuck said softly. "I need to get her back. That girl was a mistake."

"Blair caught you with a girl?" Nate asked, slightly nauseated. He was surprised Chuck still had his manhood. Just because they weren't together anymore didn't mean they weren't... together. They were the two most insanely jealous people on the Upper East Side.

"Yeah. But it wasn't like I meant for her to just walk in." Chuck said. "Blair was a surprise."

"She usually is," Nate nodded. Chuck ignored that. "You know Blair completely loathes you. More than usual. And right about now, she'll probably hates you even more than that."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take," Chuck said. "Come on."

"So you're pulling me into this, too?" Nate asked.

"Are you kidding?" Chuck asked. "You're my human shield."

Nate sighed. "Chuck..."

"I need to do this."

And what Chuck Bass says is law. Nate wasn't about to question that.

"Nate," Serena greeted as brightly as she could. She looked at Blair, expectantly, wanting her to be cordial, but Blair just glared wordlessly at Chuck. Chuck didn't say anything either, but he wasn't glaring.

"Blair, listen," Nate started.

"No," Chuck finally spoke up with a smirk. Blair's insides curled in delight without her consent. She always liked their banter, but now was not the time. But he was making it the time.

"Its okay, Nate. Blair can pretend I don't exist all night she wants, but we all know what she really wants."

"Oh, yeah," Blair sneered and Nate and Serena looked at each other apprehensively. It was one of those nights. The one for banter. Great. Except this was more angsty banter than witty.

"Just like you pretend that I'm not the one who walked in on you and your slut."

"No need to get feisty just because you're the one who walked in on me having sex on your jacket," Chuck said smoothly.

"You must have wanted to keep it as a trophy," Blair snapped angrily.

Serena and Nate looked uncomfortable. But at least Blair was paying attention to him now.

"I would just love to keep anything of yours on principle," Chuck said. "Especially the ones in the back of my limo. Remember, Waldorf?"

Blair's hand came out of nowhere and Chuck's head snapped to the left at the impact. Some of the guests at the party looked over at them lazily but, really, it was just another day in the life of Chuck and Blair. Everyone was used to it by now.

Blair glared at him and he hated the way her eyes were shining at him. When she couldn't look at him anymore, she retreated quickly.

"Blair," he said after her.

Nate tried to bring him back, but he shook him off, following Blair to a dark corner.

"You're heinous," she spat for the second time that night.

"Tell me something I don't know, Princess," Chuck growled. He was tired of this. He just wanted her back in his bed again.

He grabbed her by the elbow, pulling her tight against him.

"And we both know what those insults really mean," he said.

Blair refused to look at him, despite the pressure of him against her. So he said it. The thing he couldn't stop thinking about since the first time he did.

"I love you."