Actually fairly important: This fanfic is where Death Note ideas that are decent, but not long enough to post separately, will gather! 3 Most of them will probably be humor, and any romance will primarily be MxM or LxL. ^_^ Don't take any of them too seriously. Hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Characters:Matt, Mello

Genre: Humor/Romance


"Melllllooooo..." Matt called cheerfully in sing-song.

"What do you want?!" Mello demanded. His way of saying, 'Hi, Matt. Welcome home! What is it?'

"Mello Mello Mello," the redhead crooned. You could almost hear the *heart* after his repetition of the name.

"What?!" Mello shouted at him. His way of saying, 'Matt?'

"Me. Low."

"WHAT?!" he practically screamed. His way of saying, 'What the hell do you want, bastard?!'

"I got you something."

Suddenly Mello was a golden lab, bouncing at Matt's feet in fevered excitement. "What is it??"

Matt grinned, pushing his goggles up onto his head. "Come on, that's a stupid question. What do you think I got you?"

Mello's metaphorical tail started wagging like crazy. "Chocolate?"


With a smile, that smile that Mello loved more than chocolate, Matt brought out a tiny, tiny box and opened it.

Inside was one tiny chocolate truffle.

Mello tried to be polite. He really did. They were quite broke and Matt looked so happy. But damn that was a small piece of chocolate. He forced a smile and squeezed as much sincerity into his voice as he could. "Thanks Matt!" His voice sounded hollow to his own ears. He added a big, toothy grin. Maybe that would help.

Matt sighed. "Thanks for trying."

Mello grin faded into a guilty smile. "Sorry."

"Try it, though. It was pretty expensive so I imagine it's good."

Not like Mello was planning on not eating it just because it was a little small.

He popped it into his mouth and his eyes shot wide open, then slipped half-closed in bliss.

He hummed his pleasure as the treat dissolved on his tongue, and Matt laughed aloud.

That beautiful laugh that Mello loved more than chocolate.