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The Lips of an Angel

"It's my fuckin' hotdog, lay off!"

"Listen to me, I got here first so it's my hotdog!"

'How about you both just shut the hell up?' The brown haired fighter sitting across the table from the two who were arguing thought to himself.

"No, it's mine. Listen, let's ask Squall. Hey Squall-"


"Wha-? What the hell man, you're supposed to take my side!"

Squall sighed, his blue eyes clearly not entertained by the whole event unfolding before him, "Listen, it's just a hotdog. How about one of you go back up to the counter and get another one that way you both have one?"

Zell folded his muscular arms, "Oy, don't you think we would have done that already? I got the last one but Selphie here seems to think that this hotdog belongs to her."

"It does, you cut in front of me," the brunette stated matter-of-factly, sweeping strands of hair from her clearly amused face.

"It doesn't belong to you if you stole it outta my hands, Selphie! Dammit."

The girl laughed, "A little aggressive about these hotdogs aren't you?"

Zell growled, his eyes wild, "I go on a long ass fight to get rid of that sorceress and the only thing I craved the whole time was one of the Garden's hotdogs. The first chance I actually get to eat them you go and jack it right outta my hands!"

"Aw, wah, wah. Someone call the wah-mbulance," Selphie snickered, raising the hotdog to her lips.

The feisty blond beside her leaned towards her, a finger poked directly into her face, "Don't you dare take a bite of that."

Squall cleared his throat, not entirely enjoying the looks that were getting sent their way. It was very uncomfortable. "Would you two just stop it?"

Selphie took the attention Zell had diverted to listen and look at Squall to take a heaping bite, licking her lips at the mustard that had been left as proof of her sin. Zell whipped around when he heard her chewing, his eyes wide with astonishment, "What the hell, Selphie? Fuckin' shit!"

'Thank god, now he can let it go,' Squall thought to himself, taking a drink of his water.

There was a wail of annoyance and then a scream of surprise. Squall shifted his eyes back to the two friends who were battling over the hotdog. 'Oh god…' Zell was standing up, his fists shaking as he looked down at the floor. Squall cleared his throat as he leaned over the table to see what he suspected: Selphie lying on her back, mustard and hotdog was thrown all over her chest, her face wearing a similar design. 'There's my cue to leave.'

The SeeD leader got up from the table without the slightest noise, grabbing his water and turning to head back to the third level.

"What the hell Zell, didn't your mom ever tell you not to be a complete asshole to a woman?"


At least up there he didn't have to listen to the other people in the cafeteria snigger and point at Zell and Selphie. Even though the attention wasn't directly focused on him; he didn't like the idea that he was that close to being the middle of things yet again.

A few students ran past Squall, most of which were underclassmen girls, giggling and smiling at him sheepishly as they passed him. His face burned red when he felt them turn to look at him after they had passed him, smiling and giggling further he was sure. 'I hate my life sometimes.'

"Too bad that girl has her claws sunk in or I'd totally ask him to go to the formal with me."

"Kari you're horrible! Besides, he wouldn't be interested in you silly. You're not serious enough."

He felt a slight growl slip from his throat as he approached the elevator. Most girls were just so utterly annoying that it was simply unbearable. Most girls.

Squall waited patiently for the elevator to end its journey to the third floor, the doors opening with a 'ding!'

"Ah you're back."

He nodded, the long brown strands that he called his hair falling into his scarred face slightly. His cold eyes shifted to find Quistis and Irvine standing by the controls of the Garden.

"Where is Selphie, I've been waiting on her to come back to get me after her lunch but she hasn't been back yet," Irvine muttered to Squall, worry filling his voice.

"She's in the cafeteria fighting Zell over a hotdog. That's probably what has slowed down her progress," the gunblade wielder told him, his eyes remaining completely unchanged as he relived the memories of the events inside the cafeteria.

"He has an unhealthy fascination with those hotdogs!" Irvine grumbled, tipping his hat as he darted from the room, towards the café no doubt.

Quistis giggled, "Well, it sounds like your day is already turning out to be quite interesting."

"Lucky me," Squall breathed, heading up to the control panel to check the projected arrival of the Garden to Fisherman's Horizon.

"You seem to be in a mood today," his former instructor commented, coming to stand next to him.

"I just don't understand why they always have to draw attention to themselves. It's ridiculous."

The blonde next to him adjusted her glasses, a sly smile on her face, "I'm sure it's their behavior that has you upset. It couldn't be the fact that Rinoa hasn't checked in from her patrol, could it?"

Squall's eyes locked with hers before he returned his focus back to the control panel, "Maybe," he said in his usual monotone.

Quistis placed her hand on his shoulder, her face turning red with embarrassment at her brash move, "Don't worry, Squall. She's fine. That's why we're heading back to Fisherman's Horizon so we can dock, stay the night, and most importantly, retrieve Rinoa."

He didn't answer. Another smile tugged at the corners of former-instructor Trepe's mouth, "You worry too much about her. She's a woman, Squall. She can take care of herself you know. Besides, she wouldn't let anything keep her from her knight would she?"


He shot her a look when he heard her say his overused word at the same time he did. She laughed again, "Oh Squall, it never gets old. You know," she said, clearing her throat, her hand falling down from his shoulder to touch his gloved hand, "if you want, tonight I could assume command and you could have a night to enjoy Rinoa's company. I know you've been missing her, how long has it been now, a week? I think it's long overdue that you take time for yourself, you work-a-holic."

The SeeD leader thought this through for the longest time before his desire to see the rebel leader consumed him, "Alright, granted. Thank you, Quistis."

The blonde's face seemed to fall ever so slightly, the fact that she had feelings for Squall more than obvious. Everyone knew it, it was so obvious that even Squall knew of her affections towards him but he had also done nothing to encourage these feelings. Everyone knew where his feelings lied, and he made no point in hiding it either. Rinoa was the only person that he didn't have to hide who he was with; she loved him in all of his oddness.

Quistis nodded, "Ah, it seems that we have arrived to Fisherman's Horizon. Prepare to dock."


The sea winds seemed particularly active today as Zell, Selphie, Irvine, Quistis, and Squall stood on the docks of Fisherman's Horizon, waiting for the return of their spunky companion.

"Aha, there she is!" Zell yelled, the wind muting his voice slightly. He waved his hands in the air, jumping up and down simultaneously as he did so. Everyone's eyes followed his to find the light blue attire that adorned the small frame of Rinoa Heartily running their direction.

They quickly turned to see Squall's frame turn from rigid and unmoving to eager and expecting, his face seeming to light up upon seeing the sorceress to his knight.

"Hi everyone!" She exclaimed, running across the bridge, flailing her arms wildly in front of her. Her companions raised their hands and waved only slightly, their attention more focused on Squall. Rinoa didn't waste time in searching for Squall, finding him hidden slightly behind Zell. She jumped ever so slightly, running to him, her arms outspread.

Quistis turned to busy herself with the sea, fighting back the urge to scream at the top of her lungs as Squall opened his arms in return, offering her his chest to land in to. She made a small leap, wrapping her legs around his waist, arms securing themselves around his neck. Squall locked his hands around her lower back, an involuntary smile consuming his face as his eyes found her warm dark ones.

Selphie poked Irvine in the side, her own face adorned with a goofy grin. Zell scratched the back of his head, laughing stupidly at how happy the two seemed together. They had deserved the peace that their world endured now. It was mostly thanks to Squall that any of this was possible after all. The world would be forever indebted to the knight and his love for his sorceress.

Rinoa's bright smile seemed to radiate through all of Fisherman's Horizon as she stared into Squall's ice blue eyes, "I've missed you."

He didn't comment, he simply responded with a smile that was uniquely Squall.

The SeeD's beauty buried her face into his shoulder, breathing in his scent, her heart humming in content.

Zell took a spot next to Quistis, prodding her with his elbow, "What's with the tears?" He asked her in a whisper. She shook her head, wiping at the tears quickly, "Nothing, just happy for them is all."

Irvine and Selphie locked their fingers together as they walked back into the Garden, talking back and forth about how much being in love suited Squall.

"I let Quistis take command tonight so that we could have a night to ourselves. It has been far too long since we have had time to speak and be alone, that is if you would like to spend the evening in my company," Squall informed Rinoa. The squeeze around his neck he felt confirmed his offer.

"What time should I be ready?"

"Eight o'clock."

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