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Naruto and his opponent bowed to their teachers and the members of the military council. Receiving a nod from the judge, they turned to face each other and exchanged bows. They retreated to their corners and slipped into ready stances, gripping their kunai tightly. The stink of blood and vomit and shit hung in the air in the circle from the previous battles and the boys were nervous because only one would walk out of the field alive today.


Thirteen years earlier, the Kyuubi's attack brought Konoha to the brink of destruction before the Yondaime sacrificed his life to defeat the beast. As Leaf tottered, her neighbors sensed weakness and invaded. The newly reinstated Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi fought his shinobi troops brilliantly to defend the land of his ancestors, but beset from multiple fronts with her forces stretched beyond the breaking point, the situation was hopeless and Hi no Kuni surrendered on the Day of Shame.


Naruto and his opponent fought with blade, shuriken and taijutsu without chakra. Poison, genjustu, fuinjutsu and ninjutsu were strictly prohibited on pain of execution. They pulled no punches as they fought for their very lives and a chance to prove their mettle and earn the shinobi hitaite.

Naruto's opponent struck first blood when his kunai made a deep gash along the blonde's forearm. As Naruto bled his life essence away, his adversary disengaged. With that strike, the hitaite was as good as his and he would wait until Naruto weakened from blood loss before delivering the coup de grace.


Konoha surrendered her claim as one of the five great villages on that day of infamy. Hi no Kuni lost large territories on her border. The other nations imposed limits of the strength of limits of Leaf's Shinobi Corps. They forced Konoha and Hi no Kuni to pay annual tithes to their courts and they heaped a hundred other humiliations on the once proud nation.


Naruto knew he was in dire straits. His advanced bloodline would seal the wound, sapping his strength some in the bargain, but his right hand - the one he favored - was wet and slippery with blood.

It was a good thing the other was unaware of his bloodline or he would be dead already. He grabbed another kunai in his left hand and beckoned his opponent. He may be disadvantaged, but he wasn't going to roll over and die.


The next few years were dark days for Hi no Kuni. The country was barely solvent and the spirit of her people was broken. But the Will of Fire survived and out of the ashes, Sarutobi and his shinobi rebuilt their precious village even as Hi no Kuni slowly recovered.


It was impossible to miss the wound knitting back together and the sight gave Naruto's opponent pause, but he made a crucial mistake. Any advanced bloodline was a gift and a curse for though it gave its wielder immense power, it also sapped their chakra well dry. He thought this was the case with Naruto's bloodline as well and not knowing the blonde had more chakra than God, advanced too quickly. They could not use chakra in this battle, true, but he expected the blonde's healing to have sapped his endurance.

It was his final mistake. Naruto feinted a weak strike and as his adversary moved to seize the opening, the blonde grabbed the other's blade in a vice grip and thrust his kunai through the diaphragm and into the heart.

Then, as the light faded from the other boy's eyes and he fell, Naruto fell with his victim and vomited his lunch. He continued to dry-heave as the judge patted him on his shoulder and the bearers ran into carry the blonde's first kill away and clean the ground for the next graduation match.


One reaps what one sows and the humiliation heaped on Hi no Kuni and Konoha would come back to haunt the world in the years to come. The elemental nations would rue the day they humiliated Fire out of envy and spite.

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