Something New

By Female Heero Yuy

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The Phantomhive manor was the same as it always was. Bard blew up the kitchen again, Maylene polished the banister with shoe polish again, and Finni killed every living plant in the garden again.

Sebastian sighed in frustration as he made his way towards the stairwell. A knock on the door came as he was about to make his way up the stairs. Going to the door he opened it. It was the post man.

"Evening sir, he's the day's post." the man said as he tilted his hat.

"Thank you." Sebastian said as he took the pile of letters from him, the man left and Sebastian shut the door as he looked through the mail quickly. Flipping through the mass amount of letters he took out the mail he usually dealt with. Bills, sales flyers, actual mail for the other servants and the like. Separating those onto an end table for later. He took the mail that was for Ciel and headed towards his original destination. Once he got to Ciel's office he knocked.

"Come in."

"Young master the nightly post just arrived." Sebastian said as he dropped it infront of Ciel on his desk. Causing a loud thump to sound after it hit the desk.

Ciel sighed as he looked at the pile before him. "I guess I should take care of this before heading to bed." He groaned as Sebastian got out a pen and piece of paper to write down any declines. Ciel did his typical tossing of rejections as he went through his mail. "No letters from the queen."

"It seems your assistence has not been needed as of late." Sebastian replied as he kept writting.

Ciel's eye widened as he came across a letter with his Aunt Frances's seal on it. Grabbing his letter opener he opened it slowly as if he were afraid it was going to bite him.

"Young master?" Sebastian inquired as Ciel looked over the contents of the letter.

"It seems my uncle's sister had a child." Ciel muttered as he read the letter.

"That's wonderful young master, shall I send a gift to the family for their addition?"


"No?" Sebastian repeated puzzled. "If I may young master it would be quiet rude not to do so."

Ciel put down the letter and looked at Sebastian, "I didn't say we would give a gift, I meant we wouldn't be sending it."

Blinking at Ciel, "Oh?"

"It seems we've been invited to a bris."

"A bris?" Sebastian looked at Ciel as he didn't know what it was. "Pardon me young master, but what is a bris?"

"I have no clue, but the letter states it a type of party."

"I see. So does the letter state the gender of the child? I'd hate to acquire the wrong gift and shame the Phantomhive name."

Ciel picked up the letter again, "It's a boy. The celebration is in three days, in Oxford. Aunt Frances insists I show up for it."

"That's a long journey young master, we may have to leave early just to make it in time."

Ciel sighed, "Have the others get ready as well."

Sebastian lifted a brow at that, "Young master are you sure thats wise?"

"It can't be helped, we're to stay for a week. If we leave them we might not have a house to come home to." Ciel put a hand to his head as he remembered the last time Sebastian and he left on business. Half the house was in ruins, and the other half was non existent.

Sebastian remembered it. It was horrible coming home to that. Or lack of home. They had to stay in a hotel while the repairs were being done. And to make matters worse he had to remake all the sentimental items by hand himself. "I see your point young master." Sebastian said with gloomy expression.

"Make the necessary preparations." Ciel ordered.

"Will you not sleep tonight master?"

"The sooner we start the journey, the sooner we get there."


"Yay! We're going on a trip! We're going on a trip!" Maylene, Bard and Finni chanted with glee.

"You hear that young master, their so excited." Sebastian said with a smile as he drove the carriage.

"Ah...let's just hope they don't destroy anything." Ciel said as he looked back toward the other carriage.

Driving towards a large manor, the two carriages continued until they finally pulled up to the front of the manor. A young man, who looked to be about Bards at awaited them.

"You must be the Earl Phantomhive. We've been expecting you." the man said as he bowed. "I take it your journey was enjoyable?"

"Indeed." Ciel replied as Sebastian helped him out of the carriage.

"I apologize Earl Phantomhive, but your Aunt Frances gave me instructions to bring you to her in the lounge upon your arrival." the man said.

Ciel's expressioned turned into a gloomy one, even Sebastian sweated alittle behind him. He hoped she wouldn't grab him like she'd done the last time and yell about their fringes. "Please lead the way." Ciel responded with Sebastian following behind.

Sebastian stopped for a moment, "Please make sure to deal with the luggage." he told the others before following Ciel again.

"Yes sir!" The other's saluted.

"Ho, ho, ho."


Sebastian was actually taken in with the inside of the manor. It was about the same size as Ciel's manor, but the decor was different. Lavish lamps, with plush couches, paintings of the highest quality, the rarest plants lined the halls as if they were walking through a green house­­­­­­­­, thick curtains covered the windows, were partially opened to let in very little light. He even saw cobbwebs and spiders. Over all it was a very cryptic looking manor. Sebastian loved it.

"Oh...young master maybe we should get some of their designing tips before we go?" he said as he looked over a vase, while Ciel sat on the sofa.

"No. I won't have my manor look like a dungeon." Ciel said annoyed at Sebastian for even thinking of such things. Sometimes he wondered what would happened if he actually allowed Sebastian to decorate his room. He shuddered at the thought. Sebastian's room would probably have satanic symbols everywhere, with a coffin somewhere and deep red walls. He shuddered to think of what else would end up in the room.

"Oh my just look at this poor intriguing portrait." Sebastian's voice came breaking Ciel out of his thoughts. "Is this your Uncle's sister?"

Ciel looked over at the portrait. "Yes, that's her." It was probably the only normal thing in the room.

"She's abit...." Sebastian started before shutting his mouth.

"Abit?" Ciel inquired interested in what he was going to say.

"Forgive me young master, but she's abit....I honestly don't think I should say it." Sebastian looked sheepish as he turned away from the portrait.

"He means she's the ugliest thing he's ever seen." a voice came from the doorway.

Ciel and Sebastian looked over at the speaker.

"Aunt Frances! That was uncalled for." Ciel stated in shock.

"Uncalled for it may be, but it's the truth." she said as she took a seat on the sofa. "I see you both have yet to make yourselves decent."

"Uh...forgive us Aunt Frances, we've only just arrived from our trip." Ciel looked over at Sebastian, who'd taken residence behind Ciel as if to use him as a shield in case she attacked them. "In any case, you wished to see me Aunt Frances?"

"I did. As you know we're here to partake in a bris. Strangely my sister in law is allowing servants to join in on the festivities. So I must ask that your servants." she stressed servants as she looked at Sebastian, "Be on their best behavior."

"Yes Aunt Frances."


After that the house was in chaos. With the servants of the house preparing for the bris that was to take place in a matter of hours. Sebastian was preparing Ciel in his party outfit.

"Young master seems disappointed." Sebastian said as he worked on Ciel's cuffs.

"I honestly don't want to be here." he replied. "Parties are so dull."

"Ah but I guess you came to support your family in this occastion." Sebastian smiled as he finished in work. He got up and dusted himself off.

Ciel sigh, "Actually Aunt Frances insisted in her letter."

"I see. Then all we can do is enjoy ourselves until we have to make the journey home." Sebastian replied as he picked up a little. The others were busy getting ready themselves. Sebastian had already gotten himself ready, wearing a simple suit the color of chocolate, with a velvet orchid vest and a simple red ribbon tie. It almost looked like his normal butler suit, but his coat in the back was like Ciel's instead of the normal swallows tails. "Young master, have you found out what a bris is?"

"From what Aunt Frances told me, it's a party for boys. She said I would understand during the party."

"Oh." Sebastian said in confusion. He was hoping Ciel would know since he didn't know what it was. He'd never heard of a bris before. And since they were so busy he didn't get a chance to find out what it was.


The party was extremely boring, as Ciel predicted. Everyone was chattering, and enjoying the conversation of the room. Ciel along with his servants just stood off to the side, looking very much like outcasts.

"Young master, it's very rude to stay by the wall." Sebastian chided, giving Ciel a little push. Ciel just glared at him before walking slowly to the closest person.

"Bard no smoking!" Maylene said as she snatched a cigarette from Bard before he could put it in his mouth. "It's bad for the baby."

"Aw come on I wasn't gonna light it. Besides, even if I did, it's not like the kid can get an uglier." Bard remarked.

Sebastian smirked when Bard said that, he wouldn't admit it, but he did think the child was horribly hideous. At first he thought someone had brought their pet and put it in the baby crib as a joke. It wasn't until Ciel's relative kissed it, was when he realized it was the baby. He'd seen baby ogres look cuter. Heck he could go as far as saying the ugliest thing he'd ever seen looked cuter. And that was an understatement.

Bard sighed, "I really wish they'd get this over with. I already feel bad for the kid as it is."

Sebastian blinked at Bard's statement. He couldn't believe Bard knew what this was about. "Excuse me?"

Bard looked at Sebastian in surprise. "You know..with the snipping part."


"You can't honestly expect me to believe you don't know what a bris is do you?" Bard said in surprise.

"I've never been to one, so I don't know what it is." Sebastian replied.

Bard smirked, "Well then your in for a big surprise."

"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked, but Bard just walked away towards another servant girl, hitting on her. "I don't understand what he meant."

"Sebastian do you really not know what a bris is?" Finni asked in surprise as well.

Sebastian was starting to think his world was crumbling, how could the idiot servants know something he didn't. "If I did I wouldn't of asked."

Finni gave Sebastian a worried look. "Umm..Sebastian.." he started, but was cut off.

"Alright everyone, it's time for the bris!" Ciel's relative announced. She pushed people to huddle in a circle. Everyone gathered around to view the special moment.

Ciel's Aunt Frances stood beside Ciel and Elizabeth, putting a hand on each of their shoulders.

Sebastian got as close as he could, trying to see what it was all about. He saw a man put on some rubber gloves and pick up a pair of scissors. He stood over the baby and brought the scissors up to the child's area. Sebastian's eyes widened in shock. His mouth became agap as the man did the snip. Everyone applauded the doctor. Just as they finished, Sebastian did something no one thought he was even capable of doing. He fainted.

Ciel looked over in shock. "Sebastian!" he shouted as he ran over with Bard picking him up off the floor.


When Sebastian woke up he was embarassed. He couldn't believe he'd fainted. Bard had taken it upon himself to rub it in at every given moment. Atleast until Sebastian threatened to castrate him.

Ciel poked at him through the sheets. "Are you going to mope all day?"

"That poor child." came Sebastian's voice from under the sheets.

"Sebastian circumcision is a perfectly healthy proceedure." Ciel stated as he continued to poke at his butler. "Don't demon's do such things?"

"NO!!" Sebastian shouted from under the sheets. "Only humans do such cruel things!"

"Didn't you notice the differences between.....*cough*?" Ciel covered his mouth, embarassed.

"I just thought human male's penis grew slight different." Sebastian groaned.

Ciel's Aunt Frances came into the room. "Is he still moping?" she asked harshly.

"Seems so." Ciel replied.

She walked over to the bed and yanked the sheets off with one swoop. "Get up and be a man! I need you to help clean up!" she ordered as Sebastian jumped slightly.

He looked at her with sad eyes.


After cleaning the items used for what Sebastian called a cruel human act. He was near the crib looking at the baby. His head barely coming over the side as he bent down, his hand held the side of the crib. "You poor thing." he wallowed, giving the baby sad puppy eyes.

"Sebastian will you get over it! He's not even going to remember it when he's older!" Ciel shouted, though it was surprising he didn't wake the baby.

"The poor baby." He whined still looking into the crib. He'd gotten past how ugly the child was and now pitied it. For demon's sex was a way of life, thus they protected their areas like a human protected their young.

"Sebastian.." Ciel growled. His Aunt Frances came into the room with the doctor that'd done the deed. Sebastian didn't look over as he was busy feeling sorry for the baby.

"Ciel I need to have a word with you." Frances stated as he sat on the sofa, ignoring Sebastian.

Ciel took a seat, as the doctor stood by. "Yes Aunt Frances?"

"I know this is possibly none of my business, but are all the younger males....circumcised?" she asked as she looked at Sebastian. He gave no reaction that he was even listening.

"I wouldn't know." Ciel answered her.

"You know very well we can't allow the chances of getting diseases from our servants. You need to have them checked, and if not..." She started, then did a scissor motion with her fingers. "If you catch my implication." The nobles were very adamant about health and did anything to keep their homes disease free. Which also meant all servants underwent the same procedures.

"If I may suggest, I can do the inspection myself since i'm already here." the doctor said as he watched Sebastian wallow over the baby. "I can also carry out the procedure if you like."

"I don't think.." Ciel started, but when he got a glare from Frances he changed his reply, "Thank you very much for your assistence."

"The appointment is tomorrow." Frances announced as she left, "And make sure he..." she pointed at Sebastian, "is there on time."

Ciel gave her an expression that clearly stated, are you serious?! After she and the doctor left, he looked over at Sebastian who had yet to move from the baby's crib. He was very sure tomorrow was going to be a bad day.


"Young master what is this doctor's appointment about?" Sebastian asked as he followed Ciel down the hall. He'd apparently not heard a single word his aunt had said yesterday.

Ciel walked into a room where Finni and Bard were waiting. Ignoring Sebastian's question entirely. "Finni, Bard, block the door and don't let Sebastian out." Ciel ordered as he took a seat.

They walked past him to sit by the door. As their appointment had been done earlier.

"Young master...what's going on?" Sebastian asked abit worried. He didn't like the look Ciel was giving him. The doctor came in holding a clipboard. Sebastian took a few steps back when he recognized him as the doctor from the circumcision. "Young master....why is he here?" he asked, sweating a little.

The doctor snapped on some rubber gloves, "Now then Mr. Michealis, let's see if you've been properly snipped."

Those words made Sebastian dash towards the door. Finni and Bard tackled him down and pulled him up. "Come on it's really fast." Bard smirked as he held on. Though Sebastian was making it difficult to pull him back.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!" He shouted still trying to pull himself out of their grasp. He might of succeeded if it was only Bard holding him. But Finni's inhuman strength kept him from making a run for it.

"Sebastian if you just cooperate it'll go by faster." Ciel stated as he read a magazine with boredom. Not really paying attention to what was going on.


Maylene was in the hall waiting by the door. Ciel had ordered her to stand watch there in case Sebastian had somehow got away.

That's when she heard Sebastian scream. She sweat when she heard it. He made it sound like he was being murdered. Though in Sebastian's opinion he was.


Sebastian had locked himself in his room after the procedure, or act of cruelty as Sebastian forever named it, had been done.

"Sebastian open the door!" Ciel shouted at it for the millionth time. Because Sebastian was being stubborn, Ciel hadn't gotten anything done. He wasn't even dressed for the day.

"Never!" came Sebastian's voice from the otherside of the door.

"OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" Ciel shouted even louder, as he tried the door handle, which he'd done 30 or so times.

"You had a piece of me cut off! A piece of me! AND I CAN NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT!" Sebastian shouted back, then a loud bang came from the door. He'd apparently thrown something at the door to emphasize his point.

Ciel was starting to get stares from the other guests in the manor. Everyone was wondering what the commotion was about, speaking in hushed whispers. Some giggling at the sight before them. He was starting to feel very embarrassed, especially since it was his butler he was arguing with. Some of the whispers were, that his butler and him were having a lover's quarrel. Another was they got into a fight, and his butler was spoiled rotten due to getting the benefits of the noblility. One interesting whisper, was secretly Sebastian was a member of the Phantomhive household, but he was the bastard child and to keep a scandal down they'd made him their butler.

His Aunt Frances was coming down the hall, looking very angry. "What is all the commotion about?"

Ciel looked at her, "Nothing."

She gave everyone else a stiff glance, which made them all return to their rooms. "It does not seem like it is nothing. Explain this instant."

Ciel sighed as he looked at the door, explaining to his aunt about what happened at the appointment, and where they stood now. It was a short explaination. But then again what was there to explain. Sebastian got circumsized, he was upset, locked himself in his room, and wouldn't come out. Ciel couldn't even use his contract to make him open the door as there were far too many people who could see him doing it.

"Of all the childish things. This is why a woman is needed in the household." Frances muttered as she pulled out a skeleton key.

"Where did you get that?" Ciel asked shocked.

"Are you kidding? I could hear you banging on the door from my room. It doesn't take much for one to realize a key would be needed." she said as she opened the door. "Sebastian!" she then shouted. "Come here this instant!"

Looking to the bed there was a huge lump in it. Presumably Sebastian covered in the beds sheets. This proved to be so, when a reply came from the cacoon. "No!"

Frances started tapping her foot, "Of all my nephew's servants I thought you to be the most mature. It seems I was wrong."

"Your one of the causes of my pain! I can't forgive you either!"

"You should be thanking me, because of me, and tradition, you'll avoid far more diseases than most commoners who live non servatude lives."

"Tradition?! You took a piece of me for tradition?!"

"No, for health reasons. As a butler of noblility it is expected for you to serve for life. Now stop being childish and come out from under the sheets!"

"No." Sebastian said far more calm than he'd replied before.

Still tapping her foot, "And why not?"

There was some mumbling, but nothing could be clearly heard.

"What?" Frances asked getting closer to try to hear.

"I'm not....mahmentm."

"Your not what?" she asked as she lifted a brow.

With a huge breath, "I'm not wearing anything!" Sebastian uttered more clearly.

"Oh please, do you honestly expect me you are under those sheets in nothing?" Frances said as she started pulling the sheets off. She got part of it off revealing Sebastian as he sat up trying to regrab the sheet, she was holding the sheet like it was a tarp luckily, so it prevented others from seeing him. Very slowly she recovered him with the sheet, and walked away, blushing furiously. The floor was very interesting to her as she left the room and shut the door. Leaving Ciel and Sebastian alone.

"I told her I was in nothing." Sebastian responded after she shut the door.

Ciel glared at Sebastian as he wrapped the sheet about his waist. "Shut up." Ciel replied as he walked up to Sebastian. "Feeling better now that it's been explained to you for the millionth time?"

"No." Sebastian pouted.

"Uuuhhhgg! Your impossible. Why can't you accept it!" Ciel threw his arms up in the air.

"I'm a demon, that's a sensitive area." Sebastian snubbed.

"Then you can take pride in knowing that your the only demon whos been circumsized!"

"More like embarassment!"

"Sebastian, the baby is over it, follow his example!"



The journey home was a silent one. Even when they got home it was agonizingly silent. Ciel admittingly thought he was going to get an earful from his Aunt Frances about the Sebastian being naked incident. But he didn't which he was relieved for. Sebastian walked into the house, making no attempt to help with the luggage.

"Where's he off to?" Bard asked, frustrated that he'd get stuck with Finni and Maylene doing the luggage.

Everyone else just shrugged.


Sebastian surrounded himself with books upon books about circumcision. He'd read each and everyone like it was a religious need. Though he did find circumcision was done in some religions.

Ciel came into the library and sat on a nearby sofa. "So....find anything interesting?" he smirked.

"Your family isn't jewish." Sebastian replied still reading his book.

Ciel lifted a brow, " we are not, but we've never claimed to be either."

"So then why have it done? Everything i've read states everything is questioned about the health benefits of it."

"True, but it's better to be prepared than to take a chance don't you think?"

Sebastian looked at Ciel, ".......Did it hurt when you had it done?" he asked suddenly.

"I don't know, I was a baby."

" why does your family throw a bris? A bris is apparently a jewish thing." Sebastian asked as he put his book down.

"Hmmm...I think my relative is the only one who's thrown a bris." Ciel replied scratching his head. "She is abit...strange in that aspect."


"Are you satisfied yet?" Ciel asked abit annoyed.

"....I guess." Sebastian replied looking at the floor.

"Good then there will be no more discussions...or arguements about it." Ciel stated before getting up to leave the room.

Sebastian started picking up the books and replacing them on the shelves...Humans....have strange customs. He thought, then he thought about his experience with it. "Heh....i'm the only demon who's been circumsized. That's...weird...yet..interesting." he said to himself as he put the final book back on the shelf.

"I hope I don't endure further human methods of health. I don't like the idea of not being able to endulge in my own pleasures for almost two months." He said as he shut the door.


Wow...I need a life..seriously XD. I couldn't help but think what Sebastian might do if he was put in that situation. I made myself laugh with this story. Plus it gave me an excuse to use Ciel's Aunt Frances abit more. XD

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