Something New 34

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Kuroshitsuji this would be in the manga. XD


They were in the city. Trying to get some much needed shopping done. Though he personally hated going on shopping trips. They typically took the whole day. How many times had he whined about this to his butler? He'd lost count. Though he supposed on the plus he wasn't wrapped in his sheets and in his nightgown. Sebastian had the tendency to just give up when attempting to wake him for shopping trips. Thus on numerous occastions the demon would have apparently scooped him up, sheets and all, and put him in the carriage to get the shopping done. And by the time he'd wake up they'd already be in town. Unfortunately. Today was one of those instances. "I hate you." he grumbled as the demon walked up with a rather large back of grain.

"My apologies young master, but I did state you should go to sleep early so you could wake up in time." he placed it beside his grumpy master.

"You should of tried harder to wake me."

"Young master, after an hour I gave up. Any longer and we would of been behind schedule."

"You mean any longer and your favorite fruit merchant would of been out of those cherries you wanted to get."

He smiled, "Precisely."

"We have cherries you know." he pulled his sheets closer to himself. It was cold in the morning. He didn't understand how it could be so cold. But usually he was asleep at this time, so perhaps he just never noticed.

"Indeed, but not royal anne cherries." he smiled. "I need them because of a dessert I wanted to try making. And the recipe specially calls for royal anne cherries."

"That better be a delicious dessert." he mumbled under his breath. If it was for something delicious, he could forgive the demon. Though he'd never tell him. As said demon stepped away to grab some more of his purchases. He looked about the streets. It was somewhat crowded, as he supposed it would be considering it was the morning market. Most people seemed to ignore him. Which he was thankful for. But nothing particularly interesting was catching his attention. Noticing two women hugging one another, he assumed them to be friends...until they started kissing. Then shock overwhelmed him.

"Is something the matter young master?" Sebastian looked at him confused.

All he could do was offer muttered sounds. He couldn't find the words to even indicate what he was looking at. His face was more than likely red with embarrassment. And suddenly, he was grateful for this thick sheets.

Sebastian however seemed to read his mind. As he looked over to where the two women were kissing, barely pulling away, and taking a moment to grasp one anothers rears. He looked back at his master in utter confusion. Not understanding the reaction he was giving. But after his shopping was done, and they were on the way home. That was when he decided to bring it up. "Did that bother you my lord?"

"I don't know what your talking about." Ciel snubbed, pretending he hadn't seen a thing.

"Oh? I thought perhaps you were bothered by the two ladies showing affection."

Damn that demon for being so in tune with his thoughts, was all he could think. He wanted to glare at the demon, but his thoughts were else where. Making questions form in his mind. "...Do demons do that?" he asked.

"Do what?" he looked at his master as he didn't understand. "You mean kiss?"


"Of course they do..." he turned away to watch the road. "...demons afterall do understand romance. Possibly more than you humans."

"No I two demons of the same gender...kiss." he felt himself blushing.

"Of course. It's rather normal for me."

That made him raise a brow. "Does that mean there are no male-female demon relationships?" he looked at him curiously.

"What are you talking about? There are male-female relationships in my world."

"But you said there were same gender relationships in your world."

"There are." he stated bluntly. Making a stop at the front of the manor and ordering the other servants to deal with the shopping and carriage. Finally taking his young master to his room. Giving him a proper bath and dressing him for the day.

"It's wrong."

"What is?" he tied his masters neck ribbon into a perfect bow.

"Same gender relationships. It's wrong."

"Why is it wrong?" he put a shoe on his master's foot. Tying the laces perfectly before doing the other foot.

"Because relationships should be between a male and female. Otherwise no child can come from it."

"Do you think everyone wants a child?" Sebastian looked up at him seriously.

He looked down at his butler for several moments before he could reply. "Why else would someone be in a relationship?"

"Because they love one another." he finished his master's shoe and stood up.

"And thus they make a child." he stood up.

"One does not have to have a child to be in love young master." he followed him to his office.

"So says you. Demons probably don't even know how to love properly." he sat in his seat to prepare for a long day of work.

"If anything demons now more about love than humans. It's more likely that we express true love. As opposed to your love that is false and only for the sake of breeding. But I suppose that is what humans are best at." he shrugged.

"How dare you!" he slammed his hands on his desk. Standing up instantly and ready to pummel the demon. "Whatever you think is irrelevant! Same gender relationships are wrong! Wrong! Wrong! WRONG! And does not show the true meaning of love! You..." he never got to finish. For it dawned on him that there was another person in the room.

"Oh don't mind me. Please do continue." The Marchioness stated as she crossed the room to stand beside the butler. "This discussion is rather interesting."

"I...well..." he tried to figure out what it was he was going to say. But his aunts presence that distracted him. 'Did she hear anything about the parts with the demons?!' he panicked. "I was explaining to Sebastian how same gendered relationships are wrong." he sat down and tried to regain his composure.

"Oh? And what is his opinion on the matter?" she seemed intrigued.

"He thinks it's okay."

"Does he now?" she gave a strange look to the dark haired demon. Sebastian promphtly felt as though he were in danger. While Ciel felt like he'd gained a victory. Surely his aunt would agree with him, her own nephew on the matter.

"Well. Sebastian, what are your exact thoughts on the subject?" she held her fan to her lips.

"Forgive me Marchioness, but I believe no matter what the relationship, it is not wrong. But I also believe same gender relationships is a true form of love as there are no hidden agendas behind it."

"Such as?"

"Baring children."

"So are you saying that male to female relationships aren't a true form of love?" she asked.

"Not at all. I am simply stating that the expression is different. That same gendered relationships tend to be more maintained because there is better understanding without the excuse that there is a need to breed."

"I see." she closed her fan and grasped it in her hands. "Well then...Ciel...what is your thoughts on the matter?"

"It's wrong. Same gendered relationships are wrong. Especially because no child can come of it."

"I see." she seeme to be thinking for a moment. "And what would you say if I told you your father was...different."

That made him blink several times as he at first didn't grasp the meaning. "Are you saying my father was into men?"

"In a manner of speaking." she averted her gaze. "Though he was into women as you know."

"The former Earl was bi-sexual?!" Sebastian blurted out without intending to. But needless to say he was utterably shocked. To hear such a thing was not something he was expecting. Though he also supposed he shouldn't of been so shocked. He didn't know the former Earl to begin with.

Ciel on the other hand was just trying to grasp the term the demon just spouted. "What's bi-sexual?"

"It means a person who's into both genders." Francis clarified.

"No way...father couldn't have been..." Ciel seemed to be in denial.

"It is the truth. But be assured, he loved your mother very much. He always said she was the only woman he could ever love."

"And you were okay with this?!" he seemed to be in hysterics.

"Why not? I only wanted my brother to be happy. Who he bedded with didn't change him. And would also bring to point that love knows no bounds. I would also like to point out that there are various ways for same gendered couples to have children."

That made him fall into his seat. He could already see it in Sebastian's eyes. He'd lost. The demon had won. With everything he had to wrap his head about the new information. It was nothing short of driving him to near insanity.

"As a noble, one must be open to such things. Whether or not we approve." Frances added. Which strangle gave him little consolation.

"I must know one thing. Just one thing Aunt Frances."

"What is it?"

"What is your opinion of it? Honestly."

"Honestly. It doesn't bother me." she smirked slyly. "Whom one beds with doesn't do any harm to the rest of society. I rather like to imagine there's a little extra fun there."

Upon hearing those words Ciel could only think one thing. 'She's a demon.'

Sebastian was personally feeling like he'd earned a great victory. Not only did his point get across, but the one person he thought for sure would of told him such an opinion was indecent agreed with him. He felt like skipping along with glee. His young master should be aware that he was rather surrounded by various types of people. He briefly wondered if his master was aware, or just blinded by his own ideals. But at the moment that didn't matter. He'd won. He'd won and felt like making a victory dessert to show he'd won. He wanted to tell other demons that there were humans that actually understood the concept of love. And that who was with who in a relationship didn't matter. And suddenly, he didn't feel so alone. Sure as a demon he'd be an outcast. But this gave him a tiny bit of hope that he wasn't the only one in the house that was open minded.

"Shall I go and make some tea?" he offered. His mood completely elated.


There have been tons and tons of posts on gay marriage, gay rights, etc, etc, etc. On my tumblr dash, or my FB. I'd even had many discussions about it with several people, and had different opinions of course come into the mix. Personally none of it bothers me. Though I am straight, to me it doesn't hurt me in anyway shape or form if gays are permitted to be married. And it doesn't hurt anyone else either. They are people and people have rights. Gays have been around for decades, and people need to learn it's not a phase. And it's not going to go away. Even if you don't approve, you don't need to bash people for who they are. Just silently complain about it to yourself and move on. Frankly some of my best friends are gay and they are some of the most awesome people I know.

So after a discussion with theamazingfetus, I decided I wanted to write a chapter for Something New on the subject. Because honestly. I think Vincent was bi-sexual. Sebastian being a demon wouldn't care, because like me, it doesn't affect him. Ciel would probably be closed minded about it, but would accept it none the less, and Frances though seemingly harsh, would probably not mind so much because nobles tended to do that sort of stuff anyway and she's old enough to know about it.

I know I probably offended some people with this chapter. But I don't think it's wrong to treat someone as a person based on who they are, not what they are. Everyone deserves respect, and sexual orientation is not a reason for someone to lose another persons respect. Trust me. There's alot worse someone can do.

Anyway to those who enjoyed this chapter, reviews and comments appreciated. Schools now over, so while I work on merchandise for AB at work. On my days off I will try to work on fics. I am hoping to update 5 fics before school starts up again in January. Which i'll be taking my final class and have an associates degree =3 Yay! Wish me luck!