Something New 36

By Female Heero Yuy

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Sebastian went about his duties. Working tirelessly with each task. It seemed like things had just gotten more busy than usual. Though he was no fool. He knew his master was simply taking out his frustrations by adding on to his butlers usual long list of chores.

"SEBASTIAN!" came the now familar shout from said master.

"Yes young master?" he stepped into the room almost instantly.

"My nose itches." Ciel gave him a look that clearly stated he was aggrivated.

"Young master, i've told you several times. You are not to scratch under any circumstances." Sebastian stated like a parent scolding their child.

"How can I scratch when you've tied mittens over my hands!" Ciel held up his clearly mitten covered hands. At the wrists was some thin rope wrapped around to keep them on. "This sucks!"

"Well young master. I am sorry. But it was stated most clearly that you are not to scratch."

"Easy for you to say! You're not the one with the chicken pox!" Ciel growled in frustration. He wanted to scratch. He wanted to scratch oh so badly. And he wouldn't care how un-noble like it would make him seem.

Sebastian laughed through his nose. He couldn't help but take a slight bit of joy in his master's dilema. His master was covered in red spots on every available spot on his body. He knew this for the fact that he bathed his master, and covered him in calamine lotion. His master was now the pinkest thing he'd ever seen. He even topped his master's fiance amount of pink. And that was saying something. This was also the reason his chores went up from their usual amount. It seemed every twenty minutes, his master wanted something. Be it a drink, a snack, or something to entertain himself with. Like clockwork, every twenty minutes his young master called for him.

"Is that soup you promised me ready yet?! I'm starving here!" he grumbled.

"It will be ready in ten minutes young master." Sebastian smiled. It was his way of trying to prevent himself from laughing. Which he was still doing a miserable job of. Even though he was getting called so much in a single day. The fact was every time he saw his master. The ability to not laugh, was still near impossible. "I shall take my leave, and will be back momentarily."

"MAKE IT QUICK!" Ciel shouted in a tantrum. To him Sebastian was being more evil than usual. He purposefully disabled his ability to scratch himself by putting on super thick mittens over his hands. And purposefully tying about his wrists so he couldn't take them off. When the demon wasn't around, he'd tried to untie them with his teeth. But to no avail. Sebastian has tied them in a fashion that made such attempts impossible. He would make the demon pay. Pay dearly for this embarrassment. He didn't know how, or when. But it would surely come.

Fluffy jumped on the bed, sitting before him. He could swear he was grinning at his displeasure.

"What are you looking at?!" he grumbled at the hairless feline. He seemed to grin all the more. "Stop looking at me like that!" he tossed a pillow at him. Horribly missing due to the mittens preventing him from getting a good grip on it in the first place. The cat didn't even budge an inch. And now he was certain he was laughing at him. "ATLEAST I HAVE HAIR!" he tried to redeem himself.

Needless to say. Fluffy did not feel at all intimidated.

"And how is my little Ciely weeily doing?" Granny came into the room with her usual smile. "How are you feeling? Are you any better?"

"Miserable! Sebastian won't let me scratch!" he belowed.

"Of course not dearie. If you scratch you'll end up with scars. You don't want scars do you?" Granny asked.

"Nooooo." he growled with displeasure. He hated it when Granny defended Sebastian. And worst of all, when she made a clearly valid point while defending Sebastian.

"That's a good boy." she patted him on the head.

"Who's ready for some soup?" Sebastian came in with a tray of soup. It also had some bread, juice, and cherries as a dessert.

"DON'T BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! JUST GIVE ME THE SOUP!" he was ready to throttle him.

"Awww looks like the young master is a little grump goose." Sebastian smiled that certain smile that always made Ciel wanna strangle him.



He took the used dishes from beside his master's bed. Ciel had long fallen asleep after having his meal, and taking his medicine. He went into the kitchen preparing to do the dishes.

"It's so nice of you to care for my little Ciely." Granny smiled.

"I'm just doing my duties as the Phantomhive butler Granny."

"Oh hush. I know very well you care for him more than you let on."

"Granny." he pouted. Even as he continued to wash the dishes. Even as he did so. He noted he was slightly itchy. Taking a moment to scratch at his covered hand, he went about his task. But again the itch came back. This time on a different spot. Getting annoyed, he removed his glove, and saw red spots on his hand. "What the...?!" he check over his arms and body. It was not long before the demon was screaming at the top of his lungs.


Miserable. That was the only word that could define that moment. Miserable. Sebastian. Demon butler. Had the chicken pox. Worst of all. He now had to endure every little thing he'd told his master. He glared at the small human, who was grinning with great pleasure at his suffering. "This is all your fault!" he glared at his master.

"Hmmmm...who knew demons weren't immune to the chicken pox." Ciel retorted with a smirk on his face.

"I mean it young master. One step out of line, and you're becoming dinner a lot sooner than you anticipated." he grumbled with his arms crossed.

"And that pink is such a lovely shade on you." Ciel's smirk grew even bigger.

"Don't push it young master. You're wearing the same pink."

"But not nearly as much as you." he snickered.

Indeed. Sebastian was the pinkest thing that could ever been seen in Ciel's bed. Granny had personally applied the calamine lotion to him. And apparently she decided to coat him in several layers. Because of this, he was pinkest of pink. He looked like an oversided pink crayon.

"I hate you." Sebastian grumbled with distaste. "I hope your chicken pox explode and scar!" he pulled the sheets over his head in an attempt to retain some of his dignity. Which was hard to do when one was forced to share a bed with their tormentor.

"Hey Sebastian, does this mean when you go into crow form your feathers will be pink?" Ciel asked, remembering the first time he'd seen Sebastian. He'd been a small black crow. With some of the softest, blackest looking feathers he'd seen.

"I'm going to hurt you when it's permitted for me to get out of this bed." Sebastian threatened from under the sheets.

"That'll be tough. Considering i'll probably be out of this bed before you." Ciel mocked.

"Young master. This is YOUR bed. You maybe done with the chicken pox before me. But you'll still need a place to sleep at night."

Ciel looked at the lump in his bed with an expression of dumbfounded. He tried to think of a come back. He really did. Perhaps he was dilusional to the fact there was over a hundred rooms in the manor due to being sick. But he was unable to come up with a proper come back. In the end he said, "SILENCE YOU PUZZLE BOARD OF A DEMON!" before covering himself with his sheets and turning off the light.

"IT'S CONNECT THE DOTS YOUNG MASTER! CONNECT THE DOTS!" Sebastian shouted in some strange off form of defending himself. Not realizing he was simply adding to the poor excuse of an insult.

"SAME THING!" Ciel shot back.

"Is not!" Sebastian grumbled.

"Is too!" Ciel growled back

"IS NOT! IS NOT! IS NOT! IS NOT! Oh lord i'm arguing with a thirteen year old human." Sebastian cringed when he realized what he was doing.

"HA!" Ciel took his victory. Even though it was more Sebastian realizing what he was doing rather giving Ciel an actual victory of wits.

"I can't believe this. I honestly can't believe this. I was arguing with a thirteen year old human."

"Oie. You don't have to make it sound like it was the most terrible thing in the world you know." Ciel emerged from his sheets and was glaring at the lump in his bed.

"I can't believe this is happening to me." Sebastian sat up with a shocked look on his face. "I just can't believe it." he slowly looked at his master. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"


"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE CHICKEN POX!" Sebastian bellowed unlike his usual self. "If you hadn't passed on this contagious sickness to me none of this would of happened!" he started to cry.

Ciel watched for a moment as Sebastian completely lost himself in this strange bout of weakness. "I think I see why no one talks about demons getting sick. You get so emotional."

"Do not!" Sebastian sniffled.

"Oh stop crying you big baby." Ciel passed him some tissues. Sebastian blew his nose and wiped at his eyes.

"It's still all your fault." Sebastian sniffed.

"Fiiiiine." Ciel caved in. If nothing else to make the demon calm down. "Go to sleep. Maybe you'll get back to your senses in the morning."

Sebastian settled into the sheets, getting as comfortable as he could. Before he went to sleep, he stated. "Still your fault."

"Sebastian..." Ciel growled in a threatening manner. But the demon was already asleep.


In the morning. Ciel was the most angry any thirteen year old could ever be. He glared at the demon. He wanted to strangle him.

"Here's your breakfast young master." Sebastian placed the bowl of porriage before him.

"I HATE YOU! HOW DARE YOU GET BETTER IN LESS THAN A DAY?!" Ciel couldn't hold in his anger.

"Oh my, it seems the young master is exceedingly grouchy this morning. Right Fluffy?" Sebastian looked to the cat, napping at the edge of Ciel's bed. Fluffy stretched and rolled on his back. Enjoying the comfort of a nice warm bed.


"Grooouccchyy." Sebastian picked up Fluffy. "Some people just don't know how to handle being sick."


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