Something New 37

By Female Heero Yuy

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Sebastian waited as his master went down the aisles looking for something of interest to read. As he waited a woman came up to him. "Sir, would you like to take a moment to read a little of this book? It's up and coming." she stated with a smile. Her hair was brown and in pigtails that were in low braids. She wore a pair of round glasses, and a very lavish dress that was green in color.

"Why certainly." he replied as he took the book. It was not out of kindness. Sebastian was simply bored waiting on his master. Skimming through the pages, he was one in less than five minutes.

"How did you like it?" she smiled.

"Well to be honest it was rather boring." he handed the book back to her.

Her smile faultered. "What do you mean boring?"

"Well the plot is rather overplayed, the characters are very cliched, and stuff just seems to happen for the sake of it."

"How dare you?! I'm a great writer! And a professional!"

' it was her own book, was it?' he thought to himself. "Well my apologies miss. But it's not a book that interests me."

Suddenly she started to cry in hysterics. Taking the demon off guard. "Ahhh! He doesn't like my book! Ahhh! I'm such a wonderful writer...and he..." she continued. Bringing attention to them from the staff and other customers.

"I wouldn't say you were a wonderful writer. Personally it was rather novice at best." Sebastian stated bluntly. He would not be intimidated by a mere human girl.

"My work is grand! I've sold many copies of my book! You know nothing of a great work of writing!" she continued. Though Sebastian simply stood there looking down at her as if she were nothing more than an annoying child. "You're taking it!" she shoved her book at his chest.

"No, thank you. I most certainly do not want a copy of your book." he shoved it back in her direction.

"I don't care! You're taking it and that's final or i'll tell the police you're a thief!"

"I am fairly certain they would not believe such a story." he stated with a sigh. This arguing continued for many minutes until the owner of the bookstore came and somehow managed to get the girl to leave Sebastian alone.

"My greatest apologies sir." he bowed respectfully.

"It's alright. No harm done." he smiled as he handed the book to him.

"I really am greatly sorry. That girl is rather difficult to deal with. We've had numerous complaints about her from the other customers as well."

"Oh? Do tell." he became interested.

"In truth she is the daughter of a noble. But sees herself as a rather magnificient writer. It was only by her own accord that her book was published. In the beginning it wasn't selling. So she started to come here and promote her book. She sold a few copies. So then she continued to come to our store to promote her book. I'm not certain when it happened. But after a while she started hounding the customers to buy her book. Throwing fits, and the like as you saw to make people buy her book."

"Ah, so instead of improving on her works, she's forcing her work on others." he smirked. To him she certainly seemed the type.

"We're honestly at a loss of what to do with her. When she sells even one book, she'll claim she's sold over a hundred books."

"So she's full of herself and a pathological liar." he seemed amused.

"There are times when she's come in drunk, then claimed people were spying on her private life. She really is quite the hassle."

"Perhaps if you stop catering to her and ignore her, she will be inclined to leave you and your customers alone."

"We've tried that. But that girl is really a rather cocky and selfish girl. But due to her status as a noble, we can't do much about it."

"Well that certainly is a problem. Perhaps if you laid down the rules with her you could get her to cooperate."

"Lay down the rules?" the man looked at him confused.

"Well this is your shop. Noble or not, that does not give her the right to cause such disruptions to your place of business."

"Lay down the rules to a noble? Does anyone do such things?!" the man asked as he obviously could not even fathom the very idea of telling a noble what to do.

Sebastian smiled. "I do it all the time with the young master. It can be exceedingly difficult, but I assure you. The results are usually very sufficient."

"Sebastian! It's time to go." Ciel's voice sounded from one of the aisles.

"Ahh! Thank you for the advice sir."

"Not at all. Do tell me how it turns out." Sebastian smirked.


A month passed. Sebastian long forgetting the incident in the book shop. Doing his duties, he was currently serving Granny some tea. She was currently looking over a book. And sighed in disappointment as she closed it.

"Is something wrong Granny?"

"It is nothing of importance dearie. I am simply bored with my old knitting books."

"How so Granny?" he handed her the cup of tea.

She took it gratefuly. "I simply wish to try something new. Something challenging."

"I see. Then why do you not simply purchase a new book?"

"Oh but it's such a trouble to go into town." she stated.

If there were any reason why Sebastian could care for this particular human. This was it. Granny would do what she could not to add anymore work for him. "It wouldn't be any trouble at all Granny. I was thinking of getting a new cook book to try some new recipes." he stated. It was true. But he hadn't had the time recently with all the work that was to be done. "I could let the young master know. And perhaps while we are out I could pick up a nice new blend of tea." he added. He knew Granny had been wanting to try a new tea blend. And it just so happened in the paper there was a listing of some new teas being in stock at the local market.

"Oh, but I couldn't be such a bother while he is studying." she stated.

But Sebastian knew better. She was feigning polite manners. He could tell he'd caught her right when he'd mentioned the tea. "But I'll insist." he smiled. "It's no trouble. No trouble at all."


Sebastian looked over the various books on the shelves. He wasn't sure what he'd cook for dinner. But he knew he wanted to cook something that dealt with chicken. And possibly carrots. While looking through various books, he'd found a wonderful stew recipe he decided he wanted to try.

"Oh sir!" The man from a month ago greeted him. "You're just the man I wanted to talk to."

Sebastian held the book to his chest as he gave the man his attention. "Oh?"

"That advice you gave me. It was most beneficial. Most beneficial. However can I thank you?" he shook Sebastian's hand.

"You're very kind, but...what advice did I give?" he couldn't seem to place a finger on the previous details.

"Oh please forgive me!" he seemed shocked with himself. "But if you recall, a month ago I was having trouble with a noble woman. The woman who proceeded to pester many of my customers over her book. Including yourself."

"Ah!" the memory came flooding back. "How did that turn out?" he found himself curious.

"Well, I did as you said sir. I laid down the rules with her...In all honesty she was very upset at first. But each day she came. If she started her ill-mannered ways. I just laid down the rules and told her should could not press her products upon my customers with force. For a few days after that, she never showed up at all. Then near the end of the week she came again. And much to my amazement, she didn't bother anyone at all."

"That is impressive. Though I is it she was so receptive so quickly?" Sebastian's curiosity got the best of him.

"I can't say to be honest. But I spoke to her with the utmost honesty. I told her she was rude, and unbecoming of a woman of nobility."

'That must of hit a nerve.' Sebastian thought to himself. "Well I am glad it all worked out."

"Indeed. I simply must thank you. Please, what can I do to show my gratitude?"

Sebastian's smile grew. "Well..."


"You got all these books for what?" Ciel stared at massive pile of books that Sebastian had procured and was now stuffing into the carriage.

"Free. As a thanks of gratitude." he put in the last of the books off to the side to leave some space for all passengers.

"What could you have done to earn such...thanks." Ciel squeezed into his seat as much as possible. "And did you have to get so many books? I'm squished in here like a sardine!"

"My apologies young master, but I couldn't resist." he stated as he held a book he'd particularly been partial to. Many of the books he'd nabbed he'd been wanting for a while. Sure there were times they could of simply paid for the books. But sometimes they were sold out, or there titles would slip his mind.

"Where's Granny?" Ciel asked in aggitation.

"She's sitting beside Tanaka in the driver's seat. She said she wanted to have a chat in this nice weather."

"Nice weather my foot. You think I don't see that some of these books are hers? I know you haven't taken up knitting." Ciel glared at him.

"Well maybe not now. But I have been considering it. Granny just makes it look so easy." he closed the door and looked through a random book about knitting. "Don't you think Fluffy would look devine in this little frock?" he held up the book so Ciel could see.

"Don't push it. I'm still regretting getting that cat."

"And this would look so adorable on little Sam." he pointed to an outfit that looked like a pair of cat pajamas.

"Stop it. That's an order."

"Yes, young master." Sebastian hid his smile with the book he was holding. Now he felt he understood that human saying. The best things in life, did come free. And in his case, at his master's mood.


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